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Dr. Susan Sage Heinzelman, Director 2505 University Avenue, A4900, Burdine Hall 536, Austin Texas 78712 • 512-471-5765

WGS Portfolio Program

Requirements (Application Below)

(More detailed information)
  • MA Students: 3 graduate courses (WGS or cross-listed), two of them in TWO different departments outside your home department
  • PhD Students: 4 graduate courses (WGS or cross-listed), two of them in TWO different departments outside your home department
  • Send in your application, join the WGS-grad listserve, consider yourself accepted into the program, notify our office when you have completed your requirements or are graduating.  We will send a call for "Graduating Portfolios" at the end of every semester to the WGS-grads list serve.
  • Students must present during the WGS Student Conference in the spring semester.  We will send conference submission notices via the WGS-grads list serve.
  • WGS Portfolio Students are eligible to apply for the WGS Annual (scholarships) Awards.
  • Once all requirements are completed and your graduate degree is awarded, your official UT transcript will read "Portfolio in Women’s & Gender Studies."  In house paper certificates are available upon request.

See Typically Offered WGS Graduate Courses

IMPORTANT registration announcements will be posted here

A Note on Additional Requirements - WGS Student Conference

This conference is usually in the spring semester.  Our next conference will be scheduled for March 22nd 2013.

The CFR deadline is January 30th. Please visit the Conference Website for details.

1 - Join the ListServe(s)

WGS Portfolio Students are required to be subscribed to the Women's and Gender Studies Graduate listserve.  Subscribe to the listserve. Please visit:

Students enrolled in the WGS Portfolio program may apply for the WGS Annual Awards.  When the program is completed, the student's official UT transcript will read, "Portfolio in Women's & Gender Studies." A printed certificate from the Center is also available upon request.  WGS Portfolio students might also be eligilble for travel funds if presenting at a conference.  Contact CWGS for details.

2 - Fill out the Application

Click here for the Online Application via Adobe Forms

If you are new to the program and have not completed any requirements, please fill out the information as best you can. You may resubmit an updated application at any time.  Please do not include "planned" courses. For more information, please review the requirements.

Students are responsible for keeping in touch with the WGS office.

Please notify the office when you have completed all requirements, so that we may award your portfolio.

New Track Option: The LGBTQ/Sexualities Studies Track is an in-house certificate awarded by the Women's & Gender Studies Portfolio Program.
Fill out the WGS Graduate Portfolio Program application, specify "WGS Portfolio Program with LGBTQ/Sexualities Track", and join the [lgbtq] and the [wgs-grads] list serve.

Requirements for this version will be similar to those for the existing WGS Portfolio:
1. For PhD students, 4 courses  (and for MA students, 3 courses) that fall within the LGBTQ/Sexualities subject area, with at least two from outside your home department and two outside.  Course should be listed in the Pink Book and/or approved by a WGS advisor and/or the LGBTQ/Research Cluster chair.  
2. Participation in the annual WGS graduate student conference.

For further information and advising regarding the LGBTQ/Sexualities Track, please contact Jackie Salcedo in WGS
or Ann Cvetkovich (co-chair of the LGBTQ/Sexualities Research Cluster).

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