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Historical Linguistics Circle

Jonathan Slocum

Resources at the University of Texas

Listed below are events & courses & people at UT Austin that might be helpful to students interested in [aspects of] historical linguistics.


Future colloquia and conferences at UT that may include papers relevant to historical linguistics:

Dates (in 2011)   Title   More Info
Apr. 15-17   Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference   GLAC 17
Apr. 15-17   Language in the Public Domain   SALSA XIX
Fall   Conference on Indigenous Languages of Latin America   CILLA 5 (TBA)
Relevant Courses

UT Austin courses relevant to historical linguistics:

Spring 2011
ID   Title   More Info
FR 359   Origins & Evolution of French   Keywords: evolution
GER 393K   Old High German   Keywords: Old High
LIN 382   Historical Linguistics   Keywords: historical

UT faculty and research scientists whose interests include [aspects of] historical linguistics:

Name   Department/Center   More Info
Prof. Mary Blockley   English   faculty page
Prof. Kristen Brustad   Middle Eastern Studies   faculty page
Prof. Bryan Donaldson   French & Italian   faculty page
Prof. Nora England   Linguistics   faculty page
Prof. Patience Epps   Linguistics   faculty page
Prof. Jo Ann Hackett   Middle Eastern Studies   faculty page
Prof. Ian Hancock   Linguistics   faculty page
Prof. John Huehnergard   Middle Eastern Studies   faculty page
Prof. Sara Kimball   English   faculty page
Dr. Todd Krause   Linguistics Research Center   home page
Prof. Angela Nonaka   Anthropology   faculty page
Prof. Na'ama Pat-El   Middle Eastern Studies   faculty page
Prof. Marc Pierce   Germanic Studies   faculty page
Prof. Cinzia Russi   French & Italian   faculty page
Dr. Jonathan Slocum   Linguistics Research Center   home page
Dr. Sandra Straubhaar   Germanic Studies   faculty page
Prof. Tandy Warnow   Computer Science   home page
Prof. Stephen Wechsler   Linguistics   faculty page
Prof. Anthony Woodbury   Linguistics   faculty page