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Indo-European Lexicon

Pokorny Master PIE Etyma

The table below lists Proto-Indo-European (PIE) etyma adapted from Julius Pokorny's book, Indogermanisches etymologisches Wörterbuch (Bern: Francke, 1959, 1989). Entry head-words are listed, with their page numbers and cross-references to other entries (following Pokorny) plus our own English glosses; for more information, the reader is referred to the book. Some misprints in Pokorny have been corrected, including repairs to diacritics and missing, incorrect, or extraneous homograph numbers.

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In our table, cross-references under "See also" may include IE links to our own lists of more modern Indo-European reflexes -- words derived from the ancient Proto-Indo-European etyma. IE reflex lists are under active construction (see our IE Lexicon home page): they are subject to change at any time, and might possibly exhibit errors not yet corrected. See our Language Index page for links from reflexes (listed by IE language) to their PIE etyma.

Page(s) Pokorny entry See also English gloss
1āIE   (an exclamation)
1ab-IE  2. ā̆p-water, river
1-2ā̆bel-, ā̆bō̆l-, abel-IE   apple
2abh-IE  abhro-swift, quick, abrupt
2abhro-IE  abh-strong, mighty
2-3abō(n)IE   ape, monkey
31. ad-IE  2. ad-at, by, to
32. ad-IE  1. ad-to fix, put in order
3ades-, ados-IE   spelt (type of grain)
4ad(u)-, ad-ro- current, water course
4-6ag̑-IE  ag̑ro-sto lead, drive, agitate
7ag̑h- animal that may bear young
7ā̆g̑her-, ā̆g̑hen-, ā̆g̑hes-, or ō̆g̑her etc.IE   day, dawn
7-8agh-IE  agh-(lo-)to ail, fear, be depressed
8agh-(lo-)agh-disgusting, unpleasant
8aghl(u)- dark cloud; rainy weather
8agos-IE   sin, guilt; fault, blemish
8-9agro-, egro-? first, highest; apex, beginning
9ag̑ro-sIE  ag̑-field, acre
9ag(e)sī, aksīIE   axe
9agh-no-sIE   lamb
101. aiaik-(an exclamation)
102. ai- to drive, close in; harm, overwhelm
103. ai-IE   to give
10-11ai-ti-, ai-to-, oi-to-IE   part, portion
114. ā̆i-IE  ai-dh-to burn, shine
115. ai- : oi-IE   oath, significant speech
11aid-oid-to swell; strong
11-12ai-dh-, i-dh-, nasalized i-n-dh-IE  ā̆ier-to burn, shine
12ā̆ier-, ā̆ien-IE  ai̯os-day(light), morning
13aig̑-IE  ā̆g̑-goat
131. aig-, nasalized ing-IE   ill, sick; depressed, dispirited
132. aig-IE   oak
13-143. aig-IE   to swing, vibrate, move violently
14aigh-IE   to be ashamed
14-15ā(i)g̑h- : īg̑h- to need, desire
15ā̆ik̑- : ī̆k̑-IE   pike, spear, spit
15aik-IE  1. aito call to
15-16ai̯os-IE  aisk-ore, metal (copper, bronze, iron)
16ai-rā (type of grass)
161. ais-IE   to wish, desire, ask/search for
162. ais-IE   to respect, worship, be in awe
16-17aisk-IE  ai-tro-clear, bright, shining
17ai-tro-4. ā̆i-sharp, bitter
17-18aiu̯-, ai̯u-IE   vitality, life force
181. ak̑-, ak̑ō- to eat
18-222. ak̑-, ok̑-IE  ok̑tō(u)sharp, acute, angular; stone
23akkā mama (nursery word)
23ak- to hurt, damage
23akā-, more accurately əkā, ēk-IE   aqua, water, river
24-261. al-, ol-IE  ario-?beyond; other, alien
26-272. al-IE   to grow, nourish, enhance
27-283. ā̆l-IE   to roam, wander; be crazy/confused
284. al- to burn
28-295. al-IE   to mill, grind
296. al-, alōu- : aləu- white, gleaming
29alāIE   hello! (greeting)
30-31albho-IE  1. el-white, albino
31-32aldh- trough
32aleq-IE  areg-to protect, ward off
32algh-IE   cold, frost, algidity
32-33algh-IE   to gain, earn; price, value
33alp- small, weak
33ālu-, ālo- a bitter plant?
33-34alu-, alu-d-, alu-t-IE   bitter; ale, beer
34-35ambhi, m̥bhiIE  ebhi?around, at both sides
351. am-, mē-IE  1. mē-to grab, seize
352. am-, mē-IE  2. mē-to mow
35āmer-, āmōr, āmr̥IE   day
35-36ames-, or omes-IE   blackbird: merl, ousel
36amə-omə-to proceed energetically; firm up; suffer
36am(m)a, amī̆IE   mama, amah (nursery word)
36-371. an-IE   relative, ancestor
37-382. an-IE   there, other side
38-393. an(ə)-IE  ansu-to breathe, respire, animate
39-404. an-, anu, anō, IE   on, along, over there
40-41andh-, anedh-IE   to sprout, bloom, blossom; herb, anther
41andher-, ṇdher- stem, spike
41andho-IE   blind, dark, somber
41-42anət-IE  ētī-duck, solan
42anətā, enətāIE   anta, doorpost
42-43ang̑h-IE  augh-tight, narrow, anguished; to constrict
43ang̑hen- scent, smell, odor; person
43-45ang(h)i-IE  eg̑hi-eel, worm, snake, serpent
451. ank-IE  nek̑-force; need, necessity
45-472. ank-, ang-IE   to flex, bend, angle
47āno-IE   ring, annulus
47ans-IE   favorable, well inclined
48ansā, ansi-IE   noose, snare; ansa, handle
48ansu-, ṇsu-IE  antro-mghost, spirit, demon
48-50ant-sIE   brow, front, anterior
50antro-mIE  3. an(ə)-cave, hollow
50-511. ap-, more accurately əp- : ēp-IE   to take, reach, grasp
51-522. ā̆p-IE  1. *u̯ep-water, river
523. ap-, āp- old, fragile; harm, damage
52appapap(p)apapa (nursery word)
52apelo-IE   strength
53āpero-IE   shore, bank (of river)
53-55apo-, pō̆, ap-u, puIE  posoff, out of, away from
55apsāIE   aspen (tree)
55-611. ar-, thematic (a)re-, heavy-base arə-, rē-, and i-base (a)rī̆-, rēi-IE   to fit, suit
612. ar-, or er-IE  1. rē-to share, distribute
613. ar-2. rēi-nut
624. ar, er, or?, IE   now, therefore; (interrogative particle)
625. ar-ōr-to deny, refuse, renounce
62-63ar(ə)-IE  arenko-to ear, plow
63ardh- pole, stake
63ardi-, r̥di-5. er-tip, point, edge
64areg-areq-to lock, shut away
64-65ar(e)-g̑-, arg̑-?, r̥g̑i-IE  erk-white, argent, glittering
65-66areq-IE  aleq-to lock, guard, protect
66-67arenko-IE  ar(ə)-(type of grain?)
67ario-?IE  1. al-host, lord, master
67-68arqu-IE   arc, arch, something bent
68arōd-, arəd- (type of waterbird)
68aro-m reed?
68aru̯ā intestines?
68-69ā̆s-, based on it azd-, azg(h)-IE   to burn, glow; ash
69at-IE   to go; year, annum
69āt(e)r-IE  ētro-fire
70*ati-, ateli- (type of fish)
70-71ati, ato-IE  2. to-over, beyond
71ā̆tos, attaIE   daddy, mommy (nursery word)
711. au-IE   ow! (exclamation of pain)
722. au-, au̯-es-, au-s-1. u̯es-to sleep, stay overnight
72-733. au-, au̯e, u̯ē̆-IE  4. u̯e-down, away from
73-754. au-, u- : u̯ē̆-, u̯o-IE  2. u-other; that (one)
75-765. au̯-, au̯ē-IE  2. u̯e-to plait, weave
76-776. au̯-, au̯ed-IE   to speak
77-787. au̯-, au̯ē-, au̯ēi-IE   to like, help
788. au̯-, au̯ēi-IE   to perceive, understand, be aware of
78-819. au̯(e)-, au̯ed-, au̯er-IE  10. u̯er-to wet, flow, sprinkle; water, river, etc.
81-8410. au̯(e)-, au̯ē(i)-, u̯ē-IE  3. u̯ē-to vent, blow
8411. au̯ē-, (u̯e-d(h)-?)IE   to strain, take pains
84-85au̯eg-, u̯ōg-, aug-, ug-IE  u̯eg̑-to augment, increase, magnify
86au̯ei-, əu̯ei-?IE  ō(u̯)i̯-ombird, avifauna
86-87au̯es-IE  eus-to shine
87aug-IE   to shine, gleam, glitter
87augh-, ugh-u̯ing̑-nape of the neck
88au̯ig̑- oats; type of grass
88auq(h)- : uq(h)-, probably also u̯eq(h)-IE   cooking pot
88-89au-lo-s : ēu-l-IE   tube, pipe, aulos
89au̯o-sIE   maternal grandfather
90aus-IE   to draw (water); scoop, ladle
91baˣb-, bhaˣbh-, paˣp-IE  baˣmb-to swell
91-92baba-IE  bal-bal-babble, babbling, unclear speech
92badi̯osIE   bay, brown; gold, yellow
92-93baitā, or paitā?IE   goatskin; cloak, mantle
93bak-IE   stick, staff; to hit, peg
93bal-, balbal- to dance, shake, whirl
93bal-bal-bar-bar-babbling, unclear speech
93-94baˣmb- (type of noise)
94-95baˣmb-, bhaˣmbh-, paˣmp-, phaˣmph-pank-to swell
95band-IE   drop (of liquid)?
95bar-bar-blat-babbling, unclear speech
95bata- babble, murmur, meaningless stuttering
95bauIE   bow-wow (onomatopoeic: dog barking)
95bdel- to suck
96,  baa (onomatopoeic: sheep bleating)
96bed-IE   to swell
961. bel- to cut off, cut out
962. bel-IE   strong
96-97bend-, bṇd-no-IE   spike, needle, tip jutting out
97-981. b(e)u-, bh(e)u-IE   (onomatopoeic: dull noise)
98-1022. b(e)u-, bh(e)ū̆-IE  pāuson-to boil, swell, puff up
102bis-(t)li- gall
102blat-blē-to chat, prattle
102blē-6. bhel-to bleat
102blou-, bhlou-?, plou-IE   flea
103bol-IE   bulb, tuber
103brangh-, brongh-? hoarse?
