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LGBTQ/Sexualities Research Cluster

Issues such as same-sex marriage, gays in the military, and transgender visibility have drawn public attention to LGBTQ cultures. The scholarly study of sexuality -- its history, meanings, and expression -- is a crucial tool for evaluating these debates. How have views about "normal" and "aberrant" sexual expression changed over time? How do views differ across the globe and within different local communities? How do other social identities, such as race, gender, and gender expression, class, ability, and citizenship, shape our experience of sexual orientation? 

The field of LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies has been rapidly expanding over the past 20 years as the result of the expansion of Women's and Gender Studies and the need to separate gender and sexuality as categories of analysis. "Queer theory" has had a huge impact on cultural studies, area studies, and interdisciplinary scholarship.  LGBTQ studies has also developed in response to social movements and activism, including AIDS activism, increased visibility in media and mainstream culture, and advances in obtaining civil rights, including domestic partner benefits, marriage equality, and immigration.

Founded in 2004, the LGBTQ/Sexualities Research Cluster brings together faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates from across campus to share research in feminist and queer studies, the history of sexuality, and related fields. The cluster meets for activities such as lectures by visiting speakers, presentations by UT faculty and students, graduate student professional development, and pedagogy workshops. We co-sponsor events with many units across campus, including English, Spanish and Portuguese, Anthropology, Sociology, Germanic Studies, Theatre and Dance, Art and Art History, African and African Diaspora Studies (which sponsors the Black Queer Diaspora working group), Mexican American Studies, and Asian American Studies. In addition, we work with related groups on campus such as the Pride and Equity Faculty and Staff Association (PEFSA), the Gender and Sexuality Center, and the Queer Students Alliance.

We also support curriculum through the LGBTQ/Sexualities track of the WGS Graduate Portfolio, the undergraduate LGBTQ/Sexualities Studies certificate, core courses such as the WGS 303 Introduction to LGBTQ Studies, and cross-listed courses in a range of departments.  (See the faculty list below for more information about faculty and courses in the area.) 

If you would like to join the research cluster, please contact either the Chair, Dr. Matt Richardson or the Research Cluster graduate assistant Wanjira Murimi

For more information on the LGBTQ/Sexualities graduate portfolio or the LGBTQ/Sexualities undergraduate certificate, click here. 

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The Pink Book lists courses of interest to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing LGBTQ studies for recent and upcoming semesters.

Summer & Fall 2015 Pink Book (758 KB) PDF

Spring 2015 Pink Book (818 KB) PDF

Summer & Fall 2014 Pink book (655 KB) PDF

Spring 2014 Pink Book (790 KB) PDF

Summer & Fall 2013 Pink Book (659 KB) PDF

Spring 2013 Pink Book (569 KB) PDF

Summer & Fall 2012 Pink Book (717 KB) PDF 

Spring 2012: The Pink Book (PDF)

Summer & Fall 2011: The Pink Book (201 KB) PDF

UT Faculty Affiliated with the LGBTQ/Sexualities Research Cluster

If you would like to be added to this roster, please contact Chair, Dr. Matt Richardson

Core Faculty (faculty doing primary research, teaching, and advising in LGBTQ studies)

Chad Bennett  
Assistant Professor, English
Research Interests: Twentieth- and twenty-first-century American literature and culture, poetry and poetics, queer theory, gender and sexuality studies, film and media studies, and creative writing.
Relevant Courses: E344L: Hollywood Babylon, E379R: Gossip and Twentieth-Century Poetry, E379R: New York School Poets and Artists

Paul Bonin-Rodriguez  
Assistant Professor, Theatre and Dance
Research Interests: Performance as public practice; the material aspects of artists' lives; funding and support of artists
Relevant Courses: TD 387D/TD 391 Community-Based Performance; TD 351S Seminar in Theater and Dance

Pascale Bos
Associate Professor, Germanic Studies
Research Interests: Dutch postwar literature and culture in comparative perspective; specialty area Jewish literature and literature about World War II (memory of WW II); German-Jewish literature and history; history and literature of the Holocaust; Holocaust and gender; WW II and gender, Holocaust and (trans-generational) trauma; 20th century European and US literature; cultural studies; autobiography.
Relevant Courses: LAH 350/CL 323/EUS 361/JS 365 Holocaust After Effects; GRC 323E/WGS 340/CL 323/E370W/EUS 361/RS 357/JS 363 Women and the Holocaust; DCH 375/EUS 361/WGS 340 Too Tolerant? Dutch Culture in International Perspective

