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Douglas Biow, Director MEZ 3.126, Mailcode A1800, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-232-3470

David P Birdsong

Professor Ph.D, Harvard University

Professor, Department Chair
David P Birdsong


  • Phone: 512-471-7299
  • Office: HRH 2.122
  • Office Hours: 10:30 - 11:30 and by appointment
  • Campus Mail Code: B7600



List of all publications:

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Recent Publications 

Dominance and Age in Bilingualism
D. Birdsong
Applied Linguistics 




Processing focus structure in L1 and L2 French: L2 proficiency effects on ERPs
R. Reichle, D. Birdsong
Studies in Second Language Acquisition




In faint praise of folly: A critical review of native/non-native speaker comparisons, with examples from native and bilingual processing of french complex syntax
D. Birdsong, L. Gertken
Language, Interaction and Acquisition, 4:2




The Critical Period Hypothesis for second language acquisition: Tailoring the coat of many colors
D. Birdsong
Essential topics in applied linguistics and multilingualism, 43-50




Three perspectives on non-uniform linguistic attainment
D. Birdsong
Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 2 (3), 255-259




Selected Earlier Publications


Uninterpretable features: Psychology and plasticity in second language learnability
D. Birdsong
Second Language Research 25 (2), 235-243




Age and the end state of second language acquisition
D. Birdsong
The new handbook of second language acquisition. Amsterdam: Elsevier




Age and second language acquisition and processing: A selective overview
D. Birdsong
Language Learning 56 (s1), 9-49




On the evidence for maturational constraints in second-language acquisition
D. Birdsong, M. Molis
Journal of memory and language 44 (2), 235-249




Regular-irregular dissociations in L2 acquisition of English morphology
D. Birdsong, J.E. Flege
BUCLD 25: Proceedings of the 25th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development




Introduction: Whys and why nots of the Critical Period Hypothesis for second language acquisition
D. Birdsong
Second language acquisition and the Critical Period Hypothesis, 1-22



1999, 2013 (paperback)

Ultimate attainment in second language acquisition
D. Birdsong
Language 68 (4), 706-755




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