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A. Richard Diebold Center for Indo-European Language and Culture

Indo-European Documentation Center

Welcome to the IEDC

The Indo-European Documentation Center (IEDC) is a project in the Linguistics Research Center (LRC); funded originally by a grant to the LRC from the Diebold Foundation, the IEDC was later maintained by volunteer efforts. The original project coordinator was Carol F. Justus. Following Carol's death in August 2007, site maintenance was assumed by Jonathan Slocum.

The IEDC part of the LRC website is now undergoing massive reconstruction. Immediately obvious is the reformatting of web pages via adoption of the new (as of February 2007) LRC website design. IEDC pages will come to look like LRC pages since they are, as they always have been, part of the LRC website. In addition, [most] old IEDC content to be retained will be reorganized using the following outline, reflected in the left-margin navigation panel:

We shall endeavor to minimize disruption during this reconstruction process, and ask the reader to forgive any lapses that may be encountered -- but please report them using the "Send comments" link at the bottom of any page. Generally speaking, old IEDC web pages will remain online, undisturbed, until they are replaced. However, since the site is being reworked [with the goal of improved organizational clarity in mind], old sequences of links will not necessarily be maintained: instead, the reader should refer to the left-margin navigation panel on each page as one clue to IEDC area navigation, and of course to links inside an IEDC page as the other clue. The "top-level LRC website" navigation links are the same on every page, and are found beneath the logo at the top of the page (see "LRC Links").

Generally speaking, IEDC content will be found on pages whose URLs include /iedocctr/, but some improvements in organization will result in there being links to IEDC pages from other LRC pages, and vice versa. This has been true historically, so there is no real news here, but website redesign steps taken during the spring of 2007 temporarily obscured this integration; in part we are merely restoring old linkage. Therefore, the presence or absence of /iedocctr/ in a URL on this website is neither prescriptive nor diagnostic. Simply stated, we will tend not to replicate IEDC content elsewhere on the LRC website or vice versa; we will freely link to either area from the other.

Finally, with apologies, we must admit that some materials maintained by Carol Justus will not be carried forward for the simple reason that not all of her special projects (e.g. Numerals) and topics (e.g. Hittite) are adequately understood in her terms by the new IEDC staff. Instead, the public must rely on her traditional print publications and/or any old, undisturbed web pages in areas where our own understanding is incomplete. We aim to avoid obscuring or confounding Carol's work by well-meaning but ill-informed revisions thereof.