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January 6, 2010

Jonathan Slocum

Tocharian C Site

N.B. The email exchange below may have been edited, e.g. to remove content not essential to the main point(s) or to standardize English spelling/grammar.


re: "Evidence for yet a third offshoot, Tocharian C, somewhat older than the other two, has been unearthed along the southern rim of the Tarim Basin," quoted from Indo-European Languages: Evolution and Locale Maps --

[Dear] JS/TK:

Further to a recent trip along the Silk Road in October and November 2009, I am writing a paper on Bezeklik Grottoes (Turfan), one of many visited. In reviewing the murals, the Tocharians became a focus of interest. I will be returning in September to visit more archaeological sites and the Xinjiang Museum again.

May I ask which reference may exist for the quote above, so that I can add the site to my research list and travel itinerary, please?

Thank you for considering my request, J. O.


Submitting "Tocharian C" to Google yields numerous hits (try it!), including a page (591) in the Encyclopedia of Indo-European Culture by J.P. Mallory & Douglas Q. Adams, eds., which page refers to "the Loulan (natively Krorainaz) area," cited as the home of Tocharian C speakers.

J. S.