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Gothic Online

Selected Annotated Bibliography

Todd B. Krause


There are few available editions of the Gothic corpus as a whole, the most accessible sources being the reading excerpts contained in the grammars listed in the next section. There are, however, two outstanding editions of Gothic texts listed below. The first is unforunately long out of print, and the second is reprinted periodically.


There are a number of grammars of the Gothic language. Most of them are reference grammars and therefore not a user-friendly introduction to the language, Bennett's book being a notable exception. In addition, few of the grammars are in English.


The text editions listed above, namely Balg's and Streitberg's, contain full dictionaries of the corpus (Balg's into English, Streitberg's into German). From the perspective of historical linguistics, the following work stands out.

Linguistic History

The first source listed below is a book giving a general survey of the older Germanic languages and is a suitable introduction for the non-specialist. The articles that follow are scholarly works treating specific matters of Gothic, Germanic, and Indo-European historical linguistics.


The works listed below treat the history of the Gothic people. Two of the works give broad overviews and interpretation of a vast amount of primary and secondary literature treating more or less the entire course of documented Gothic history. The work by Heather and Matthews, by contrast, is more limited in timespan and unique in providing primary source material in translation.

Crimean Gothic

The following work has become a standard on the topic of Crimean Gothic, both providing the primary material and a useful summary of scholarship up to the point of publication.