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New Testament Greek Online

Table of Contents

Winfred P. Lehmann and Jonathan Slocum

Note: this page is for systems/browsers with Unicode® support, including full Greek script (with polytonic letters). Versions of this page rendered in alternate character sets are available via links (Romanized and Unicode 2) in the left margin.

0. Introduction to New Testament Greek
1. from the 3rd Gospel (Luke), chapter 2
2. from the 1st Gospel (Matthew), chapter 2
3. from the 4th Gospel (John), chapter 3
4. from the 3rd Gospel (Luke), chapter 4
5. from the 1st Gospel (Matthew), chapter 5
6. from the 2nd Gospel (Mark), chapter 4
7. from the 2nd Gospel (Mark), chapter 9
8. from the 4th Gospel (John), chapter 20
9. from the Book of Acts (Luke), chapter 2
10. from the First Letter to Corinth (Paul), chapter 13

Grammar Points

1. The alphabet and sound system.
     1.1. The alphabet.
     1.2. The sound system.
2. The basis word order of sentences in New Testament Greek.
3. Modifications of the basic sentence pattern.
4. Nominal inflection.
5. Verb inflection.
6. Conjunctions and Particles.
7. Participles.
8. Nouns in consonantal declension.
9. Personal pronouns.
10. The Present System of verbs.
11. Nouns: ι-stems.
12. Adjectives of the -ο- and -- Declensions.
13. The Intensive Pronoun αὐτός and ἄλλος 'other'.
14. The Relative Pronouns.
15. The Aorist System.
16. Nouns ending in -ηρ.
17. Irregular nouns.
18. Demonstrative pronouns.
19. The uses of infinitives.
20. The Present system of the Middle and the Passive.
21. Consonant stems ending in dentals.
22. Comparison of adjectives.
23. Interrogative and indefinite pronouns.
24. The middle and passive voices.
25. The subjunctive, optative, and imperative middle and passive forms, the infinitive and participle.
26. Survey of noun declensions.
27. Suffixes applied to stems to indicate location.
28. Use of the augment.
29. Deponents.
30. The middle forms of the aorist.
31. Inflection of adjectives and participles.
32. Two frequently occurring adjectives.
33. Less frequent patterns of adjectival comparison.
34. Aorist of the passive.
35. Infinitives and participles of the aorist middle and passive.
36. Tense formation.
37. Tense formation of obstruent stems.
38. Tense formation of resonant stems.
39. The tense formations of some frequent but irregular verbs.
40. The Middle and Passive Perfect.
41. Verbs in -μι; the present and imperfect active system.
42. Forms of the aorist active.
43. Forms of the Present and Imperfect system of εἰμί 'am'.
44. Forms of οἶδα 'I know'.
45. Particles.
46. Texts.
47. Grammars.
48. Dictionaries.
49. Specialized handbooks.
50. The Legacy of the New Testament.