103breuq- to jump
103bronk-IE   to lock, shut in
103bu-IE   lip; kiss, buss
104-51. bhā-, bhō-, bhə-IE  2. bhāu-to shine, glisten
105-62. bhā-IE   to speak
106bhabhāIE   bean
106bhā̆d-IE   good, better
1071. bhag-IE   to divide, apportion
1072. bhag-bhorgo-ssharp
107-8bhāgó-sIE   beech (tree)
108bhā̆gh-bhō̆gh-bog, swamp, lowland
108bhāg̑hú-sIE   elbow, forearm
108-9bhar- : bhor- : bhr̥-IE  bhares-burr, stubble; something jutting out
109bharu-IE   (fir) tree, forest
109-10bhares-, bhores-IE  bhardhāpoint, bristle, stubble (with formants)
110bhardhāIE  bhares-beard
110-11bharek-, or bherek-IE   to farce, stuff full
111bhares-IE  bhar-barley
111bhasko-IE   heap, bundle, fascicle
111bhāso-, or bhēso- (large bird of prey)
111-12bhāt- : bhət-IE  1. bhā̆u-to bat, hit
1121. bhā̆u- : bhū̆-IE  bhāt-to hit, beat
1122. bhāu-1. bhā-to shine, glisten
112-131. b(h)e, and b(h)eg̑hIE   beside, outside, without
1132. bhē̆, bhō̆IE   (emphatic particle)
113bhē-, bhō-IE   to warm, bake, roast, fry
113bhebhru-, bhebhro-5. bher-glittering; bright brown
113-141. bhedh-IE   to dig, stab, pierce, embed
1142. bhedh-IE   to flex, bend, crook
114-15bheg-, bheng-IE  bhog-to bang, break, smash
115bhēgh- : bhōgh- to resist, dispute
116bheg-IE   to flee, run away
116bhei-IE   bee (insect)
116-17bheid-IE  bhei(ə)-to bite, prick, pierce, split
1171. bheidh-IE   to force; advise, confide, encourage
1172. bheidh-bhidh-to bind, plait
117-18bhei(ə)-, bhī-IE  bheid-to hit
118bheig-IE   to shine, glitter?
118-201. bhel-, Balto-Slavic also bhelə-IE  2. bhel-glittering white
1202. bhel-bheleg-henbane
120-223. bhel-, bhlē-IE  2. bhlei-to grow, spread, swell, inflate
1224. bhel-, and bhlē-, bhlō-, bhlə-IE   leaf, foil, blade; bloom
122-235. bhel-, chiefly with suffixes: bheləg̑-, bhelə-n-g̑-, bheleg̑-, bhl̥k̑-IE   balk, beam, rafter
123-246. bhel-IE  bhlē-to speak, bell, bellow, resound
124bh(e)lāg- weak, silly, ridiculous
124bheld-IE   to hit, poke
124-25bheleg-IE  bhlendh-to shine, glisten
125bheleu-IE  2. bhlēu-to hit, weaken; ill, weak
125-26bhelg̑h-IE   to swell, bulge, billow
126bhen-IE   to hit, wound
126-27bhend- to sing, rejoice
127bhendh-IE   to tie, bind
127-28bheng̑h-, bhn̥g̑h-, adj. bhn̥g̑hú-sIE   fat, thick, dense
128-321. bher-IE  bhren-to bear, bring, carry
132-332. bher-IE  bh(e)reu-to boil, swell, well up
133-353. bher-IE  bhrēi-to bore, cut, scrape, use sharp tool
135-364. bher-IE  bhereg-to hum, buzz
136-375. bher-IE  bherəg̑-shining; bright brown
1376. bher-IE   to cook, bake, fry, roast
137-387. bher- to plait, weave
138bheredh-, bhṛdho-IE   to cut; board
138-39bhereg-IE  2. bherem-(onomatopoeic: to bark, cry, roar, etc.)
139-40bherəg̑-, bhrēg̑-IE  bherək̑-to shine; bright, white
140-41bhereg̑h-, bherg̑hos-IE  bherg̑h-high, noble; barrow, mountain
141-42bherək̑-, bhrēk̑-IE  bhebhru-to shine, glitter
1421. bherem-IE   to stand out; brim, edge, hem
142-432. bherem-IE  bhlos-q-to hum, buzz, drone
143bheres-IE   quick, festinate
143-45bh(e)reu- : bh(e)rū̆-IE  bhrag-to brew, boil, surge, be wild
145bherg̑h-IE  bhereg̑h-to keep, hide, bury
145bherug-, bhrug-, bhorg- throat
145-461. bhes-IE  bhoso-sto spread, smear, rub on
1462. bhes-IE  perd-to blow, breathe
146-50bheu-, bheu̯ə-, bhu̯ā-, bhu̯ē- : bhō̆u- : bhū-IE   to be, exist; grow, prosper
150-52bheudh-, nasalized bhu-n-dh-IE   to awaken, be aware
1521. bheug-IE   to flee, escape, seek refuge
1522. bheug-, bheugh- to free, put away
152-533. bheug-, bheugh-IE   to bow, flex, bend, crook
1534. bheug-IE   to enjoy
153bhidh-2. bheidh-pot, vat, cauldron
153-54bhili-, bhilo-IE   good, friendly, harmonious
154bhlag̑-IE   to hit, flog, flail
154bhlagh-men-IE   priest, flamen, wizard
154-55bhlē-IE  bhlē̆d-to bleat, weep, howl
155bhlē̆d-, bhl̥d-IE  baba-to boil, bubble up; boast, chatter
155bhleg-IE   to swell, become bloated
155-561. bhlē̆i- : bhləi- : bhlī-IE  bhlē̆ig̑-to shine, glitter
1562. bhlei-IE  bhleu-to swell, burst, blow up
156-57bhlē̆ig̑-, bhlīg̑-IE  bhleiq-to shine, glitter
157bhleiq-bhləido-sto shine, glitter
157-58bhlendh-IE  bhles-dim, pale, blond, reddish
158bhles-IE  1. bhlēu-to shine, glitter
158-59bhleu-IE  3. bhel-to bloat, swell, blow up; flow
1591. bhlēu- : bhləu- : bhlū-IE  bhleu-(k-)to shine, glitter
1592. bhlēu- : bhləu- : bhlū-IE  bhleus-bad, weak, miserable
159-60bhleu-(k-)IE  bhlē-u̯o-sto burn
160bhlē-u̯o-sIE  1. bhel-a light color (blue, yellow)
160bhleus-bheleu-mild, weak
160bhləido-s1. bhlē̆i-pale, light
160-61bhlīg̑- : *bhlēig-IE   to hit, strike, inflict
161bhlō̆k-IE   flock, tow, wool; cloth?
161bhlos-q-4. bher-(onomatopoeic: to bark, cry, roar, etc.)
161bhog-IE  bheg-beck, flowing water
161bhō̆gh-, or bhā̆gh-IE  bhā̆gh-bog, swamp, lowland
161-62bhōi- : bhəi- : bhī-, bhii̯ə-IE   to fear, be afraid
162bhok-IE   to burn?
162bholo- mist, smoke, steam?
163bhorgo-s2. bhag-gruff, unfriendly
163bhoso-sIE  1. bhes-bare, naked
163bhoudhi- victory
163bhoukos a buzzing insect
163bhrag-, better bhrə-g-IE  2. bher-to scent, smell
163-64bhrā́ter-IE   brother, family member
164bhred(h?)- to wade, wander
1651. bhreg̑-IE  bhre(n)k̑-to break
1662. bhreg̑-IE   to stick up
166-67bhrēi-, bhrī̆-IE  1. bhrē̆u-to fray, pierce, cut with sharp tool
167bhren-IE  bhrendh-to bulge, stick out; edge, brink
167-68bhrendh-IE  bhrenk-to sprout, swell up
168bhrenk-, bhronk-IE  2. bhrēu-to bring
168bhre(n)k̑-bhres-to err, be ensnared
168-69bhren-to-s deer, horned animal
169bhres-IE  1. bhreg̑-to burst, break
169bhreu-, bhreu-d-IE  1. bhreu-s-to swell, sprout
1691. bhrē̆u-, bhrū̆-IE  bhreu-k̑-to break, cut, pierce
1702. bhrēu-, bhrū-1. bher-edge
170bhreu-k̑-IE  2. bhreu-s-to strike, throw
170-711. bhreu-s-IE  bhrugh-no-to swell, sprout
1712. bhreu-s-IE  bhroisqo-to bruise, break to pieces
171-723. bhreus-, bhrū̆s-IE   to boil, sound, etc.
172bhroisqo-, bhrisqo-3. bher-bitter
172-731. bhrū-IE   brow, eyebrow
1732. bhrū-, bhrēu-IE   beam, bridge
173bhrūg-IE   fruit; to brook, enjoy
174bhudh-m(e)nIE   base, ground, bottom, fundament
174bhū̆g̑o-s, familiar form bhukko-sIE   buck, goat
175dā-IE   fluid; river; to flow
175-79 : də-, and dāi- : dəi-, dī̆-IE  3. del-to share, divide
179dāiu̯ēr, genitive daiu̯résIE   brother-in-law
179dak̑ru-IE  ak̑rutear (from the eye)
179-81dāu-, dəu-, dū̆-IE   to burn, injure, torment
181-83de-, do-IE   I-deictic; here
183dē- : də-, and dēi-, dī-IE   to tie, bind
183dēg-IE   to take, grab, pack?
183-871. dei-, dei̯ə-, dī-, di̯ā-IE   to shine, glitter; day, sun; god, deity
1872. dei̯ə-, di̯ā-, di̯ə-, dī-IE   to move, spin, swing
187-88deig̑h-IE   to itch, prick; tick
188-89deik̑-IE   to teach, show
189-911. dek̑-IE  des-to take
1912. dek̑- : dok̑-, dēk̑-IE  denk̑-to tear, rip to pieces
191-92dek̑m̥, dek̑m̥-t, dek̑u-IE  u̯ī-k̑m̥t-īten, decade
1931. del-IE   to tell, count, calculate
193-942. del- to shake, totter
194-963. del-, dol-, delə-IE  1. dhā̆bh-to split, divide
1964. del-IE   to rain, dribble
196-975. del-IE   long
198-99dem-, demə-IE   to build, timber; house, domicile
199-200demə-, domə-, domə-IE   to tame
201demel- worm?
201denk̑-IE  2. dek̑-to bite
201-21. dens-IE  2. dens-to learn; mental power
202-32. dens-IE  1. dens-dense
203deph-IE   to push, stamp, thrust
2031. der- : dōr-, der-, or dōr- : dər-IE  4. der-hand span
203-42. der-, reduplicated der-der-, dr̥dor-, broken reduplication dor-d-, dr̥-d-IE  3. dher-(onomatopoeic: to mutter, grumble)
204-63. der-, drā-, dreb-, drem-, dreu-IE   to run, trip, tread, tramp
206-114. der-, heavy-base derə-, drē-IE  1. der-to cut, skin, split, tear
211-12derbh-IE   to wind, put together
212der(ep)-IE  derk̑-to see?
