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Gary Freeman

Professor Ph.D., University of Wisconsin

Gary Freeman



Prof. Freeman specializes in the politics of immigration, comparative social policy, and politics in western democracies. His most recent writing has been directed at understanding the form of immigration politics in different countries and explaining the integration strategies employed by countries as they grapple with immigrant populations. He is currently working on the question of the linkage between immigration and the welfare state, especially the impact of ethnic and other forms of diversity on the solidaristic foundations of social policies.

In addition to two books, Immigrant Labor and Racial Conflict in Industrial Societies and Nations of Immigrants: Australia, the United States, and International Migration (edited with James Jupp), he is the author or co-author most recently of "National Models, Policy Types and the Politics of Immigration in Liberal Democracies," West European Politics (2006); "Disaggregating Immigration Policy: The Politics of Skilled Labor Recruitment in the U.S." (with David Hill), in Smith and Favell, eds., The Human Face of Global Mobility (2006); "Politics and Mass Immigration," in Goodin and Tilly, eds., The Oxford Handbook of Contextual Political Analysis (2006); "Does Politics Trump the Market in Contemporary Immigration?" in Guigni and Passy, eds., Dialogues on Migration Policy (2006); "Political Science and Comparative Immigration Politics," in Bommes and Morawska, International Migration Research (2005), and "Immigrant Incorporation in Western Democracies," International Migration Review (2004).

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