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May 5, 2006

Jonathan Slocum

Printing and Binding EIEOL Lessons

N.B. The email exchange below may have been edited, e.g. to remove content not essential to the main point(s) or to standardize English spelling/grammar.


I'm very impressed with the "Baltic Online" section of your web site... Is this material available in a format that can be used to study from while away from the computer? Perhaps a PDF document, or something else that can be easily printed and bound? ...

B. E.


Not at present. We've thought of it, and have experimented, but reliable production of PDF documents has been problematic owing, apparently, to the font requirements. (Some scripts are much more susceptible to problems than others, but we don't want a solution applying only to scripts that a PDF converter can handle.)

You can, of course, print the web pages themselves. This too can be problematic, depending on your browser and its settings. When I print and bind a copy of our lesson series for our sponsor, I strip out the left-margin navigation panel and it prints just fine.

Primarily, however, the series is intended for online study; only in online mode are the many links from the glossaries useful. In printed form, they're meaningless. The pointers (line numbers) could be converted to page numbers only if the document were encoded in a page description language, which HTML is not.

J. S.