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Annual Theme Events for 2008-09

For the 2010-11 academic year, the annual theme will be Gender & Justice.

Annual Theme for 2009-10

Performing Gender

How do organizations and communities shape and reinforce models of gender identity? How do individuals negotiate their own identities within these socially constructed models?  How might we subvert gender stereotypes and open up the possibilities for creative expressions of gender?

These are some of the questions we will explore during the year with a series of lectures, films, dance performances, and art exhibits. Drawing on the resources of the university and the community, we offer an extended reflection on how, individually and socially, we express gender in all its multiple and frequently contradictory ways.

Annual Theme Events for 2008-09

Global Feminisms

For the 2008-9 academic year, the Center for Women's and Gender Studies at UT Austin is proud to sponsor a year of thought provoking and stimulating events examining these questions on Global Feminisms: Can feminism survive the rush to globalization? Can women in Rwanda teach Americans how to organize electoral campaigns? Can Iranian women teach Chinese women how to win gender equity?

Join us as the Center for Women's and Gender Studies explores the ways in which women across the world have advanced both their own cultural agendas and the shared concerns of all women. Throughout the year, we will screen films, present speakers and conduct workshops focused on the shared struggle for gender equity around the globe.

Feminism has many faces: it is by learning about those who are different as well as those who are like us that we come to understand our own lives better.

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