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Dr. Susan Sage Heinzelman, Director 2505 University Avenue, A4900, Burdine Hall 536, Austin Texas 78712 • 512-471-5765

Lora Romero Memorial Undergraduate Award for Interdisciplinary Research in Race, Ethnicity and Gender

This scholarship is an annual award created in honor of former UT colleague Lora Romero.  For 2013-2014 the award will be given to an undergraduate student.  The award will honor and support students investigating the intersections between race, ethnicity and gender.  Scholarship of $250 to be awarded at the Annual Spring Reception in late April/early May, date TBA.

Thank you to the UT Department of English who is co-sponsoring this award in memory of Lora Romero.

To be eligible, an applicant must be a full-time undergraduate student in good standing at The University of Texas at Austin.  Students must belong to the WGS major or minor BA program.


  • Application Form (submitted online)
    • Title of Paper
    • A single-sentence description of the attached paper (800 characters max; submitted online)
    • Affiliation to CWGS
    • List the department, contact info, and names of 2 UT professors whom we might call as references. (Letters are not required; submitted online)
    • Have you applied for any similar WGS awards in the past? If so, please include the award name(s), year(s) applied, and the results.
    • Course in which the paper was written.
    • A summary of the paper which contributes to increased understanding of the intersection between race, ethnicity and gender* (25 lines max, single-spaced; submitted online) Double-spacing is not needed here.
  • The full length paper, including sources/references/bibliography page, should be submitted as a PDF file (the file name should be "[YourLastName]-[CurrentYear]Romero.pdf") to the CWGS office by by 4:59pm on April 2nd 2014. 
  • Submit the paper via email (message subject must read: Romero PDF, [Your UT EID]) to the CWGS Academic Coordinator.
  • Restrictions:
    •  Original works only
    •  No co-authored pieces
    •  Emailed PDF submission should be double-spaced, except for articles

A word of caution: the website's interpretation of 25 lines may differ from 25 lines in a word processing program. Essays and applications must be submitted online by by 4:59pm on April 2nd 2014.  When submitting to the online system, double-check formatting as punctuation may be lost.  Do not wait until the last minute to apply!  The server may become overloaded due to traffic and your browser might receive an error! Staff may not be available to assist with errors on March 25th. We advise you test your ability to save and work online as early as possible.  Please submit questions or report any glitches you find in advance to the CWGS office.

*Submit a scholarly research paper on a topic that contributes to increased understanding of the intersections between race, ethnicity and gender.  (Include footnotes, sources and/or bibliography.)  For example, the relationship between literary analysis and public policy perspectives; literacy or historical analysis of contemporary issues concerning race, gender, and ethnicity; examinations of intercultural exchange; production or examination of performances and representations dealing with gender, race, and ethnicity.  Questions?  Please contact the Center for Women's and Gender Studies office at 471-5765.

Applications are available online through UT Direct:

If the shortened link does not work for you, please try:

Applications will open in February 2014.

Award to be announced at the Annual Women's and Gender Studies Spring Reception. Date/time TBA. Award winners should be present.

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