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A. Richard Diebold Center for Indo-European Language and Culture

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Scholars' Publications

N.B. We no longer maintain lists of publications by specific individual scholars unless they are, or were, associated with the Linguistics Research Center. Maintenance of such publication lists, difficult under any normal circumstances, had become sporadic by 2002 and had ceased altogether before 2007. When we have been able to locate scholars' home pages on the world wide web, or at least biographical articles about them (not necessarily in English) in a Wikipedia, we have added links to those pages in the Indo-European Scholars section of our Offsite Web Links page. Individual scholars' pages may remain physically present on this website for a while longer, but because they are already out-of-date we no longer link to them; eventually, they will disappear entirely.

For lists of publications by present and certain past members of the Linguistics Research Center, see the LRC Publications page.

For indexes to journal publications, mostly to articles about Indo-European languages & linguistics but not restricted to a specific set of authors, see our Publication Indices.