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Linguistics Research Center

A. Richard Diebold Center

The A. Richard Diebold Center (ARDC) for Indo-European Language and Culture is an entity within the Linguistics Research Center named for the [retired] Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at the University of Arizona who has funded projects at the LRC and courses in the Classics Department at the University of Texas. As a philanthropist who is particularly interested in Indo-European studies, Dr. Diebold has generously supported UT and other universities in the U.S. and abroad.

For the Linguistics Research Center, the Diebold Foundation provided funds to establish the Indo-European Documentation Center (IEDC), an LRC project that created this website in 1998 and included early versions of the Journal of Indo-European Studies and General Linguistics indices, among others. Later a successor, the Salus Mundi Foundation, funded the Early Indo-European Online (EIEOL) project, which has produced lessons (glossed texts with introductions and and grammars) covering a wide variety of Indo-European languages. As well, Salus Mundi funded the Indo-European Typology Project, which created the Language Systems and Word Order indices formerly found on this website.

Salus Mundi's support for EIEOL resulted in other online publications, including the books in the Indo-European Languages and Historical Linguistics series and the metrically restored Rigveda, and the pre-publication work underlying Dr. Winfred P. Lehmann's book Pre-Indo-European (Journal of Indo-European Studies Monograph #41; Washington, DC: Institute for the Study of Man).

With the designation A. Richard Diebold Center for Indo-European Language and Culture, we recognize our debt of gratitude to a fellow Indo-Europeanist for his support of LRC projects and other work at the University of Texas.