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A. Richard Diebold Center for Indo-European Language and Culture

Indo-European Linguistics


Jonathan Slocum and Carol Justus


Work on IE syntax essentially began with Wackernagel's work on the second position of particles as enclitic in the sentence. Other major concerns include case role relations as expressed morphologically, the use of word order to express semantic and pragmatic relations, and the extent to which word order may be the result of factors relating to language typology. Other grammatical factors that may characterize language types as well as older IE languages include issues related to contentive typology.

Concerns with pragmatics, including the way a speaker's intention is encoded in a language, and with text stucture, including such problems as the way clauses are linked in the construction of paragraphs and how pronouns and other linking devices are used in sentences and paragraphs, are not yet overtly addressed here.