212derə-, drā-IE   to work
212-13dergh-IE   to grasp
213derk̑-IE  der(ep)-to look
214-17deru-, dō̆ru-, dr(e)u-, drou-, dreu̯ə- : drū-IE   firm, solid; tree, wood
217des-, dēs-1. dek̑-to find
217-181. deu-IE   to sink in, plunge into
218-192. deu-, or dou- : du-IE   to worship, venerate; mighty
219-203. deu-, deu̯ə-, du̯ā-, dū-IE   to pass, move forward
220-21deuk-IE   to tug, pull, drag, tow
221-22deup- : kteup-? (onomotopoeic: dull thud)
222digh-IE   goat
222dī̆p-ro-, dī̆p-e sacrificial animal
222dl̥kú-IE   sweet, dulcet
223dn̥g̑hū, dn̥g̑hu̯āIE   tongue
223-26dō- : də-, also dō-u- : dəu- : du-IE   to give, donate
226dous- arm
226drē- : drə-, extended dr-ē̆m-IE   to sleep
226-27dreg̑h- vexed, displeased, unwilling
227dumb-, dumbh-?IE   tail, penis
227dus-IE   bad, foul, evil
227-28du̯ei-IE   to fear
228-32du̯ō(u)IE  gis-ti-stwo, duo
2331. dhā̆bh-, nasalized dhamb(h)-IE  to be speechless, astonished; to dab, be touched, affected
233-342. dhabh-IE   to fix, suit; proper
234dhā̆l-IE  2. dhel-to bloom, be green
234dhanu-, or dhonu-IE   (type of tree)
235dhau-IE   to press, strangle
2351. dhē-, reduplicated dhē-dh(ē)-IE  dhē(i)-older family member (nursery word)
235-392. dhē-IE  u̯eidh-to do, put, place, set
2393. dhē-, dhə-IE   to disappear, pass away
239dheb-IE   fat, thick, heavy
240dhebh-, dhebh-eu-IE  dhembh-to harm, injure
240-41dhegh-IE   to burn
241-42dhē(i)-, also dh-ei-?IE  1. dhē-to suck, suckle
243dhei̯ə- : dhi̯ā- : dhī-IE   to look, see, show
243-44dhēig- : dhōig- : dhīg-IE   to dig, plant, stab, stick
244-45dheig̑h-IE   to build, knead clay
245-461. dhel-, dholo-IE   curve; dell, hollow
2462. dhel-IE  dhā̆l-to light; shining
2463. dhel-IE   to tremble
246dhelbh-IE   to dig, delve, bury
247dhelg-IE   to stab, stick; needle
247dhelgh-, dhelg-IE   to hit
247-48dhem-, dhemə-IE   to blow, fly about like dust
248-49dhembh-, dhm̥bh-IE  dheu-b-to dig
2491. dhen-IE   to flow, run
2492. dhen-IE   flat of hand, surface of land, etc.
249-503. dhen-IE   to hit, ding, push, thrust
2501. dhengh-IE   to press, cover
2502. dhengh-IE   to get, grip, reach
251-521. dher-, dherə-IE  4. dher-dirt, dreg, some type of deposit
252-552. dher-, dherə-IE   to hold, support
255-563. dher-, dhereu-, dhrē̆n-IE  2. der-(onomatopoeic: to drone, growl, purr, etc.)
2564. dher- : dhor- : dher-IE  5. dher-to jump (at)
2565. dher-, dhrei-d-IE  1. dher-to defecate; dirt
257dherāgh-IE  dhreg̑-to drag, pull
257dherbh-, dherəbh-?IE   to work
257-58dherebh-IE   to harden; coagulated
258dheregh- bushy plants
258dhereg̑h-, dhr̥g̑h-nā-IE   to turn, wind
259dhers-IE   to dare, be bold
259dhēs-, dhəs-IE   (used in religious terms)
259-601. dheu-IE   to flow, run
260-612. dheu-, dhu̯-ēi-IE   to die, faint, vanish
2613. dheu- to shine brightly
261-674. dheu-, dheu̯ə-, presumably dhu̯ē-, compare suffixes dhu̯ē-k-, dhu̯ē̆-s-IE  dheu̯es-to blow, dissipate, fly about like dust, etc.
267-68dheu-b-, dheu-p-IE  dhebh-deep, hollow
268dheubh-, dhubh-IE   peg, wedge
268-71dheu̯es-, dhu̯ē̆s-, dheus-, dhū̆s-IE  4. dheu-to blow, dissipate, fly about like dust, etc.
271dheugh-IE   to milk, press, touch
271dhlas-, or dhels- : dhl̥s- to press, squeeze; squash?
271-72dhl̥gh-IE   debt, guilt, duty
272dhō- to sharpen
272dhō[u]- : dhū- rope?
272-73dhrebh-IE   to drub, crush, grind to pieces
273dhreg̑-IE  terk-to pull
2731. dhregh-IE   to run
273-742. dhregh-IE   to hurt, torment
274dhreibh-IE   to drive, push, thrust
274-75dhreu-IE   to grind, crumble
2751. dhreugh- to shake, tremble
2762. dhreugh-IE   to harm, deceive
276dhrigh-, or dhreikh- hair, bristle
276-77dhrono- multicolored?
277dhug(h)əter-IE   daughter
277dhu̯en-, dhun-IE   to hum, drone
277dhu̯er-, dhu̯erə- to harm by trickery/deception
278-79dhu̯ē̆r-, dhu̯ō̆r-, dhur-, dhu̯r̥-IE   door
279dhu̯ergh- : drugh-IE   crippled, dwarf-like, low in stature
280-811. ē̆, ō̆IE  1. o(particle: he, this, etc.)
2812. ē, ōIE  2. ōoh (vocative interjection)
281-863. e-, ei-, i-, fem. ī-IE  i̯āi(demonstrative particle: one, this, etc.)
287ebhi? : obhi : bhiepifrom, around, (up) to, etc.
287-89ed-IE   to eat
289-901. edh- tip, point
2902. edh-IE   fence of stakes
290eg-IE   lack (of something)
290-91ēg̑-, ōg̑-, əg̑-IE   to say, speak
291eg̑-, eg̑(h)om, eg̑ōIE  1. me-ego, I (pronoun)
291-92eg̑hero-IE   (inland) lake
292-93eg̑hs, eg̑hzIE   from, out of, ex-
293egnis : ognisIE   fire
293ehem, eheu, ehoIE   aha! oho! (exclamation)
293-971. ei-IE  i̯ā-to go, exit
2972. ē̆ioiu̯āO (vocative particle)
297-983. ei-IE   bright; reddish
2984. ei- : oi-IE   pole, stake
298eibh- : oibh-, i̯ebh-IE  i̯ebh-to copulate
298eig-, oig-IE   to lament, complain
298-99ēik-IE   to own, possess, be capable
299-3011. eis-IE   to move rapidly/violently
3012. ei-s-, ei-n-IE   ice, frost
301-2ek̑u̯o-sIE   horse
302-41. el-, ol-, el-IE  4. el-red, brown
304-52. el-2. lei-to lie, recline
3053. el- : ol- to rot, be moldy
3064. el-, ol-IE  ul-(a noise)
3065. el-, ol-IE   to destroy
306-76. el-, elə- : lā-, el-eu-(dh-)IE  2. leu-dh-to go, move, drive
3077. el-, elə-, with k-suffix elk-, elək-IE  elk-hungry; bad?
307-98. el-, elē̆i-, lē̆i-, olī̆nāIE  1. lē̆i-to bend; elbow
309-10ēl-IE   line, strip
310ēlāIE   awl, bodkin
310elg- poor, needy
310elk-, elək-7. el-hungry; bad?
310elkos-IE   boil, abscess
310-11em-IE   to take
311embhi-, empi- bee, gnat, mosquito
311-141. enIE  3. nei-in
3142. en-IE   year
314ēn behold! look here!
314-151. enebh-, embh-, ombh-, nō̆bh-, nēbh-?, m̥bh-IE   navel
315-162. enebh- : nebh-, embh-, m̥bh-IE  2. nebh-wet, damp; cloud, nimbus; water
316-18enek̑-, nek̑-, enk̑-, n̥k̑-IE   to reach, obtain
318ē̆neu, ē̆nuIE   without
318-19e-neu̯en, neu̯n̥, enu̯n̥IE  neu̯osnine
319eng-, n̥gḗnIE   bump, swelling
319-21eno-, possibly e-no- : ono- : no- : -ne-IE  2. nethat
321en(o)mn̥-, (o)nomn̥, nōmn̥IE  nōmn̥name
321-22enos-, or onos-IE   onus, burden
322enq-, onq- to sigh, groan
322ent-, better ant-? to weave
323epero- wild boar
323-25epi, opi, piIE  obhi-at, near, epi-
325ēpi- comrade, companion
325epop, opop (onomatopoeic: call of hoopoe bird)
325eph- to cook
325-261. er-, or-IE   erne, eagle
3262. er-, eri- goat, sheep
326-323. er- : or- : r-IE  2. ereu-to move, set in motion
3324. er-, er-t-, er-u̯-IE   earth
332-335. er-, erə-, thematic (e)r-ĕ-IE  2. rē̆-loose, crumbly
333ereb-, orob-, rōb- to drill, make holes, hollow out
334ē̆reb(h)-, ō̆rob(h)-IE  regos-(dark color, reddish brown)
334ered-red-to flow away; dampness
335ereg(h)o-, erog(h)o-IE   pea, legume
3351. erek-, er[e]gh- tick, mite, louse
3352. er(e)k-, rek-, rok- to tear, cut, split
3351. eres- to stab, pierce
336-372. ere-s-, ers-, r̥s-, eres-, and rē̆s-, rō̆s-IE  rēs-to flow
3371. ereu-IE  4. reu-to ask, seek
3382. ereu-ers-to tear, rip up
3381. erə-, rē-, er(e)-IE  3. rē-to row; oar
338-392. erə-, rē-IE  4. rē-to rest, be still
339er(ə)d-, (er(ə)d-), er(ə)dh-IE   high; to grow
339ergh-IE   to shake, tremble
340erk-ar(e)-g̑-to beam, shine; to praise
340ers- : orsosIE  1. rebh-tail; arse, rump, backside
340-42es-IE   is, to be
342esu-s : su-IE   good, able
342-43ē̆s-IE  niz-do-to sit
343es-en-, os-en-IE   summer, harvest time
343ē̆s-r̥(g), genitive es-n-ésIE   blood
343et(e)n- seed, grain
344ēter-IE   intestines
344etiIE   out, beyond, etc.
