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CWGS Research Clusters

Interdisciplinary Faculty Research Clusters

CWGS has created a series of research clusters in specific subject areas. Through these research clusters and the work of various other schools, colleges, and research centers, we promote faculty research collaboration and interaction with undergraduates and graduates. Bringing together scholars trained in different methodologies and disciplinary traditions around a common theme, interdisciplinary research promises new opportunities for innovation and insight.


This research cluster brings together faculty and graduate students to provide a forum for research, scholarship, and teaching in the field of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) studies, as well as work on sexuality within a broad range of disciplines and research projects.

Gender, Childhood, and Youth

This research cluster will focus on upon gender, childhood and youth from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Gender and Health

(Inactive) This research cluster is intended to promote interdisciplinary research on issues of women's health research, in its many manifestations, and relationships between gender and health.

Gender and Technology

(Inactive) This research cluster explores the interaction between gender and technology in contemporary social theory, empirical research, and work practice.

Race/Ethnicity & Gender

(Inactive) This research cluster brings together a group of interested faculty members representing an interdisciplinary perspective on scholarship and research related to the intersection of gender and race/ethnicity.

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