Luis Carcamo-Huechante
Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
Research Interests: Sound Studies; Indigenous Studies; Market Economics, Literature and Culture; Urban Chronicle; Poetry and Poetics in Contemporary and Modern Latin America
Relevant Courses: SPN 380K Aesthetics and Politics of Voices, SPN 322K Civilization of Spanish America

Dana Cloud
Associate Professor, Communication Studies
Research Interests: the critique of therapeutic discourse; feminist and Marxist theories and politics; rhetoric of "family values"; rhetoric of the U.S. labor movement
Relevant Courses: CMS 367 Gender and Communication, CMS 390R Feminist Theory and Rhetorical Criticism

Ann L. Cvetkovich
Ellen C. Garwood Centennial Professor, English
Research Interests: GLBTQ studies; feminist theory; theories of gender and sexuality; 19th and 20th century American and British literature, especially the novel; popular culture; public feelings; trauma studies
Relevant Courses: WGS301 Introduction to LGBTQ Studies; E370W Gender, Sexuality, and Migration; E370W Gay and Lesbian Literature and Culture; E389P New Directions in Queer Studies; E389P Queer Affect Theory

Hector Dominguez-Ruvalcaba
Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
Research interest: Queer Latin American studies, gender violence, organized crime.
Relevant courses: LAS 370S Gender in Contemporary Latin American Cinema, LAS 392S Utopia/Apocalypse: Latin American Neoliberal Era

Lyndon K. Gill
Assistant Professor, African and African Diaspora Studies, Anthropology
Research Interests: African and African American studies; anthropology; studies of women, gender, and sexuality
Relevant Courses: AFR 317E Black Queer Diaspora Aesthetics, AFR 372G Sex & Power in the African Diaspora, AFR 388 Erotic Subjectivity

Gloria Gonzalez-Lopez
Associate Professor, Sociology
Research Interests: gender and sexuality of Mexican immigrant populations
Relevant Courses: SOC 340G/WGS 322 Sociology of Sexualities; MAS 374/SOC 321K/WGS 340 Chicana/Latina Sexualities; SOC 321K/WGS 322 Sociology of Masculinities; SOC 395G/WGS 393 Sociology of Sexualities

Laura Gutiérrez
Associate Professor, Theatre and Dance
Research Interests: Latin American, Mexican and Latina/o embodied practices, gender and sexuality, and questions of nation, modernity and the transnational.

Neville Hoad
Associate Professor, English
Research Interests: Nineteenth-century British literature, Victorian anthropology and sexology, Darwin and social Darwinism, history of the Church Missionary Society, feminism in imperialism, colonial discourse studies, Anglophone postcolonial literature and theory, South African literature, critical race studies, theories of nationalism, Marx and western Marxism, Raymond Williams and British cultural studies, contemporary feminist theory in French and English, psychoanalysis (particularly Freud and Klein), lesbian and gay studies, queer theory, history of sexuality, international human rights law pertaining to sexual orientation, development and globalization theory
Relevant Courses: E376L The Literature of African AIDS; E389P Sexuality in Translation; E397M Homoerotics of Empire

Kristen Hogan 
English Literature and Women's and Gender Studies Librarian

Thomas K. Hubbard
Professor, Classics
Research Interests: Greek and Roman literature; literary theory; the Classical tradition
Relevant Courses: CC348 Gender/Sexuality In the Ancient Novel, CC348/WGS 340 Homosexuality in Antiquity

Omi Osun Joni L. Jones
Associate Professor, African and African Diaspora Studies
Research Interests: performance ethnography and videography around the Yoruba deity Osun; performance scholarship that focuses on identity, ethnography, African-based performance aesthetics, and Theatre for Social Change; the use of a jazz aesthetic among theatre artists with particular attention to Laurie Carlos, Daniel Alexander Jones, and Sharon Bridgforth; the work of The Austin Project- a collaborative venture among women of color artists, scholars and activists
Relevant Courses: AFR 317F Performance, Feminism, & Social Change, TD 387D Performing Black Feminisms

Xavier Livermon
Assistant Professor, African and African American Studies
Research Interests: the role of Africa in African Diaspora Studies, gender and sexuality in the African Diaspora, Black Cultural Studies, and music and performance cultures of the African Diaspora
Relevant Courses: AFR 372G African Queer Studies