345ētī-IE  anət-eider (duck)
345ēt-mén-IE   breath
345ētro-IE  āt(e)r-quick, swift, hurried
345-461. eu-, euə- : u̯ā-, u̯ə-IE  u̯āsto-sto lack, want; empty, vacant
3462. eu-IE   to dress, put on
3463. eu- to feel
3474. eu- (exclamation of joy)
347ēudh-, ōudh-, ūdh-IE   udder
347euk-IE   to accustom oneself, be used to
347-48eus-IE  9. u̯es-to burn
348eu̯egh-IE   to praise, worship, avow, speak formally
349g̑ā̆b- to show, watch out for
349gag-, gōg-IE   something round/lumpy
349-501. gal-IE   bald, callow, naked
350-512. gal-IE  ghel-to call, cry
3513. gal-, or ghal-IE   to be able
351gan(dh)- vessel
352gang-IE   to mock, scorn
352g̑ā̆r-IE  2. ger-to call, cry
353garəg̑- grim, grievous, dreadful
353gāu-IE   to rejoice, be glad
353g̑ebh-g̑egh-bough, branch, stick
354g̑egh-, g̑ogh-g̑ebh-branch, bush; picket
354-55gei-IE  *dəg̑h-mó-to bend, turn
355gē(i)- : gō(i)- : gī- to cry, sing
355-56g̑ēi-, g̑ī-IE   to sprout
356geid-IE   to stab; kittle, tickle
356g̑eid- to suck
356geig̑- to bite, prick, stab
356g̑eis- gravel
357-641. gel-IE   to curl, form into ball; round
3652. gel-, and gel-IE   to glut, devour, envelop
365-663. gel(ə)-IE   cool, cold; to keel, freeze
366-67g̑el-, g̑elə-, g̑lē-, also *gelēi- : g̑(e)ləi-IE   bright; to shine, be joyful
367gelebh-IE  gleubh-to flay, scrape
367geli-, glī- mouse
367-68g̑(e)lōu̯-IE   sister-in-law
368-69gem-IE   to grasp, grip; be full
369g̑embh-, g̑m̥bh-, g̑ombhosIE  g̑ep(h)-to bite; tooth
369-70g̑em(e)-IE   to marry
370-73gen-IE  1. ken-to pinch, press together, etc.
373-751. g̑en-, g̑enə-, g̑nē-, g̑nō-IE   to bear, produce, generate
376-782. g̑en-, g̑enə-, g̑nē-, g̑nō-IE   to ken, know, recognize
378-79genebh-, genobh-IE   pin, wooden plug
379-80geng-, gong- lump
380gengh- to turn, weave
380-811. g̑enu-, g̑neu-IE   knee, joint
381-822. g̑enu-, fem., g̑enədh- : g̑onədh-IE   chin, jaw(bone)
382g̑ep(h)-, g̑ebh-IE  g̑embh-jaw, jowl, mouth; to eat
382-831. ger-, gere-IE   to cram, collect, put together
383-852. ger-IE  4. ger(ə)-(onomatopoeic: to crow, shriek, etc.)
385-903. ger-IE   to turn, wind, curl
3904. ger-, grēi- to grow, awaken
390-91g̑er-, g̑erə-, g̑rē-IE   to rub; rotten; to age, ripen; grain
392gerebh-IE  grēb(h)o-sto carve, scratch; write
392-93g̑ers-IE   to bend, turn
393-98gēu-, gəu-, gū-IE  gou̯ə-to bend, curl; cup, vessel
399g̑eu-, g̑eu̯ə-, also geu̯ə-IE   to hurry, promote
399g(e)u-lo-IE   glowing coal
399-400g̑eus-IE   to taste, degust, enjoy
400g(i̯)eu-, g̑(i̯)eu-IE   to chew
400-1glag-, or glak-IE   milk
401gleg̑- soft, tender
401g̑lei- to attack, run at
401-2gleubh-IE  gelebh-to cut, cleave, pare, slice
402glōgh- : gləgh-IE   barb, spike
4021. gol-, lengthened grade gōl-, reduced grade gol- to camp, lie down; den (of animals)
4032. gol- bough, branch, twig
403gō̆u-, gou̯ə-, gū- to call, cry
403-4gou̯ə-, or gau̯ə-? : gū-IE  gēu-hand; to grab
404gras- : grō̆s-IE   to gnaw, eat, devour
404grēb(h)o-s : grōb(h)o-sgred-beech or hornbeam (tree)
405gred- : grod-IE  gerebh-to grate, scratch
405grem-IE   to be damp; to sink
405-61. greus- to crush, crumble, crackle
4062. greus- to burn, smolder
406greut-IE   to crush, press; curd
406grōd-, grəd-2. gher-hail?
406gru-IE   to grunt (of pigs)
407gha gha, ghe ghe, ghi ghiIE  g̑han-to cackle, gaggle (of geese)
407-9ghabh-IE   to take, grab, seize
409ghabh(o)lo-, masc., ghabh(o)lā fem.IE   branch, fork
409g̑hāgh- young bird/animal
409-10ghaido-, or g̑haido-IE   goat, kid
410ghais-IE   to stick, be fixed to
410g̑haiso-, or g̑həiso- : g̑hēiso-IE   dart; staff, stick
410ghait-ā curly/wavy hair
411g̑hal-, g̑hal-ar- flaw, defect; harm
411g̑halg(h)-IE   flexible twig
411g̑han-g̑han-s-to yawn
412g̑han-s-IE  1. g̑hē-goose
412-131. g̑hasto-, g̑hazdho-IE   pole, rod, gad; twig
4132. g̑hasto- arm, hand
413-14g̑hau-, g̑hau̯ə-IE   to call
414ghau̯o- false
414-16g̑hðem-, g̑hðom-, genitive-ablative g̑h(ð)m-ésIE   earth, ground, soil, humus
416g̑hði̯és, zero-grade g̑hðis, simplified to g̑hðés, g̑hi̯és, g̑hésIE   yesterday
416-17g̑hðū-, or g̑hi̯ū-?IE   fish, ichthyoid
417-18ghe-, gho-IE  g̑hō(enclitic (emphatic?) particle)
418-191. g̑hē-, g̑hēi-IE  2. g̑hē-to lack, be empty; leave, go out
419-222. g̑hē- : ghə-, and g̑hēi- : g̑hī-IE  gha ghato gape, yawn
423ghebh-el-, ghebh-el-, ghebh-elo-IE   gable, head
423ghed-IE   to defecate; hole, opening
423-24ghedh-, ghodh-IE   to join, unite, gather, make a bond
424ghegh- to bend, curve
424g̑(h)eg̑h- ferret (or similar carnivorous mammal)
424-251. g̑hei-, g̑hēi-IE  g̑hēu-to goad, drive; to throw, wound
425-262. g̑hei- : g̑hi-IE   snow; winter
426-27gheidh-IE  gheig̑h-to desire, yearn for
427gheig̑h-IE  gheidh-to desire, yearn for
427gheis-, and g̑heiz-d-IE   shocked, aghast, confused
428ghel-IE  6. kel-to yell, call, cry
429-341. g̑hel-, and ghel-?, also as i-, u-, or n-stem; g̑helə-, g̑hlē-, g̑hlō-, g̑hlə-IE  ghlādh-to shine, glare, glow; gold, yellow, bright color
4342. g̑hel-IE   to cut?
434g̑hēlā wine?
434gheldh- to desire, wish for
435ghel(ē̆)g̑h-IE   (type of metal)
435gheləd-IE   hail, ice
435ghelg̑h- gland
435ghel-ond-, ghol-n̥d- stomach, intestines
435ghel-ōu-, ghelū-IE   turtle, tortoise
436ghel-tō, Germanic and ghel-dhō SlavicIE   to cost, pay, be worth
436ghelunāIE   jaw, gill
436-37ghen-IE   to grind, crack open, gnaw to pieces
437-38ghend-, and ghed-IE   to get, grasp, seize
438ghendh-, ghondh-IE   boil, abscess
438-39g̑hengh-IE   to step, stride, march
4391. gher-IE  g̑hlād-(onomatopoeic: to snarl, rattle, etc.)
439-402. gher-ghrēi-to rub, stroke hard
4403. gher-, ghrē- : ghrō- : ghrə-IE  7. g̑her-to come out, jut out
440-411. g̑her-IE   to desire, yearn for
4412. g̑her-IE  g̑herzd(h)to gash, slit, scrape, scratch
441-423. g̑her-, and g̑herə-, g̑hrē-IE   to beam, shine, shimmer
442-434. g̑her-IE  g̑herdh-to grab, grip, seize
4435. g̑her-, g̑hor-nāIE   bowels
4436. g̑her-, g̑herə- : g̑hrē-?IE   short, small
4437. g̑her-g̑hers-to stiffen, stand out
444g̑herdh-, and gherdh-IE  g̑hesto-to gird, enclose, encompass
4451. ghers-, ghres- horror, disgust, revulsion
4452. ghers- (type of weed, e.g. goat's foot)
445-46g̑hers-IE  ghrē-to stiffen, bristle, stand out
446gherto- milk, butter
446g̑herzd(h), genitive g̑hr̥zd(h)-es, g̑herzdāIE  2. g̑her-barley, prickly grain
446g̑héslo-IE   thousand, chiliad
447g̑hesor-, g̑hesr-IE   hand
447g̑hesto-IE  4. g̑her-arm, hand
447-481. g̑heu-IE   to gush, pour, found
4482. g̑heu-, g̑heu-d-IE   to die, disappear, get away
449g̑hēu- : g̑hō(u)- : g̑həu-IE  1. g̑hei-to gape, yawn
450gheub(h)- to bend, move
450gheug̑h-, ghū̆g̑h- to conceal, do secretly
451gheu̯ei̯ā, g̑heu̯ei̯ā pit, hollow
451ghlādh-1. g̑hel-bright, brilliant
451g̑hlād-1. gher-to call, sound
451ghleu-IE   to be happy, joyful, gleeful
451-52g̑hōIE  ū̆d-behind; towards
452ghoilo-sIE   foaming, turbulent, frothing up
452ghom- stall
452ghō̆s- to eat
453ghosti-sIE   guest, stranger
453ghou̯(ē)-IE   to gawk, be aware of, pay attention to
453-54ghou-ro-sIE   frightened, frightening
454ghous- to sound, hear
454ghrē- : ghrō- : ghrə-IE  3. gher-to grow, become green
4551. ghrebh-, gherbh-, root extension ghrebhā-IE  2. ghrebh-to grab, grasp
455-562. ghrebh-IE  ghreib-to dig, grub, grave, scratch
456-57ghredh-IE   to stride, march
457ghrēi- : ghrəi- : ghrī-, and lit. ghrei-IE  1. ghrem-to smear over
457-58ghreib-IE  1. ghrebh-to grip, grab
4581. ghrem-IE  ghren-to rub, scratch
458-592. ghrem-IE   to grumble; resound, thunder
459ghren-IE  2. ghrēu-to grind, rub, stroke hard
459-60ghrendh- beam
4601. ghrēu- : ghrəu- : ghrū-IE   to collapse, fall down
460-622. ghrēu- : ghrəu- : ghrū-IE  grōd-to crush, rub sharply
462ghroud- (round body part, e.g. cheek, bosom)
463-65gā-, gem-IE  gem-to come, go
465gā̆dh-IE   to dive, sink, submerge
465-661. gēbh-, or gābh-?, gəbh-IE   to plunge, dive in
4662. gēb(h)-IE   slimy; frog
466-67gedh-IE   to hit, push; harm, injure
4671. gei-IE   to cry, weep, complain
4672. gei- to enclose, push together
467-693. gei̯-, and gei̯ə-IE   to live, survive
469gēi-, or gei̯ə- : gī- hide, skin
469geid(h)-IE   mud
469-70gei̯ə-IE   to prevail, overpower, be mighty
470-711. gel-IE   to stab; pain, death, quell
471-722. gel-, gelə-, glē-IE   to flow, drip down; throw
472-733. gel-, gel-, glā-IE   acorn, valonia; oak?
