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Previous Student Recipients

The Cynthia Walker Peña Award in Women's and Gender Studies

1996-1997    Lauran Helton

1998-1999    Katherine Aldridge

1999-2000    Gina Velasco

2000-2001    Mary E. Sylvester

2005-2006    Anya Rous

2006-2007    Katherine Burk, (Sociology/Middle Eastern Studies) 

2007-2008    none selected

2008-2009    Sara Haji: News-worthy Niqabs: The Portrayal of Muslim Women by The New York Times from 2001-2003

2009-2010    Maggie Cheu

2009-2010    Jamie Doak

2010-2011    Darcy Kues

2011-2012    Julie Bolanos

2012-2013    Rebecca Besaw, Philosophy/Prelaw

2013-2014    Karen Duke

The Lora Romero Memorial Award for Interdisciplinary Research in Race, Ethnicity and Gender

1999-2000    Daniela Bwyer

2000-2001    Jen'nan Ghazal Read: Coming to America: Ethnicity, Culture, and Labor Force Participation among Arab-American Women

2001-2002    Geeti Mahajan: Iran 2001

2002-2003    Yolanda Escobar-Rodriguez: Race, Resistance, and Urban Politics from a Cinema Perspective

2005-2006    Scottie Buehler: Contraception and Identity Construction: Family Planning Policy in Egypt

2006-2007    Nicki Alam: The Impact of International Justice Mechanism on Ethnic Conflict in Northern Uganda 

2006-2007    Reena Patel: Working the Night Shift: Gender and the Global Economy 

2008-2009    Jennifer Karas Montez: Race and Ethnic Differences in Health Insurance Coverage Among Women: The Intersecting Roles of Employment, Marriage and Motherhood 

2008-2009    Anna Stewart Kerr: Revising “Harriet Jacobs"

2009-2010    Harmony Eichsteadt: The (re)Production of Slaves: Why Our Economy Depends on the Incarceration of Pregnant Black Women

2010-2011    Ganiva Reyes: "It's not because I wanted it...I knew I wasn't ready": Young Mothering Teens in the Borderlands Speak Out About the Pressures of Sex, Love and Relationships

2011-2012    Wanjira Wurimi: The Construction of "Disposable" in the Disposable Woman

2012-2013    Brandon Robinson, PhD Student, Sociology: 'The Beauty of Online Dating’: Quotidian Practices of Sexual Racism on a Gay Dating Site

2013-2014    Oluwakanyinsola ("Kanyinsola") Oluwademilade  Obayan: State Violence, Radical Protest and the black/African Female Body

The Ellen Clarke Temple Graduate Award for the Study of Women in History 

2001-2002    Jennifer Rose Najera: Texas Mexican Women in the Desegregation of the South Texas

2002-2003    Kelley M. Reidt: The Texas Cyclone: Anna J.H. Pennybacker

2005-2006    Lilia Roquel D. Rosas: (De)sexing Prostitution: Race, Politics, and the Reform of Sex Work in Progressive San Antonio, 1889-1920

2006-2007    Meredith Bagley: Protecting Purity: Gender, Amateurism, and Competitive Women's Sports at UT Austin 

2006-2007    Brenda Sendejo: Locating Feminista Spiritualities: Chicana Activist and Spiritual Formation in Texas 

2006-2007    Jennifer Eckel: Community and Communitarianism: Texas, Utopia, and the Woman's Commonwealth 

2007-2008    Caroline Hopkins Wigginton: Intimate Words: Women’s Writing and Community in Eighteenth-Century America

2007-2008    John F. Cline: Theoretical Girls: The Origins of Third Wave Feminism in the Post-Punk Lower East Side

2007-2008    Gretchen Elizabeth Voter: Historical Memory as Political Activism: The Foundation for Women's Resources and the Legacy of Second Wave Feminism in Texas

2008-2009    Leah Deane: Sex and Radical Pollitics: The Politicalization of Sex and Sexuality in the New Left in Berkeley and Austin

2008-2009    Amanda Moulder: Lock Up Your Daughters: Gender and Literacy in Cherokee Territory at
the Brainerd Mission School, 1817-1838

2009-2010     Angela Howard Frederick: Rethinking the Confidence Gap: Race, Community Activism, and Women’s Paths to Public Office

2009-2010     Jennifer Lynn Kelly: 19th Century Race and Reproduction: James Rowan Percy’s 1857-1859 Obstetrical Case Record Book

2010-2011     Valerie Martinez: World War II Texas Latina Servicewomen: Racializing and Gendering International Politics

2010-2011     Rebecca McEntee: Graphic vs Non-Graphic War Photography, and Women's Input

