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Photographer Jeff Sheng to host "Fearless" exhibit of LGBT Athletes - Needs Participants

Mon, September 12, 2011


The Center for Women's and Gender Studies is co-sponsoring an exhibit titled "Fearless" hosted by artist and photographer Jeff Sheng. 

Jeff Sheng is a Harvard Graduate and educator from the University of California Santa Barbara.

In 2003 Jeff began a project that would lead up to a national exhibition and campus tour three years later called "Fearless". The project is geared to confront issues in the treatment and homophobia of LGBT athletes in high schools and colleges and to battle the negative impacts that are imposed upon students. Since 2006, Jeff has hosted conferences and exhibitions at more than 40 venues with the hope to expand his efforts to many more schools in the nation.   

To ge more information on the "Fearless" exhibition or to figure out how you can get involved, please visit <> 


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Go here to see his other projects, including “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and “Revolutions of Memory”:


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