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July 27, 2005

Jonathan Slocum

Quoting from the LRC Website

N.B. The email exchange below may have been edited, e.g. to remove content not essential to the main point(s) or to standardize English spelling/grammar.


... I'm trying to develop a web site containing all Old Persian texts... I'm about to add some stuff about grammar and phonology of the language and I'd like to ask your permission to quote some from your web site (of course with reference).

Best regards,

A. G.


... With reference, of course! We would appreciate it if this included a URL. (Our web pages will be up for years to come.)

You should not include (i.e., copy) large segments of our lessons -- your visitors would presumably have our URL to click on for more information -- but small portions would be acceptable, with proper attribution.

... Thank you for asking!

J. S.