Sofian Merabet
Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Research Interests: Socio-Cultural Theory, Psychoanalysis, Urban Studies, Gender Studies, Queer Theory, Middle East and North Africa
Relevant Courses: ANT 391 Sexuality and Culture, ANT 324L Queer Ethnographies, ANT 391 Gender and Masculinities in the Middle East

Julie Minich
Assistant Professor, English and Center for Mexican American Studies
Research Interests: Chicana/o and Latina/o cultural studies, Literary theory, Feminist theory, Queer theory, Disability studies,
Relevant Courses: MAS 319 Ethnicity & Gender: La Chicana

Lisa L. Moore
Professor, English
Research Interests: transatlantic 18th century and Romantic literatures; Anglo-American women's literature; feminist and queer theory and the history of sexuality; visual studies; poetry and poetics.
Relevant Courses: E370W Gay and Lesbian Literature and Culture; E389P Lesbian Genres; E392M Transatlantic Feminisms in the Age of Revolution, E389P Queer Poetics; WGS 305 Intro. to WGS.

Yolanda C. Padilla
Professor, School of Social Work
Research Interests: Population studies focusing on racial and ethnic disparities in health and well-being with an emphasis on Mexican American children and families, poverty, immigration, and gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender families, and applications to social welfare policy development. Areas of practice specialization: policy analysis and community practice.
Relevant Courses: SW 360K Gays and Lesbians in American Society

Eric Darnell Pritchard
Assistant Professor, African and African Diaspora Studies
Research interests: literacy, rhetoric, oral history, African American literature, Queer studies, popular culture, black feminist theory, masculinity studies, performance
Relevant courses taught: ENG387M (Grad Seminar) "Queer of Color Theory"; RHE379C  "Politics of Black Sexuality"; RHE 309K "Hip Hop Rhetorics"; RHE 330D "African American Rhetoric 1950-Present."

PJ Raval
Assistant Professor, Radio, Television and Film
Research interests: queer film, queer characters and narratives
Relevant courses: N/A
Website and bio:

Peter Rehberg
Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Germanic Studies
Research Interests: Queer Theory, Popular Culture, German Literature and Cultural Studies 20th and 21st centuries, Critical Theory
Relevant Courses: GER 392 Body And Bio Politics, GRC 362E Freud, Feminism & Queer Theory,GER 382N Queer History Of Pleasure, GRC 360 E Sexual Politics in 20th Century Germany

Matt Richardson
Associate Professor, English and African and African Diaspora Studies
Research Interests: African American and Black British cultural studies; queer theory; feminist studies; film studies.
Relevant Courses: E 389P Queer Theory, E 376M Contemporary African American Women's Fiction; E 389P Black Feminist Theory, E 376M Black Queer Literature & Film

Jill Robbins
Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
Research Interests: 20th Century Spanish Culture, Spanish Poetry, Trans-Atlantic Studies, Ethics, Gender
Relevant Courses: SPN 380M Queer Hispanic Literature and Culture

Allucquere (Sandy) Stone
Associate Professor Emeritus, Radio, Television and Film
Research Interests: New Media production, video production, performance, installation, gender and sexuality with emphasis on transgender, fantasy/science fiction

Omise’eke Natasha Tinsley
Associate Professor, African and African Diaspora Studies
Research Interests: gender, sexuality, literature and performance in the African Diaspora
Relevant Courses: AFR 388 Women of Color Feminisms, AFR 372C Postcolonial Women Writers

Faculty Allies (faculty doing research, teaching, and advising relevant to LGBTQ studies)

Dorie J. Gilbert
Associate Professor, Social Work, African and African Diaspora Studies
Research Interests: prevention and intervention with women and people of color living with HIV/AIDS; psychosocial adjustment in persons coping with multiple oppressions (racism, heterosexism, classism, sexism); child and adolescent racial identity and development; Africentric community-based practice.
Relevant Courses: SW 381S Foundations of Social Justice: Values, Diversity, Power, and Oppression; SW360K: Social Work with African American individuals and families

Barbara Harlow
Professor, English
Research Interests: cultural politics and political cultures; third world studies; critical theory; prison and resistance writings and postcolonial studies (particularly Anglophone African and modern Arabic literatures and cultures)
Relevant Courses: E 360L Literature and Social Justice; E 397N Literature and Human Rights

