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Proto-Indo-European Phonology

Winfred P. Lehmann

International Standard Book Number 0-292-73341-0.
Copyright 1952 by the University of Texas Press. All rights reserved.



Marked advances in the study of Indo-European phonology have resulted when new data were discovered and linguistic methodology refined. The initial investigations in IE studies at the beginning of the nineteenth century were due to the discovery of new materials, chiefly Sanskrit; the great series of improvements after 1870 to the application of more rigorous techniques of analysis. In the past twenty-five years further refinements in method have been achieved, chiefly in structural linguistics. Moreover, new data have been provided by Hittite, and by reexamination of phonological phenomena which have hitherto been disregarded or left unexplained. Yet there have been few comprehensive attempts to revise our description of IE phonology. In this monograph I suggest a reformulation of PIE phonology based on an examination of such new data according to the principles of structural linguistics.

My dependence on the standard works in IE grammar, those of Brugmann, Hirt, Meillet, the etymological dictionaries of Feist, Walde, Boisacq, the grammars for individual dialects such as those of Braune for Old High German, Noreen for Old Icelandic, will be obvious even when not specifically mentioned. Attempts to reformulate phonological problems in IE and the dialects without a knowledge of previous scholarship are useless; a list of all the materials consulted, however, would be unduly cumbersome.

René Derolez, George Lane, Alf Sommerfelt, and Edgar H. Sturtevant have read parts of the manuscript, Ruth Lehmann and W. F. Twaddell the entire manuscript; to them and to linguists who have commented on sections of the text which were read before the Linguistic Society of America I am indebted for many suggestions. A part of the monograph was written during the summer of 1948 while I held a Fellowship from the American Council of Learned Societies at the Linguistic Institute. Publication has been made possible by a grant from the University of Texas Research Council.

Winfred P. Lehmann
Austin, Texas
October, 1951

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