473gelbh-IE   womb, uterus; young animal
473gem-gā-to go, come
473-74gē̆nāIE   wife, queen, woman
474-761. ger-, gerə-IE   to swallow; craw, gorge, throat
476-772. ger-, gerə-, gerəu-, gerī-IE   grave, heavy
477-783. ger-, gor-IE  gretso-mountain
4784. ger(ə)-IE  g̑ā̆r-to praise, congratulate, raise one's voice
479g̑u̯er-, g̑u̯erə-IE   to burn, be hot
479geru- pole, spit
479-80ges-, zges-IE   to quench, extinguish
480gu̯es-, gȗos-, gus-, extended gu̯oz-do- leaves, branches
4801. get-IE   resin
480-812. get-IE   to speak, talk
481gu̯et-IE   swelling
481gii̯ā, gii̯ós sinew
482gīu̯- resin
482gl̥tur(os) vulture
482gor-g(or)o- dirt, dung
482-83gou-IE   cow, ox, gaur
483-85gōu-, gū-IE   dirt, dung
485gu̯ozd(h)o-, gu̯ozd(h)i- nail, penis
485grebh-IE   young, embryo
485greig̑- to sleep, dream
485grendh-IE   to swell; breast
485gretso-IE  3. ger-big, thick, gross
485-86grēug̑h-, grū̆g̑h- to bite, grind one's teeth
487ghðei(ə)-IE  kþei-to destroy, perish
487-88ghðer-IE   to flow, run
488ghedh-IE   to ask, beg, wish for
488-89*ghēi- : ghəi-, ghəi-d- : ghīd-IE   bright, shining
489gheiə- : ghī-IE   vein, sinew, tendon
489ghel-IE   to want, wish
489-90g̑hu̯el-IE   to bend, swerve
490g̑hu̯elg- to glance, look at
490ghemb- to hop, spring (happily)
490-91g̑hu̯en- to sound
4911. ghen-IE   to swell, abound
491-932. ghen(-ə)-IE   to hit, strike, fend
493g̑hu̯ē̆r-IE   wild animal
493-95gher-IE   warm, hot
495g̑hu̯oig-IE   to shine; star
495g̑hu̯ōk-, g̑hu̯ək- to shine, shimmer
495ghrē-IE   to scent, smell
496ghren-IE   diaphragm; mind, soul
497hā̆IE   (surprise: ha! oh!)
497ha ha!IE   (laughter)
499īl-, īlu- dirt, mud; black
499īli-IE   groin, intestines
501i̯ā- : i̯ō-IE   to punish, be angry, excited
501i̯ā-i̯ē-ro-to go
501-2i̯ag-IE   to worship, venerate
502i̯agh- to hunt, wish for
502i̯āii̯ām(demonstrative stem: one, this, etc.)
502i̯ā̆m-, or i̯em- : em- : i̯ōm- to dig
502i̯āmi̯o-(demonstrative stem: one, this, etc.)
502i̯ē- : i̯ə-IE   to do, throw, project
503i̯ebh-eibh-to copulate
503i̯eg-IE   ice, icicle
503i̯ēgāIE   force, strength
503-4i̯ek-IE  i̯ēk-to speak
504i̯ēk- : i̯ək-IE  i̯ek-to heal
504i̯ē̆k-r̥(t-), genitive i̯ek-n-ésIE   liver
504-5iēlo- : i̯əlo- raw, unripe
505i̯em-IE   to hold, match, defeat, geminate; twin
505-6i̯énəter-, weak case enətr-, i̯n̥̄tr- sister-in-law
506i̯ē-ro-1. ei-year, summer
506i̯es-IE   to boil, foam up
506-7i̯et- to set out, strive for
5071. i̯eu-IE   to mix, mingle (of meal preparation)
508-102. i̯eu-, i̯eu̯ə-, i̯eu-g-IE  4. i̯eu-to yoke, join, tie together
510-113. i̯eu-IE   young
5114. i̯eu-IE  i̯eu̯os-to separate, hold apart
511-12i̯eu-dh-IE   to fight, move swiftly
512i̯eug̑- to excite, arouse; unsteady
512i̯eu-ni-, or i̯ou-ni- the right place/way
512i̯eu̯o-IE   grain, esp. barley
512i̯eu̯os-IE  2. i̯eu-rule, right, justice, statute
513i̯o-i̯ou(relative stem: one, this, etc.)
513i̯oi-ni- reed (bulrush)
513i̯ork- (type of deer)
513i̯ou, i̯uoi-(demonstrative stem: one, this, etc.)
513i̯ō[u]s- : i̯ūs-IE   belt; to gird
513-141. i̯u-IE  6. u̯ē̆s-you (plural)
5142. i̯ū̆IE   yowl (exclamation of joy/wonder)
515kā-IE  kā̆m-to like, wish, desire
515-16kā̆, ke, komIE   well! (particle)
516kā̆d-k̑ād-to rob, harm, damage; chase
516kadh-IE   to guard, cover, protect
5161. k̑ad-IE   to fall
516-172. k̑ad- to shine, sparkle
517k̑ād- : k̑ədes- : k̑əd-s-IE  kā̆d-hate, displeasure, uneasiness
517-18kag̑o-, masc., kag̑ā- fem.IE   goat
518kagh- : kogh-IE   to sew, plait, etc.
518kaghlo-IE   chalk, pebble
5191. kai-, kai-u̯o-, kai-u̯elo-IE  kai-ko-alone
5192. kaiIE   and
5193. kā̆i-, kī̆-IE   heat
5194. kāi-d-, kāi-t-kāi-t-bright, shining
519-20kai-ko-IE  kai-lo-one-eyed, cyclopean
520kaik̑-, or koik̑-kais-to itch, scratch
520kai-lo-, kai-lu-IE  1. kai-bright; hale, whole, healthy
521kāi-t-(s)kāi-bright, shining
521kaito-IE   chet, woods, forest
521kaiu̯r̥-t, kaiu̯n̥-tIE   cleft, hollow, ravine
521kakka-IE  k̑ek-to cack, defecate (nursery word)
521kāk- to croak; cracking sound
521-221. k̑ak- to become thin
5222. k̑ak-, k̑ek-?IE   to help, enable
522-231. k̑āk- : k̑ək-, probably k̑ā[i]k- : k̑īk-IE  k̑ank-to jump, spring out
5232. k̑ā̆k-IE  keg-branch
523-241. kal-IE  2. kel-hard, callous; blister
5242. kal-, kali-, kalu-IE   handsome, beautiful; healthy
5243. kā̆l-, kō̆l-?IE   to be captured; prison
524kalni-IE   narrow path/passage
524-25kam-er-IE  kam-p-to bend, curve
525kā̆m-kā-to like, wish, desire
525kamb-(s)kamb-to bend, curve
525kam-p-IE  kam-er-to bend
525-26kan-IE   to sing, chant, sound
526kand-, skand-, and Indo-Iranian (s)kend-IE  (s)kand-to glow, shine; bright, candent
526k̑ank-1. k̑āk-to jump, spring out
526-27kan-tho-IE   curve, angle, corner
527-28kap-IE   to cop, grab, grasp; have?
529kāp-, kəp- piece of land
529kā̆po- thing in the water
529kapro-IE   he-goat
529-30kap-utIE   head
530kā̆pho-, or k̑ō̆pho-IE   hoof
5301. kar-koro-sto scold, punish, revile
530-312. kar-, karə-IE   to glorify, praise aloud
531-323. kar-, reduplicated karkar-IE   hard
532kār- wax
532-33kars-IE   to rub, scratch
533k̑as-, k̑as-no-IE   gray
533k̑ās-, k̑əs-IE   to teach, show the way
5341. kat-IE   to link, plait, weave; chain, net
5342. kat-IE   to bear young; young animal
534k̑at-IE   to fight, struggle; battle
535kau-IE   to humble, discourage
535kāu-, kəu-IE   to hew, cut, hit
535-36kā̆u-, kē̆u-, kū-IE   to howl
536-37kā̆u(ə)lā : kūlā boil, abscess, swelling
537kau-l-, ku-l-IE  2. keu-hole, hollow; bone
537kaus- to draw lots
537ked-IE   to smoke
537-38keg-, keng-, and kek-, kenk-IE  keng-peg, handle, (grappling) hook
538-39kēi-IE   to move, set in motion
539-401. k̑ei-IE   to lie, recline; camp, home
540-412. k̑ei-IE  k̑ē-ro-(dark color: brown, gray)
541-42k̑ē(i)- : k̑ō(i)- : k̑ə(i)-IE   to hone, whet, sharpen
542k̑ēi-bh-IE  k̑ēi-gh-fast, hasty, violent
542keid-IE   to fall
542-43k̑ēi-gh-IE  k̑ēi-bh-fast, hasty, violent
543k̑eip- to slant, slope; to wag, wave
543k̑eipo-, k̑oipo-IE   peg, stake, sharp wood/stone chip/piece
543keis- arm; thigh, shin
543kek̑- weasel
543keku- cudgel, hammer-shaped stick
544k̑ēko- green grass/fodder
544k̑ek-kakka-to defecate; dung, excrement
5441. kel-, kelə-IE   to project, tower up; hill
5452. kel-IE  3. kel-to stab, stick, sting
545-473. kel-, kelə-, klā-, extended klād-IE  8. kel-to hit, hew, cut down
547-484. kel-, and kāl-3. ker(ə)-light and dark spots
5485. kel-IE  keleu-to drive, compel, accelerate, move quickly
548-506. kel-, k(e)lē-, k(e)lā-, or kl̥̄-?IE  koli-to call, cry
550-517. kel-, kol-, kol-IE   calix, chalice, goblet, beaker
5518. kel-2. sē̆k-to cut
5519. kel-2. (s)kel-to owe, be guilty
55110. kel-3. (s)kel-to dry out
55111. kel-kolə-to bend; crooked
551kēl-, kōl-, kəl-IE   to deceive, dumbfound, enthrall
551-521. k̑el-IE   cold; warm, caloric
5522. k̑el-IE  k̑lei-to bow, lean, incline
552-533. k̑el-IE  k̑oləmo-sthin shaft, stalk
553-544. k̑el-IE  k̑lep-to hide, conceal
554k̑elb-, k̑elp-IE   to help
554keleu-IE  5. kel-to wander; way, path
554keləu̯o-, keleu̯o-IE   bald, bare
554kelg- to wind around; windings, intrigue
555kelp-, kl̥p- jug, pot, cauldron
5551. kem-IE   to squeeze, hem in, press together
5562. kem-IE   to hum, buzz, croon
5561. k̑em-, or k̑am- horn, pole, stick
5562. k̑em-IE  (s)k̑em-hornless (normally horned) animal
556-573. k̑em-IE   to wrap, cover, conceal
5574. k̑em(ə)-IE   to be/make tired
557-58kemə-, komə-, kmā-IE   bite, piece
558kemero-, komero-, kemero- (plant name)
558kemer-IE   armored animal (crab, turtle, etc.)
558-591. ken-IE  gen-to pinch, press, etc.
