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Hans C. Boas, Director :: PCL 5.556, 1 University Station S5490 :: Austin, TX 78712 :: 512-471-4566
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Linguistics Research Center

Current Staff

Prof. Hans C. Boas was appointed Director of the LRC in September, 2012.

Dr. Todd B. Krause researches ancient Indo-European languages and develops lessons in the EIEOL series.

Dr. Brigitte L.M. Bauer co-founded, with Carol Justus, the LRC's Indo-European Documentation Center.

Retired Staff

Dr. Jonathan Slocum served the LRC as Computational Linguist, Project Director, Webmaster, and Interim Director; in retirement, he still contributes to website maintenance.

In Memoriam

Prof. Winfred P. Lehmann founded and, until his death in 2007, directed the Linguistics Research Center.

Dr. Carol F. Justus co-founded and, until her death in 2007, coordinated the LRC's Indo-European Documentation Center.