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List of Approved Courses for certain WGS BA requirements



Courses in bold text will be offered for Spring 2014. Enrollment in WGS or meets with section will meet degree requirement.

Courses for the Feminist Theory Requirement

WGS Feminist Theory-approved list

The following will count for the Feminist Theory requirement:

  • WGS 322 4-Feminist Theory
  • WGS 340 The US and Third World Feminisms
  • WGS 345 Black Feminist Theory & Praxis
  • WGS 345 Cultural Studies & Gender Studies
  • WGS 345 Feminist Theory: History of US Feminism
  • WGS 345/HIS 350R History of American Feminism**
  • WGS 350 Feminist Theory**

Courses for the Research Methods Requirement

WGS Research Methods-approved list

Courses in bold text will be offered for Spring 2014. The following will count for the WGS Research Methods requirement:

WGS 356 Introduction to Feminist Research Methods** (will be offered in Fall 2014)

**Offered once a year.

Outside (non-WGS) research methods courses may be available to double majors only.

  • ANT 324L Activist Research Practicum
  • GOV 339L Research Methods In Government
  • HED 373 Evaluation and Research Design
  • HDF 315L Research Methods In Human Dev/Fam Science
  • PSY 418 Statistics And Research Design
  • RTF 330K Intro to Research Methods
  • SOC 317M Intro To Social Research
  • S W 313 Social Work Research Methods

Please consult with the WGS office for course offerings in order to plan ahead.

-Both lists revised by LACAC/ajs 10/13/10

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