559-632. ken-, kenə-, keni-, kenu-IE   to rub, scrape, scratch off; ashes
563-643. ken-IE   to begin, be born, come forth anew; young, recent
5644. ken-IE   to strain, strive eagerly
564k̑en- void, empty
564-65kenəkó-IE   golden, honey-colored
565keng-, kenk-k̑enk-peg, handle, (grappling) hook
5651. kenk-IE   to bind, gird
5652. kenk-IE   to burn, hurt; dry feeling: thirst, hunger
5663. kenk-IE   heel, hock, back of knee
566k̑enk-, k̑onk-IE  2. k̑ā̆k-to hang, sway, dangle
566k̑ens-IE  sengh-to announce, proclaim, speak formally
567kenth(o)- rag, cloth
567k̑ent-IE   to stab, stick
567-711. ker-, kor-, kr-IE  k̑re-(onomatopoeic: hoarse sound)
5712. ker-kerəp-to cut
571-723. ker(ə)-IE  kers-to burn
572-734. ker-IE   cherry
5735. ker-?, kō̆r- to hang
573-746. ker-, and k̑er-k̑erbero-dirty, dark-colored, etc.
5747. ker-2. (s)ker-to jump, turn
574-771. k̑er-, k̑erə- : k̑rā-, k̑erei-, k̑ereu-IE   horn, head, upper part of body
5772. k̑er-, k̑erə-, k̑rē-IE   to grow, increase
577-783. k̑er- rope, string; to plait, weave
5784. k̑er-, and k̑erə- : k̑rē-IE  k̑rē-to harm, injure; ruined, spoiled
578k̑erbero-, and kerbero-k̑ormen-checkered, variegated
5791. kerd- to gird
5792. kerd-IE   craft, talent; skilled
579k̑erdho-, k̑erdhāIE   line, row, herd
579-80k̑ered- : k̑erd-, k̑ērd-, k̑r̥d-, k̑red-IE  k̑red-heart
580-81kerem-, krem- : krom-, and kerm-IE  krem-onion or garlic; ash (tree)
581kerəp-, krēp-2. krēp-cloth, leather rag; shoe
581kerk̑- : kork̑- : kr̥k̑- to wrinkle, shrivel up
582k̑erə-, k̑rā-IE  k̑rā-to cook
582kerm- to rest, tire
582kerno- jaw, chin(bone)
582k̑ē-ro-2. k̑ei-colorful (or a color term)
583kers-IE  1. k̑er(s)-black, dirty; dark color
5831. k̑er(s)-IE  4. kel-bristle, stiff hair
583-842. k̑ers-IE   to run, course
584-85kert-, kerət-, krāt-IE  krāt-to roll, turn, wind
585-86kes-IE  ks-en-to comb, itch, scratch
586k̑es-IE   to cut
586-87kē̆t-, kot-IE   room, dwelling place
587-881. keu-, skeu-, lengthened grade kēu-IE  4. (s)keu-to see, hear, observe, hearken, attend to
588-922. keu-, keu̯ə-IE  kau-l-to bend
592-941. k̑eu-, k̑eu̯ə- : k̑ū-, k̑u̯ā-IE   to swell
594-952. k̑eu-IE   to shine, be bright
5951. k̑ēu- : k̑ū- to sway, totter
5952. k̑ēu- : k̑əu-, k̑ū-IE   to burn, light (a fire)
595k̑eub- thorn
595-96keuəd-, kū̆d-1. skeud-to cry, shout
596-97keu̯əp- : ku̯ēp-, ku̯əp-, kū̆p-, and occasionally keu̯(e)p-, k(e)u̯ep-IE   to boil, cook, smoke
597k̑ēu̯ero-, k̑ōu̯ero-, also sk̑ūro-?IE   north (wind)
597k̑euk-IE   to glow, shine, be bright white
597k̑euk̑-, k̑uk̑- to whirl, mix together
598kik- jay (bird)
5981. k̑ik-IE   belt, strap, thong
5982. k̑ī̆k- to rain, drizzle
598k̑ik̑er- pea
598k̑īō̆n-, k̑īsō̆n-? pillar
598k̑iph- thin flexible twig/root
599kistā basket, plaited container
599klā-IE   to lade, place, heap up, lay down
599klādhrā alder (tree)
599klau- to weep
599-600klēg-, klōg-, kləg-, klang-, kleg-, klōg-, kleig-, kleik-IE   to cry, shout, scream
600-2k̑lei-IE  2. k̑el-to lean, incline, tip (over)
602kleik̑- to press/squeeze (painfully)
602-3klem-, klēm-, klem- weak, slack, feeble, ailing
603kleng-, and klenk-IE   to bend, wind
603kleno- maple (tree)
603klep-2. k̑leu-wet, damp
604k̑lep-, sk̑lep-?IE  4. k̑el-to steal, cover, secrete
604klēp- to hold in arms and/or lap
604-5klēu-, also klĕu-?, and klāu-IE   hook, crook
605-71. k̑leu-, k̑leu̯ə- : k̑lū-IE   to hear, listen
6072. k̑leu- : *k̑lō[u]- : k̑lū-IE  sk̑lēk-to clean, rinse, swill
607-8k̑lou-ni- hip, buttock
608knei-gh-, knei-b-IE   to bow, kneel
608kneug- (onomatopoeic: to growl, whimper)
608knid-, k̑nid-, sknid- nit, louse
609-10k̑o-, k̑e-, with the particle k̑e, k̑(e)i-, k̑(i)i̯o-IE  k̑e-this; here
610kob-IE   to fit, fare well, be happy/successful
610koi-, ku̯ī- (creaking noise)
610koi-lo- naked; miserable
610k̑oi-no- grass
611kois-IE   to cure, worry, care for
611ko ko, kak(k)-, ku(r)kur- (onomatopoeic: sound of cock/hen)
611kok̑sāIE   body part: foot, coxa, etc.
611-12kolə- : klō-IE  4. (s)kel-to spin
612k̑oləmo-s, k̑oləmāIE  3. k̑el-reed, stalk, stem, culm
612kol(ē̆)i̯-IE   glue
612koli-5. (s)kel-young dog/animal
612-13komIE   at, by, cum, with, alongside
613-14konəmo-, knāmo-, or kenəmo-IE   shinbone
614k̑onk-IE   to doubt, vacillate
614k̑onkho-IE   conch, clam(shell), mussel
614k̑op(h)elo-s, or k̑ap(h)elo-s (type of carp)
614-15kopso- blackbird
615k̑orkā grit, gravel
615k̑ormen-6. ker-weasel
615k̑ormno-, k̑r̥mno- corrosive liquid: lye, wine, urine, etc.
615k̑ormo-IE   harm, pain, torment, suffering
615-16koro-s, kori̯o-sIE  1. kar-war, army, warrior
616kos(e)lo-IE   hazel (tree)
616kost-IE   leg, bone, costa
616k̑rā̆po-, k̑rō̆po-?IE   roof
616k̑rā-k̑erə-to cook, mix
616krāt-kert-to roll, turn, wind
616-17krā[u]- : krəu- : krū̆-IE   to heap up, pile together; heap; roof
617k̑re-, k̑rei-, k̑r̥̄-kreb-(hoarse sound)
617k̑rē-4. k̑er-to harm, injure; ruined, spoiled
617kreb-2. kreg-(hoarse sound)
617k̑rebh-, k̑rō̆bh-, k̑rembh- to entrust
617-18kred-IE   beams
6181. kreg-, and kerg-? to torment
6182. kreg-2. krei-(hoarse sound)
6181. krei-IE   to brush, stroke, touch
6182. krei-, kreig-, kreik-3. krek-(hoarse sound)
618k̑rei-IE   to appear, show forth
618-191. krek-IE   to hit
6192. krek-, kr̥k-IE   roe, fish/frog spawn
6193. krek-2. krep-(hoarse sound)
6194. krē̆k- : krok- to tower, jut out; beams
619krem-kerem-onion or garlic; ash (tree)
6201. krep-, kr̥p-IE   form; corpse, body
6202. krep-4. kreu-(hoarse sound)
6201. krēp- firm, strong
6202. krēp-4. (s)ker-cloth, leather; shoe
6201. kret-IE   to shake
6212. kret-IE   to hit
621-221. kreu-, kreuə- : krū-, kreus-, krus-IE   raw flesh, thick/clotting blood; ice, crust
6222. kreu- to crash, collapse, fall down
622-233. kreu-, krou-s-IE   to push, hit, break
6234. kreu-5. (s)ker-(hoarse sound)
623kreup- scab
623kreu-t-, kreu-dh-?IE   to shake, move visibly
623-24krom- lattice, framework, wooden fence, etc.
624kr(o)k-sko- arm
624k̑rūs- leg, shank, thigh
624krū̆t-IE   breast, belly; vault, protuberance
624k̑sā-k̑sē̆-ro-to burn
625kseip-, kseib- to toss, throw
625ks-en-, ks-es-, ks-eu-kes-to comb, itch, scratch
625k̑sē̆-ro-IE  k̑sā-dry, xeric, bright (of weather)
625kseubh- to sway, swing, totter
625kseud- to grind, stamp to little pieces
626k̑þei-IE   to settle
626kþē(i)-, kþə(i)-IE   to gain, acquire, possess
626ku-, kus-IE   to kiss
626-27k̑ū- sharp, pointed; pike, stake
627k̑ū̆dh- dirt, dung
627kukuIE   (onomatopoeic: to coo, cuckoo)
627k̑up- shoulder
627ku̯ak-IE   (onomatopoeic: to quack, croak)
627-28ku̯at(h)-IE   to ferment, become sour
6281. k̑u̯ei-, k̑u̯ei-no- dirt, mud; to defile
6282. k̑u̯ei-IE   to hiss, twitter, whistle, etc.
628-293. k̑uei-, extended kuei-d-, kuei-s-, kuei-t-IE   to shine; white
629k̑u̯ek-, nasalized k̑u̯enk- : k̑uk- to gape
629k̑u̯el- muddy
630ku̯elək-, or kelək-, kolək-2. ku̯elp-bale, bundle
6301. ku̯elp-, ku̯elb- : ku̯l̥p/b- : klup/b-IE   to stumble, buckle at the knees; to trot
6302. ku̯elp-IE  ku̯elək-to curve, vault
630k̑u̯en-IE   to celebrate; saint
631k̑u̯endh-ro-, -no- (type of plant)
631ku̯erp-, also ku̯erb-IE   to turn, wind
631-32k̑u̯es-, k̑us-IE   to pant, puff, sigh, wheeze
632ku̯ēt-, ku̯ət- : kū̆t-IE  (s)kū̆t-to shake, winnow
632ku̯oi-, ku̯ī- to want, wish for
632-33k̑u̯on-, k̑un-IE   hound, dog
633ku̯res-, ku̯ers-, ku̯r̥s- small wood, trees
634kha kha (laughter)
635kalo-s(s)kalo-s(big fish)
635kas-i̯o-, -lo- basket, plaited work
635-361. keIE  kene(enclitic) and
6362. ke-ko-(indefinite/interrogative pronoun)
636kē̆d-, kō̆d-IE   to bore, drill, prick, stab
636-371. kei(-t)-IE   to observe with respect, pay attention to
637-382. kei-IE   to stow, gather, pile up
638kei̯ə-, kii̯ē-IE   to rest comfortably; quiet, peaceful, tranquil
638-39kek̑-, kōk̑-, kek̑-s-IE   to see, show, appear
639-401. kel-, kelə-IE   to turn; wheel; neck?
