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Historical Linguistics Circle

Jonathan Slocum

The Historical Linguistics Circle (HLC) is an inter-departmental monthly meeting of people interested in any aspect of historical linguistics. Please contact us (ut.hist.ling at if you are interested in being on the mailing list or presenting your research at one of our meetings.

Unless otherwise specified, meetings will be held (on dates TBA) in Burdine 228 on a Wednesday afternoon from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. See, also, historical linguistics resources for lists of upcoming events and courses at UT.

2010 Calendar

Wednesday, December 8: The Circle discussed various historical linguistics-related events that take place in different corners of the university, for example colloquia where scholars report work involving some aspect of language change, or courses that might be unknown to potentially interested students. Also mentioned were faculty research interests that overlap with or involve aspects of historical linguistics. Two potential dates for the next HLC meeting (in early 2011) were mentioned, but no date was selected.

Friday, November 19: in an email msg, Tony Woodbury mentioned that he will be "teaching an undergraduate introduction to historical linguistics (Lin 345) in Spring, 2011." A course description is available on the Dept. of Linguistics website.

Wednesday, November 10: At our first meeting, Eric Campbell (Dept. of Linguistics) presented his work on the historical development of causative morphology in Chatino languages (Otomanguean, Mexico).