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Susan Mays

Other faculty PhD, Columbia

Faculty Fellow at Peking University; Lecturer and Research Fellow at UT



Professor Susan Mays' interdisciplinary research centers on global economic and technolgical development, as well as professional mobility.  As a former management consultant and engineer, Dr. Mays' recent projects have addressed high technology sectors in East Asia, particularly China, including how globalized trade, investment, and supply chains influence organizational change and human capital development.  As an economic historian, Dr. Mays is concerned with macro-economic trends and trends in business, technology, and human resources.  

This year, her courses include:

"China's Economy: Technology, Growth, and Global Connections" at Peking University

"Globalization and Professional Mobility" at UT Austin

In her most recent major study, Dr. Mays examined how formerly state-dominated industries in China have evolved over the past 20 years to now include an array of organizational forms including private firms, joint ventures, and foreign firms, as well as state-owned and state-invested firms.  Her study "Rapid Advance: High Technology in China in the Global Electronic Age" (2013) examines how the semiconductor industry in China evolved from a being a state-owned and technologically-backward industry in the late 1980s to being an important contributor in the global semiconductor industry post-2000.  This study captures China's domestic economic reforms as well as its ever-increasing global integration.

Susan Mays holds a PhD from Columbia University in global economic history (Asia/China focus), an MA from Harvard University in East Asian Studies (China focus), an MS from Stanford University in Engineering-Economic Systems, and a BS from Purdue University in Industrial Engineering.  Prior to The University of Texas at Austin, she was at Columbia University in New York City, where she co-taught university courses for three years and was a recipient of the five-year Hofstadter Fellowship as well as a Weatherhead and Dissertation fellowship, among other grants and scholarships.  Prior to her academic work, Dr. Mays worked in business and technology with Fortune 500 companies for 12 years, initially as an engineer and later as a managment consultant with A.T.Kearney.  During that time, much of her work centered on the global supply chains of electronics-related companies.  While with A.T.Kearney, Dr. Mays first traveled to China in 1993, and since 1999, her work has been primarily focused on China's integration with the global economy, including periods of living and working in China.  Along with scholarly work, Susan Mays continues to consult with businesses and other organizations through M~Stone Advisory.  


East Asian economic & technological development; modern China; US-East Asia relations; global economic history
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