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Dr. Susan Sage Heinzelman, Director 2505 University Avenue, A4900, Burdine Hall 536, Austin Texas 78712 • 512-471-5765

Summer 2008


Unique Days Time Location Instructor
90146 MTWTh
8:30 AM-10:30 AM
SSW 2.132

Course Description

From individual counseling to community practice to basic awareness and advocacy, many helping professionals find themselves lacking the appropriate tools and techniques to assist and empower African American individuals, couples, and families. A major strength of African Americans/Blacks is the ability to compete and survive in mainstream and African American communities, concurrently. However, many current problems of American Blacks can be traced to the historical trauma resulting from slavery and the persistent societal oppression. Accordingly, this course will emphasize Africentric-based counseling and empowerment strategies that have been shown to be effective across several areas, including substance abuse prevention and couples counseling. This course will prepare students to integrate historical and current understanding of African American culture into assessment procedures, prevention programs, and individual, couples, and family counseling interventions with African Americans.


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