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Women's Human Rights: Garza's Performing Justice Project

a short video from the summer

Posted: September 8, 2011

"I believe that every woman has the right to feel safe from harm, physical violence, discrimination, danger, sexual assault, stalking, poverty, ignorance." - Ana

Take a look at this short video about what we've been up to:

This past summer women's studies students from Garza High School, AISD, performed women's human rights advocacy at UT and in their own lives by creating and performing an ensemble performance piece on the connections between their lives and women's human rights as gender and racial justice. CWGS affiliate faculty members Megan Alrutz, Theatre & Dance, and Lynn Hoare, Voices against Violence, made this work possible by creating a three-week intensive performance and women's human rights workshop for women's studies students at Garza High School, AISD. Garza High School women's studies teachers Laura Grayson and Julia Champine collaborated during the workshop.

Thanks to Sabrina Vera, CWGS student, for designing the logo, and to Chris Hatcher for creating the video.

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