6402. kel-IE   far away
6403. kel-IE   crowd, herd, swarm
640-41kem- to gulp, sip, swallow
641kene1. ke(particle: uncertainty, generalization)
641kenth-IE   to suffer, endure
641-421. ker-IE  (s)ker-to do, make, form
6422. ker-IE   dish, pot
642keru- to chew, grind
642-44ketu̯er-, ketu̯ō̆r-, ketur- (masc.), ketes(o)r- (fem.)IE   four, fourth
644-48ko-, ke-, fem. kā, kei-IE  2. ke-(indefinite/interrogative pronoun)
648krei-IE   to buy
649kr̥mi- grub, worm, maggot
649ksep- dark
649kþei-ghðei(ə)-to destroy, perish
649kās- : kəs-IE   to cough
650-511. lā-, and lē-IE  lē-(onomatopoeic: to bark, howl, etc.)
6512. lā-IE   to be hidden, covered, latent
651lab-, and labh-, lap(h)-IE  lak-to lap, lick, smack (the lips), etc.
652labh-IE  rabh-to grab, hold, seize
652lā̆gh-lāgh-to cut; cutting tool
652lāgh-(s)lā̆g-to grab, seize
652lai- fat, lard
652laidh-, lidh-IE   to cut, hurt, injure
652laiu̯o-IE   (on the) left
652-53lā[i]p-, ləip-, ləp-IE   to burn, shine
653lak-lab-to lap, lick
653lak̑-IE   to spot, sprinkle
653laku-IE   (water in) lake, pond, ditch, etc.
653-54lāmā swamp, puddle
654lāp- cow
654las-IE   greedy, covetous
654-55lat-IE   wet, damp; swamp
655lāu-IE   to acquire (as booty), enjoy something
655lauk(o)-, ləuk-(s)leug-jaw; throat
655lē-3. lēu-(onomatopoeic: to bark, howl, etc.)
655-57lē̆b-, lō̆b-, lāb-, leb-IE  (s)leb-lip; to slump, hang down slackly
6571. leg-IE   to leak, drip, dribble, ooze out
6582. leg- to worry
658leg̑-IE   to gather, collect
658-59legh-IE  2. lēg̑h-to lie, recline, set down
6601. lēg̑(h)- : ləg̑(h)- branch, twig
6602. lēg̑h- : ləg̑h-IE  legh-to crawl; low
660-61legh-IE   to move easily
6611. lē̆i-, lek-2. leik-to flex, bend
661-622. lei-IE  1. leig-to dissipate, disappear; thin, weak
662-643. lei-IE  4. lē̆i-slimy; to slip, glide
664-654. lē̆i-IE  1. lendh-to pour
6651. lē[i]- : ləi-IE   to want, wish
6652. lē(i)-IE  3. lē(i)-to grant/acquire possession
6663. lē(i)-IE  lēsto weaken, leave behind; feeble
666leibh-1. leip-to smear, stick
666leid-IE   to play, joke
6671. leig-, and leik-, better oleig-, oleik-IE  1. leik-needy, miserable
6672. lē̆ig-, līg-IE   form, appearance; like, similar
667-683. leig-, loig-IE   to hop, jump, tremble
6684. leig-, leig̑-IE   to tie, bind, ligate
668leig̑h-, sleig̑h-IE   to lick
6691. leik-2. leit(h)-to offer for sale
6692. leik-IE  8. el-to bend
669-70leik-IE   to leave, relinquish
670-711. leip-IE  leibh-to smear (with fat), stick
6712. leip- to desire, request, wish for
671leis-IE   to furrow; learn
6721. leit-IE   to loathe, detest, abhor; violate
6722. leit(h)-IE  2. el-to die, go away
672-73leizd-, loizd-IE   edge, fringe, hem
6731. lek-? : lok- to blame, scold, reprove
6732. lek- : lek-, and lēk- : lək-IE  r̥ksājoint, leg, body member; to bend, wind
673-741. lēk- : lək-IE   tendril; trap
6742. lēk- : lək-IE   to lacerate, tear to pieces
6741. lem-IE   to break, crush to pieces; lame, fragile
6752. lem- astonishment (with the notion of wide open jaws)
6751. lendh-(s)leidh-spring (of water), wetness
6752. lendh-IE   hip, loins; kidney
6753. lendh-IE   heath, steppe, open land
676leng-lenk-to sway, bend oneself
676lengh- to scold, scorn
676-77lenk-IE  leng-to bend
677lento-IE   lithe, flexible, pliable
677-781. lep- (onomatopoeic root)
6782. lep-IE   to flay, peel, skin
6783. lep- rock, stone
679lēp-, lōp-, ləp-IE   flat
679lerd- to twist, shrivel up
679lerg-lorgā-even, smooth, slippery
680les-IE   to lease, collect, pick up
680lēs : ləs-2. lē(i)-weak, slack, feeble
680leto-, lēti-, lēto-, lōto- heat, burning, anger
680lēto-, ləto-IE   daytime; summer, warm season
681letro-IE  3b. pel-leather
6811. leu-, *leu̯ə- : lū̆-IE  2. leu-g-dirt
681-822. leu-IE  leup-to free, cut off, separate
682-831. lēu- to leave behind
6832. lēu- : ləu-IE   stone
6833. lēu-, or lāu-IE  1. lā-(onomatopoeic: to bark, howl, etc.)
683-84leubh-IE   to love, like, care for
684leud-IE   to lout, bend over, duck down; bent, little, etc.
684-851. leudh-IE   to grow up; free; people
6852. leu-dh-6. el-to go, move, drive
685-861. leug-IE   to bend
6862. leu-g- : lu-g- : lū-g-1. leu-blackish; swamp
686leug̑-IE   to break
686-871. leugh-IE   to lie, belie, prevaricate
6872. leugh-, lugh- oath
687-90leuk-IE   to light, shine; see
690-91leup-, and leub-, leubh-IE  2. leu-to lift, peel, cut/break off, etc.
691lēut- : lūt- angry, raging, wrathful
691lī̆-no-IE   flax, linen
691log̑- rod, twig
691-92lorgā-, lorgi-lerg-stick, club
692lou-, lou̯ə-IE   to lave, wash
692lū̆s, genitive luu̯-ósIE   louse
6931. mā- to beckon, wave (hand); deceive
6932. mā-IE   timely, opportune
6943. IE  mātér-ma, mama (nursery words)
694-95mad-IE   to drip; wet; fat, glossy, well-fed
695magh- : māgh-IE   to help, be able; might, power
696maghosIE   maiden, young person
696-97mag̑-IE  2. māk-to knead, press, stroke
697mag̑h-IE   to fight, struggle
6971. mai-IE   to maim, hew, cut with sharp instrument
6972. mai-, moi-?IE   to smudge, stain
698mak-IE   skin, leather bag
6981. mā̆k-IE   wet, damp; to soak
6982. māk-IE  men(ə)k-to knead, press
698mā̆k(en)- poppy
699mak̑o-, or mok̑-o- fly, gnat
699māk̑- : mək̑-IE   long and slender
699makh-o-s bold, wild, frisky, unbridled
699mand-mend-pen/hurdle of plaited rods/twigs
699-700mā-no-, mā-ni-IE   wet, damp
700manu-s, or monu-sIE   man, human being
700marko-IE   mare, horse
7001. math-, or moth-IE   moth, harmful insect
7002. mat-IE   club, hoe, mattock
700-1mātér-IE  3. mother
701mau-ro- tired, weak; dark
701-2mazdo-sIE   mast, pole
7021. me-IE  eg̑-me (1st pers. sg. oblique pronoun stem)
702-32. me-IE  medhi-by, with, amidst, around
7031. mē-IE  1. am-(prohibitive particle: lest, that not)
7032. mē-, m-e-t-IE  met-to mow, reap
703-43. mē-, m-e-t-IE  1. med-to measure
7044. mē-, mō-IE   big, important
704-55. mē-, mō-, mə-IE   to be intent; of strong will
705-61. med-IE  mēnōtto mete, allot; medicate, give advice
7062. med-IE   to swell
706-7medhi-, medhi̯o-IE  2. me-middle
707médhuIE   mead, honey
707mē̆gh-IE   friendly, well-disposed
708-9meg̑(h)- : meg̑(h)-IE   big, much, great, major, mega-
7091. mei-IE  4. mei-to mure, repair, strengthen; pole
7102. mei-IE  mei-g-to change, mutate, exchange
7103. mei-IE   to go, wander
7104. mei-IE  1. mei-to tie, bind
7115. mei-, mi-neu-IE   to lessen, diminish; small, minor
7116. mei-, mei̯u-, min(u)-, mim(ei)-mek-(onomatopoeic: high thin sound)
711-127. mēi- : mōi- : mī-IE   mild, soft
712-13meigh-, also meik-meis-to flicker, twinkle; mist
713meig̑h-IE   to micturate, urinate
713mei-g-IE  mei-k̑-to (ex)change
714mei-k̑-, and mei-g̑-?IE  2. mei-t(h)-to mix, mash, stir
714mei-no-IE   view, opinion, intention
714meis-meigh-to flicker, twinkle; mist
7151. meit(h)- place to stay
7152. mei-t(h)-IE  2. mei-to commute, (ex)change
715-16mek-1. mū̆-(onomatopoeic: to bleat)
716-191. mel-, also smel-, melə- : mlē-, mel-d- : ml-ed-, mel-dh-, ml-ēi- : mlī̆-, melə-k- : mlā-k-, mlēu- : mlū̆-IE   to mill, grind; fine, ground
719-202. mel-IE   to deceive
7203. mel-IE   to hesitate
7204. mel-IE  melg̑h-big, strong
7205. mel-IE   limb; to join
720-216. mel-, melə-IE  2. smel-dark color (black, dirty, etc.)
7217. mel- wool, woolen garment
721-228. mel-, melə- : mlō- to appear, come forth
7221. meldh-IE   to utter ritual words (to deity)
7222. meldh-IE   lightning
722-23mē̆lg̑-, or meləg̑-?IE  1. melk-to milk, pluck, wipe off
723melg̑h-4. mel-to swell
723-24meli-t, genitive mel-nésIE   honey
7241. melk-mē̆lg̑-to rub, stroke
7242. melk-, melg-IE   wet
724mēlo-, smēlo-IE   small animal
725melōdh-, molədh-, molədh- head; elevation
725mels- to taste
725membh- to reproach
725mēmso-, mē(m)s-ro-IE   meat, flesh
7261. men-IE  2. menth-to rise, mount, tower
7262. men- to press, step on, tread down
726-283. men-IE  5. men-to think; mind, spiritual activity
728-294. men-IE  meni-to diminish; small
7295. men-IE  3. men-to stay, remain, stand still
729mend-, mond-, mn̥d-?mand-to feed, suck(le); breast
729-30mendāIE   flaw, defect, mistake
730mendh-IE   to direct attention to; vivacious
730men(e)gh-, mon(e)gh-, mn̥gh-IE   many, copious, abundant, excessive
730-31men(ə)k-IE  mag̑-to knead
731meng- to make pretty, beautiful
731meni-IE  4. men-minnow (or other type of fish)
731-32mēnōt, genitive mēneses, from which mēnes-, mēns-, mēs-, mēn-IE  3. mē-month; moon
7321. menth-, meth-IE   to stir, swirl, mix up
732-332. menth-IE  mono-to chew, eat
7331. mer- to plait, weave; rope
733-342. mer-IE   to flicker, shimmer
7343. mer-, mor-(u-) to blacken; dark color, dirt spot
7354. mer-, merə-IE  5. mer-to die
735-375. mer-, merə-IE  1. merg̑-to rub, wipe; pack, rob
737-386. mer-, mer-s-IE   to anger, bother, disturb, etc.
