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A. Richard Diebold Center for Indo-European Language and Culture

Indo-European Texts


Carol Justus and Jonathan Slocum

Hymn to the Sun

KUB XVII 28: II, 56-61

We transliterate, transcribe, gloss, and translate lines 56-61 in the 2nd column of the Hittite tablet catalogued as KUB XVII 28, this section being a hymn to the sun god Istanu. For preliminary explanation, see notes about Hittite and the cuneiform script. Equal signs ('=') are used to transcribe enclitic boundaries; for glossing purposes, we treat these as if they were word boundaries. Text originally prepared by Carol Justus; edited by Jonathan Slocum.

Column II, lines 56-57:
DUTU-i a-as-su an-tu-uh-si SHÀ-ta us-ki-si
Istanui assu antuhsi karta uskisi
Sungod voc; well; man dat/loc; heart dir; see pres. it-dur.
'O Istanu, you see well into the heart of man,'
tu-e-el-la-kan SHÀ-ta Ú-UL ku-is-ki a-us-zi
tuell=a=kan karta natta kuiski auszi
you gen; and (encl); ptc (encl); heart dir; not; someone nom; see pres.
'But no one sees into your heart.'
Column II, lines 58-59:
nu ku-is i-da-a-lu i-ya-at
nu kuis idalu iyat
ptc; who; evil; do pret.
'Whoever did evil,'
nu se-ir zi-ik DUTU-us ar-ta-at
nu ser zik Istanus artat
ptc; above; you; Sungod nom; stood pret.
'you, Istanu, stood above;'
ú-uk-za am-me-el
uk=za ammel
I nom; ptc (encl); of-me
'as for me,'
Column II, lines 60-61:
SIG5-an-da-an KASKAL-an i-ya-ah-ha-at
assuwandan KASKAL-an iyahhat
good acc; journey acc; go pret. m-p.
'I have gone on my good journey,'
ku-is-sa-mu i-da-a-lu i-ya-at
kuiss=a=mu idalu iyat
who; also (encl); me (encl); evil; do pret.
'And whoever should do me evil,'
na-an zi-ik us-ki
n=an zik uski
ptc; him (encl); you; see it-dur. imp.
'you, watch him!'

Key to gloss abbreviations:

Abbrev. Meaning
1.=1st (person)
2.=2nd (person)
3.=3rd (person)
acc.=accusative (case)
dat.=dative (case)
dir.=directive (case)
gen.=genitive (case)
imp.=imperative (mood)
it-dur.=iterative-durative (action type)
loc.=locative (case)
m-p.=medio-passive (voice)
nom.=nominative (case)
pres.=present (tense)
pret.=preterite (tense)
sg.=singular (number)
voc.=vocative (case)