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Performing Justice Project @ Ann Richards School

Posted: May 24, 2012

In the Ann Richards School Library Loft, and again and again in the auditorium, a group of thirteen young women acted out what they call "the evolution of power." This was part of their work imagining gender and racial justice as part of this year's CWGS Performing Justice Project. This spring CWGS PJP created a collaboration at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. Thirteen Ann Richards students worked with PJP to write about, interview others about, and practice embodying gender and racial justice. The young women crafted a performance that raises discussion of racialized segregation in Austin, family expectations of daughters, and women in sports. They shared the performance with their entire school, over 600 students and teachers. During the process of this project and through the performance events, the young women generated lively conversations at their school and in our communities about gender and racial justice.

See a video about the performance here:

See the full performance here:

Facilitators of CWGS PJP this spring are graduate students Victoria Dominguez (CWGS MA student) and Emily Freeman (Theatre and Dance MFA student).

Founders and directors of CWGS PJP are CWGS affiliate faculty members Dr. Megan Alrutz (Department of Theatre & Dance), Lynn Hoare, MFA (Theatre for Dialogue Specialist, Voices Against Violence), and Dr. Kristen Hogan (Center for Women's & Gender Studies).

Our CWGS PJP partner teacher at Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders this spring is Doy Roberts.
Videographer for CWGS PJP this spring is CWGS BA (newly graduated - congratulations!) Andrea Zarate.

The Performing Justice Project is made possible by the Embrey Family Foundation through the CWGS Embrey Women's Human Rights Initiative.

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