2011-2012     Lizeth Elizondo: 'Til Death Do Us Part?: Cohabitation and Broken Betrothals in the Northern Spanish Colonial Borderlands 1680-1778  

2012-2013     Chyna Bowen: From Slave to Convict: Criminalized Women of the Antebellum South

2013-2014     Lady Anima Adjepong: Imagined lives in diaspora: Gender, race, and sexuality in the lives of black African women immigrants to the United States

WGS Graduate Student Dissertation Awards

1996-1997    Elizabeth Claudine: Women and Math: How Stereotypes Impair Performance

1996-1997    Scarlet Bowen: The Labor of Femininity: Working Women in Eighteenth-Century British Prose

1998-1999    Maureen Reed: Her Spirit Knew No Borders:New Mexican Women and Literary Autobiography, 1930-1965

1998-1999    Sarah J. Walker: The Meaning of Consent: College Women's and Men's Experiemces with Nonviolent Sexual Coercion

1999-2000    Julie Garbus: Service and Learning at the Turn of Two Centuries: Lessons from Vida Scudder

1999-2000    Maribel Garcia: Women's Subjectivity, Structural Inequality and Borderlands Ethnography

1999-2000    Sharon Mastracci: Labor Pains: Employment Policy and Women's Bureau of the U.S. Department of Labor

1999-2000    Margaret Taylor: Health Experiences of Homeless Adolescent Women

2000-2001    Mindy Bravo: A Psychosocial/ Educational Intervention for Decreasing Gender Stereotypes in Technology

2000-2001    Rebecca Lorins: Inheritance: Kinship and African Literatures

2000-2001    Patricia Richards: (Re)sppropriating Citizenship: Mapuche and Pobladora Women and the Chilean State

2000-2001    Paula Sanmartin: With My Own Voice, in My Own Place: (Re)Construction of Black Women as Historical and Literary Subjects in Afro-American and Afro-Cuban Women's Writing

2001-2002    Jill Rader: Feminish Critiques of a Historical Power Imbalance Between Therapists and Clients

2001-2002    Deanna Shoemaker: Queers, Monsters, Drag Queens, and Whiteness: Unruly Femininities in Feminist Performance Art

2002-2003    Alexandra Barron: Unnatural Unions: The Queer National Romance in Postcolonia Literature and Film

2002-2003    Lisa Kearney: Hispanic and Caucasian Students' Experience of Sexual Harassment: The Intertwining of Power and Culture

2005-2006    Sandra Benavidez-Vaello: The Interplay of Diabetes, Culture and Food for Mexican-American Women

2006-2007    Kimberly Hamlin: Beyond Adam's Rib: How Darwinian Evolution Redefined Gender and Influenced American Feminist Thought, 1870-1920 

2006-2007    Julie Reid: Gender, Ethnicity, and Nation in Bolivian Education

2007-2008    Allison Layne Parish Craig: Birth Control Movement Rhetoric in Women’s Literature, 1915-1939

2007-2008    Christina Leigh Murphey: Oral Health Among Pregnant and Parenting Adolescent Women: A Mixed Methods Study.

2008-2009    Catherine Connell: School’s Out: A Qualitative Exploration of Workplace Sexuality Through the Experiences of Gay and Lesbian Teachers

2008-2009    Megan Reid: Housing Inequality: Race, Gender, and Hurricane Katrina Housing Policy

2009-2010    Claudia Cervantes-Soon: Schooling in Times of Dystopia: Empowering young Women in Juarez

2009-2010    Nandini Dhar: Only My Revolt is Mine: Female Heroism, Counter Violence and Gendered Resistance in Contemporary Texts of Slavery

2010-2011    Courtney Morris: To Defend This Sunrise: Afro-Nicaraguan Women's Community Activism and Political Subjectivity, 1990-2010

2010-2011    Corinne Reczek: Gender and "Heath Work" in Long-Term Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Couples

2011-2012    Lynn Selby: The Collective Dimensions of the Ethic of Care: Women's Political Subject-Making in Martissant, Haiti

2012-2013    Zazil Elena Reyes Garcia: Women politicians in political cartoons: A comparative analysis between Mexico and the United States

2013-2014    Kristine M. Kilanski: Gender and Work in an Economic Boom

WGS MA Student Thesis Award

2011-2012   Amelia Koford: 'Strong Views About What You Call Things': How Disability Studies Scholars Interact with Information Classification Systems  

2011-2012   Lorena Siller: Ni Domesticas, Ni Putas: Sexual Harrassment in the Lives of Female Household Workers in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

2012-2013   Victoria Dominguez: Between the Borderlands of Life and Death: A Spiritual and Intellectual Journey Towards Developing Conocimiento

2013-2014   Patena Starlin Key: No Such Thing as Gender?: Black Vernacular, Sex and Street Lit

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