Coleman Hutchison
Associate Professor, English
Research Interests: U.S. literature and culture to 1900, poetry, print culture, histories of sexuality, regional and national literatures, cultural sociology, working class studies, popular and folk music
Relevant Courses: E 395M Re-Reading the American South in Literature and Film, E F316K Masterworks Of Literature: American, E372L The American Renaissance
Robert Jensen
Professor, Journalism
Research Interests: feminist critiques of the media; pornography; questions of race through a critique of white privilege and institutionalized racism

Ward Keeler
Associate Professor, Anthropology
Research Interests: Symbolic, psychological anthropology, language and culture, anthropology and the performing arts; Indonesia and Burma
Relevant Courses: ANTH 391 Cultural Constructions of Masculinity/Self and Emotion: Masculinities; ANT 324L Cultures of Southeast Asia

Martha Newman
Associate Professor, History and Religious Studies
Research Interests: medieval history with an emphasis on religious mentalities; monastic miracle collections and monastic attitudes toward women and the poor

Deborah Paredez
Associate Professor, English and Center for Mexican American Studies
Research Interests: Black and Latina/o performance and popular culture; race, gender, sexuality and American culture; cultural memory and performance
Relevant Courses: "Divas: Performing Race, Gender, and Sexuality"

Ann Reynolds
Associate Professor, Art and Art History
Research Interests: U.S. and European art, architecture, and visual culture after 1930; feminist theory; gender and sexuality studies; film.
Relevant Courses: FA 350 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies in the Fine Arts; ARH 359 Feminism and Visual Politics; ART 386P Feminism and Representation: The 1970s; ARH 386P Historical Memory and Models of Radical Practice; ARH 386P Film Cultures

Enrique Rodriguez-Alegria
Associate Professor, Anthropology
Research Interests: archaeology, history, ethnohistory, colonial Mexico, Mesoamerica, Aztec civilization, the Spanish empire, colonialism, religious conversion, power, food, archaeometry (NAA and LA-ICP-MS), ceramic analysis

Sonia Seeman
Associate Professor, Ethnomusicology
Research Interests: the music of modern Turkey, the Ottoman Empire, and Southeastern Europe, specializing in Rom ("Gypsy") communities; emergent Turkish cultural expressions and ongoing configuration of ethnic and gendered identities in the wake of the European Union accession processes.
Relevant Courses: MUS 385J Music and Alterity; MUS 385J/WGS 393  Music, Gender, Sexuality

Alissa R. Sherry
Associate Professor, Educational Psychology
Research Interests: Adult Attachment; Personality Disorders; LGBTQ issues; ethics; family psychology; psychological assessment, particularly forensic psychology issues and family law.

Kathleen Stewart
Professor, Anthropology
Research Interests: ethnographic writing; cultural studies; U.S. public culture and political imaginaries; affect; Deleuze; ordinary life Appalachia; Las Vegas.
Relevant Courses: ANT 394M The Ordinary; Affect and Worlding

Kim TallBear
Associate Professor, Anthropology
Research Interests: Anthropology and cultural studies of science, technology, and nature; indigenous studies; race and genetics
Relevant Courses: ANT 324L Indigenous Naturecultures; ANT 391 Disrupting Sex/Disrupting Nature

Sean M. Theriault
Associate Professor, Government
Research Interests: American politics; the U.S. Congress; American political development; political history; party polarization in the U.S. Congress; congressional elections.
Relevant Courses: GOV 312L The Politics of Marginalized Groups; FS 301 The Politics of the Catholic Church

Christine Williams
Professor, Sociology
Research Interests: gender and sexuality in the workplace; men and women in nontraditional (gender atypical) occupations; persistent gender discrimination at work; sexuality and sexual harassment in a wide variety of workplace settings
Relevant Courses: SOC 333K/WGS 322 Sociology of Gender; SOC 340G/WGS 322 Sociology of Sexualities; SOC 395G/WGS 393 Readings in Gender and Sexuality

Zipporah Wiseman
Professor, School of Law
Research Interests: commercial law, feminist legal theory, legal biography
Relevant Courses: LAW 379M Discrimination and Affirmative Action; LAW 389G Gender and the Law; LAW 381C Constitutional Law II: Sex and the Constitution; LAW 381C Constitutional Law II: Gender and the Constitution; LAW 397S Seminar: Nondiscrimination/Affirmative Action; LAW 397S Feminist Theory in Law
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