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Dr. Susan Sage Heinzelman, Director 2505 University Avenue, A4900, Burdine Hall 536, Austin Texas 78712 • 512-471-5765

Bachelor of Arts

Women's & Gender Studies Major (approved in January 2007)

The Center for Women’s and Gender Studies offers an interdisciplinary undergraduate curriculum. Care should be taken in planning undergraduate coursework. Undergraduate students interested in majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies should contact the program office for advising.

WGS Degree Plan 2006-2008 (PDF)

WGS Degree Plan 2008-2010 (PDF)

WGS Degree Plan 2010-2012 (PDF)

WGS Degree Plan 2012-2014 (PDF)

On Track Sample Four Year Plan for WGS Majors, 2008-2010 Catalog (PDF, 160K)

WGS Undergraduate Minor

With the approval of the student's major department, any student may earn a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. Twelve hours are required for the minor, six of which must be upper-division.

Why should I major in Women's and Gender Studies?

The Women's and Gender Studies major will provide students with first-class liberal arts education, as well as the freedom of interdisciplinary study. Unlike most programs at UT, Women's and Gender Studies cross-lists our courses all over campus. The wide array of courses offered from the Colleges of Communication, Education, Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, and Natural Sciences, and the Schools of Nursing, Public Affairs, and Social Work provides exposure to cutting edge scholarship from multiple perspectives and thus offers students an unusual opportunity for cross-disciplinary inquiry.

The Women's and Gender Studies Program at the University of Texas is one of the university's newest programs. We see this as an opportunity to encourage students to make a difference in the community, both in and out of academia. Because of the small size of our department, our undergraduate students receive individual attention. They are also invited to join our Graduate WGS Students in all of our activities through out the year, such as: workshops, conferences, special guest lectures, and faculty colloquiums.

What are other benefits of being a WGS major?

Every spring, WGS majors are eligible to apply to our annual awards including the Cynthia Walker Peña Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded annually to an undergraduate student who has earned distinction in Women's and Gender Studies scholarship and service. WGS students are also given priority registration for our most popular classes..

What if I want to specialize in a particular area of Women's and Gender Studies?

CWGS has created a series of research clusters in specific subject areas: LGBTQ/Sexualities, Gender & Health, Gender & Technology, and Race/Ethnicity & Gender. Through these clusters, we promote faculty research collaboration and interaction with undergraduates and graduates. By bringing together scholars trained in disciplinary traditions around a common theme, interdisciplinary research promises new opportunities for our students.

Who can I talk to about advising?

If you have questions about the WGS major, you are welcome to stop by our offices. The Center for Women's and Gender Studies is located in Burdine Hall (BUR), Suite 536

The Center for Women's and Gender Studies is open Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. The CWGS office's main line is 471-5765.

The CWGS staff members specializing in student issues are:

Where can I find more information?

The degree requirements for the WGS major (PDF) are available online.

An Interactive Degree Audit (IDA) will not change your major, but can show you the progress towards any type of degree plan.

More information about the Center for Women's and Gender Studies events

Join the Women's and Gender Studies Undergraduate UT List Serve

This list is for undergraduate students at the University of Texas at Austin who are  interested in Women's and Gender Studies.  WGS majors are required to be on this list.

Please visit:

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