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Jonathan Slocum and Todd B. Krause

Over the years, our readers have contributed in numerous ways to the improvement of various aspects of the pages on our website, and/or they have raised questions whose answers might benefit our readership at large. Many inquiries, however, pertain to topics that do not fit within a single existing web page or series, but nevertheless might spur a lively and thought-provoking email exchange of ideas or information. Of course we also receive Frequently-Asked Questions, to which we respond with more-or-less generic replies. This collection of blog posts exposes interesting email exchanges to our wider audience without violating correspondents' privacy, and reaffirms our open invitation to reader comments and questions.

In addition we occasionally originate content that, like email exchanges, does not fit well into other pages -- perhaps due to limited scope, for example. We include here Essays and Other Commentary of this nature, not generally prompted in any direct sense by outside inquiries but which may stimulate outside response, which we welcome.

Having no solid organizational principle for all these kinds of content, we post them here using reverse date order in traditional blog fashion. Email exchanges appear under the date of our primary, or final, response -- the exception being frequently-asked questions, which are listed by decreasing frequency in the FAQ area.

Once we post the first blog entry in a new year, a link to an index for the year will be created in the left margin.