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October 20, 2004

Jonathan Slocum

Offer of Textual Materials

N.B. The email exchange below may have been edited, e.g. to remove content not essential to the main point(s) or to standardize English spelling/grammar.


[I'd like to know] whether you and your group have any interest in extending the quantity of ...Classical Armenian text on your web site [by republishing texts transcribed by an Armenian university].

R. Y.


While it is difficult to refuse an offer of [apparently] free Indo-European textual materials for web publication, we must consider what our mission is, and what it is not.

The LRC's mission -- and current funding -- is not to provide literature per se, but introductory language lessons. Our goals are linguistic, especially w.r.t. the relationships among early Indo-European languages including Armenian. So [since your proposal is, in effect, a request that we fulfill a library function as opposed to our research and teaching function] the simple answer is, "Thank you, but no."

J. S.