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Undergraduate Program

The Center for European Studies offers both a major and minor in the study of Western and Central Europe.

Students pursuing a degree in European Studies (EUS) must complete all of College of Liberal Arts requirements for a B.A. In addition, EUS students also take: 24 hours of European Studies courses (18 of which must be upper division), one additional year of a foreign language (beyond the COLA language requirement), a Capstone thesis, and participate in an approved* study abroad program (financial aid is available) or internship in a Western or Central European country for a minimum of six weeks.

For more detailed information about the EUS undergraduate degree, please view the following degree plans:

European Studies Degree Plan, 2006-08 catalog

European Studies Degree Plan, 2008-10 catalog

European Studies Degree Plan, 2010-12 catalog

Sample 4-year Degree Plan

You can also search for courses online in the Liberal Arts Course Descriptions database.

To schedule an appointment with the European Studies' Academic Advisor, please contact Dr. Cynthia Gladstone:
SRH 1.340

*A comprehensive list of study abroad programs is available at UT's Study Abroad website. Once a student decides on a particular program or internship, the CES Director will have final approval as to its acceptance for the major.

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