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May 17, 2011

Jonathan Slocum

Citing LRC Web Pages

N.B. The email exchange below may have been edited, e.g. to remove content not essential to the main point(s) or to standardize English spelling/grammar.


How would I cite the LRC [i.e. a web page] for an article that I am writing?

A. M.


An appropriate citation would include the web page URL and the date the page appeared as you describe it (or, perhaps better, the Update time-stamp at the bottom of the web page); that way, if changes are made in the web page, your citation remains accurate if not forever up-to-date, and any subsequent time-stamp warns readers of the potential for change. The same is true w.r.t. any scholarly opinion published anywhere, but of course printed articles cannot be updated -- both a blessing (for citations) and a curse (for authors whose opinions change).

J. S.