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Ronald Tobin Lecture

Thu, March 11, 2010 • 4:00 PM • Southwestern University

The Modern Languages and Literatures department,
the History department, and the Paideia program
are pleased to announce that one of the most
internationally recognized scholars in
Seventeenth-Century French literature and
culture, Dr. Ronald Tobin from the University of
California, Santa Barbara, will be presenting a
talk entitled ?Thought for Food: Literature and
Gastronomy? at Southwestern University on
Thursday March 11th (4 pm, Prothro Room in the
Library (reception follows).

Adopting a multidisciplinary approach called
gastro-criticism that draws upon anthropology,
sociology, semiotics, history, and literary
studies, Dr. Tobin offers a method for teaching
literature through an analysis of the role of
food, service, spectacle, diet, ingestion, and
digestion in a number of works drawn from a
variety of national literatures. He then
concludes with specific reference to the
seventeenth-century French dramatist Molière and
his preoccupations with sexuality and power,
pretense and pretentiousness, trickery and truth,
self and society.

For more info:
Francis Mathieu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of French
Department of Modern Languages
Southwestern University

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