738merədh-, mrādh- to boil, bubble up
738mereg̑-IE   march, edge, border, frontier
738meregh-IE   to soak, moisten, drizzle
7381. merg̑-1. merk-to wipe off
7382. merg̑-merk̑-to grab, seize
738-39meri̯o-IE   young man/woman
739merk̑-IE  2. merg̑-to grab, seize
739-401. merk-, merg̑-, merək-, merəg̑-2. merk-to rot
7402. merk-, mork-smerd-vexed, sullen
740-41mə-r, genitive mə-n-és, mn̥tósIE   hand
741met-2. am-to reap, measure
741-431. meu-, meu̯ə- : mū̆-IE   wet, damp; to wash; dirt, mud, mire
7432. meu̯-, meu̯ə-IE  meu-s-to move, push away
743mēudh-, məudh-, mūdh-IE   to complain, care about, be intent
743-441. meug- to lie in wait, take by surprise; wily
744-452. meug-, meuk-IE   to slip, slide; meek
745meuk̑- to tear, slit, scratch
745meu-s-mūsto steal
745-461. mezg-IE   to dive, plunge, immerse
7462. mezg-IE   to bind, knit, knot, attach
746mizdhó-IE   fee, pay, meed, reward
746mō-, mo-lo-IE   to strain, trouble oneself
746-47mōd- : məd-, or mād- : məd-IE   to meet, approach
747modhro-, or madhro-IE   blue; madder
747moiso-s, or maiso-s sheep; hide, pelt, leatherwork
747mok̑s, Indo-Iranian *mok̑sū̆IE   soon
747molko-IE   pouch, leather bag
747-48mono-IE  1. men-neck; mane
748mori, mōriIE   mere, sea
748-49mormor-, murmur-IE   to murmur (dully)
749mormo(ro)- fear, dread, horror
749moro-IE   murrey, mulberry, blackberry
749moru̯ī̆-IE   maur, mire, ant
750mo[u]-lo- : mū-lo- root, plant
750mō[u]-ro- : mū-ro- crazy, stupid
750moz-g-o-, moz-g-en-, mos-k-o-IE   brain
750mozg̑ho-s young cattle
750mrk-IE   more, carrot, edible root
750mregh-m(n)o-IE   brain, skull
750-51mreg̑hu-, mr̥g̑hu-IE   brief, short
751-521. mū̆-IE  6. mei-(onomatopoeic: to moo, hum, etc.)
7522. mū-, mus-IE   fly, gnat, midge, muscid, mosquito
752mū̆k- heap, etc.
752-53mūsIE  2. meu̯-mouse; muscle
753mut-o-sIE   trimmed, stunted, circumcised, mutilated
7541. nā-IE   to help, be useful
7542. nā- to be afraid, ashamed
754nāgh- sober?
754nak- fur, pelt
754nana, nenaIE   nana (nursery word: (grand)mother, etc.)
755nant-IE   to dare, risk
755nas-IE   nose
755-561. nāus-IE   boat, ship
7562. nāu- : nəu- : nū-IE   death; corpse
756-581. , , neiIE   (negative particle: no, etc.)
7582. ne, no-that (enclitic particle)
7583. ne-, nō-, plural nē̆s-, nō̆s-IE  1. u̯ē̆-we
7581. nebh- to burst
7582. nebh-IE  snā-wet, damp; clouds; water
758-591. ned- : ned-IE  2. ner-to net, bind, connect, roll up, twist together
7592. ned- to roar, sound, bellow
759nedo- reed
760neg̑h- to bore, pierce, stab, stick
7601. nei-, neiə- : nī- to lead
7602. nei-, neiə-, nī-IE   to be moved, excited; to shine
7603. nei-, ni-IE  ni-in
7601. neid- to scold, shame, abuse
7612. neid- : nid- to flow; stream
761neig-IE   to wash
761neik- to winnow (grain)
761nēik- : nīk- : nik-IE   to rail, fight, assault
762nek̑-IE  1. ank-death, dying, necrosis; corpse
762-63nek-(t-), nok-t-sIE  nok-(t-)night
763-641. nem-IE   to nim, take, give, count, apportion
7642. nem-IE   to bend
764nepōt-IE   nephew; grandchild
7651. ner(-t)-, aner-, əner-?IE   vital force; man
765-662. ner-IE  3. ner-below, under
7663. ner-nē-tr-to penetrate; hiding place, hollow
766-67nes-IE   to unite; be concealed
767ni-, nei-1. enin
767nē-tr-, nə-tr-IE  (s)nē-snake, adder
7671. neu-IE   to call, praise
7672. neu-IE   to push (someone); to nod
768neu-d-IE   to grasp, make use of
768neu-dh- to lust, desire, yearn for
768neuk- dark, unclear, indistinct
768-69neu-ks-, neu-s-IE   to scent, smell, sniff
769neu̯os, neu̯i̯osIE  nū̆-new
769nog-, nogod(h)o-, nog-no-IE   nude, naked
770nogo-, or nago-IE   tree
770nōt-, nət-IE   rump, nates, backside
770nū̆-IE  e-neu̯ennow
771n̥dhos, n̥dheriIE   under
771n̥si- black, dirty
771n̥si-sIE   sword
7721. o1. ē̆to, with
7722. ōIE  2. ēO (vocative particle)
772obhel-IE   to sweep; multiply
772obhi-opito, from, around, etc.
772-731. od-IE  2. od-to smell
7732. od-IE  1. od-hatred, disgust, odium, aversion
773ō̆d(e)go-, or ō̆d(e)go- stem, stalk
773ōg-, əg-IE   to grow; fruit, berry
773oi-oi-no-(pronoun stem)
774oid-IE  aid-to swell; strong
774oi-no-, oi-u̯o-IE  3. e-(demonstrative particle: one, this, etc.)
774oiu̯ā2. ē̆i(vocative particle)
774ok-IE  ok-to consider
775ok̑tō(u)IE  ōk̑ú-seight, octad
775ōk̑ú-sIE  2. ak̑-quick(ly)
775-77ok-IE  ok-to see, ogle; eye
777ol-(e-)IE   to destroy
777-78om-IE   raw, coarse, bitter
778om(e)so-sIE   shoulder
778omə-amə-to suffer; firm up, proceed energetically
778ond-, n̥d- rock, stone
779oner-IE   dream
779ong-, better ang- coal
779ong-IE   to anoint
779ono-, and onə-, also (o)no-d- to scold, abuse, revile
780onogh- : ongh-, nogh-, Celtic n̥gh-, ongh-li-IE   claw, (finger/toe) nail
7801. op-IE   to work, perform, operate, bring about
7812. op-IE   to opt, choose, opine, suggest
781opiambhiat, by
781ōr-, ər-IE  5. ar-to call, speak, talk, orate
781-82orbho-IE   weak, abandoned; slave, orphan
782oreu̯-, ereu- entrails
782org̑hi-, r̥g̑hi-IE   testicle
782org-3. per-to hit, kill
782ort- vine
782*ōs, ōs-i-s, ō̆s-en-, os-k-IE   ash (tree)
783ost(h)-, ost(h)i, ost(h)r̥(g), oblique ost(h)-(e)n-IE  ast(h)-os, bone
783oug-, ou-? cold
783-84ō(u̯)i̯-omIE  au̯ei-egg, ovum
784óu̯i-sIE   ewe, sheep
784-851. ōus- : əus-IE   os, mouth
7852. ōus- : əus- : us-IE   ear
785-86ozdo-sIE   branch
786ozgho- bud, sprout, twig
787pā- : pə-, and pā-t- : pə-t-IE  1. pen-to feed, graze, pasture
787-88pā̆k̑-, and pā̆g̑-IE  pn̥ksti-to repair, strengthen
788pā̆n-IE  sp(h)ē-pane, panel, woven fabric
788pando-s1. pet-crooked
789pank-, pang-baˣb-to swell
789pap(p)aIE  pətḗ(r)papa (nursery word); food, meal
789pā̆r-IE   to show, be visible
789parīkā concubine
789pāsó-sIE   a relative
789pasto-IE   firm, fast, solid
790paus-IE   to free, let loose
790pāuson-, pūson-3. peu-(name of a deity)
7901. pē̆d-, pō̆d-IE   to hold; vat, vessel, container
790-922. pē̆d-, pō̆d-IE   foot
792peg- : pog- : pōg-, pō̆k-s-IE   hip, side, shoulder
792-93pē(i)-, pī-IE   to hurt, scold, shame
793-94pei̯(ə)-, pī̆-IE  peisk-fat; milk
794-951. peig-, and peik-IE   colored, speckled
7952. peig̑-, and peik̑-IE   to be hostile
795pei-m(i)-IE   swift, quick, rapid, nimble
7961. peis-? : pis-IE   to grind, trample
7962. peis-, speis-IE   to blow, fizz
796peisk-, pisk-IE  pei̯(ə)-fish
796-971. pek̑-, pēk̑-, pōk̑-IE   to be joyful, make pretty
7972. pek̑-IE  plek̑-to fleece; fee, cattle
798pek-IE   to cook
798-8011. pel-, pelə-, plē-IE  pleu-to pour, fill; full, plenary; town?
801-22a. pel-, pelə- : plā-IE  3a. pel-to drive, propel, set in motion
8022b. pel-, pel-en-, pel-t-, pel-u̯-IE   dust, powder; meal, flour
802-33a. pel-IE  4. pel-to fold
803-43b. pel-, pelə-, plē-IE  letro-to wrap, cover; cloth; fell, pelt
8044. pel-2a. pel-dish, vessel
8045. pel-IE   to earn, sell
804-56. pel-IE   gray, dull color; pallor
8057. pel-, pol-, plē-, plō̆-IE   to burn, be warm
805-7pelə-, plā-IE  1. plā-k-plane, flat, wide, broad
807peli-s-, pel-s-IE   fell, rock
807pelk̑- : polk̑-IE   to turn, bend
807pelpo-, or polpo- woodwork
8071. pen-IE  pā-to feed
807-82. pen-, pen-ko-IE   mud, fen, swamp, water; wet
808penkeIE   five, fifth
808-9pent-IE   to go, walk, pad, tread; way, path
809-101. per-, perə- : prē-, preu-IE  2. perk̑-to spray, sprinkle, drizzle
810-162a. per-IE  prō̆-to pass over/beyond
816-172b. per-, perə-IE   to fare, ferry, transport, go/carry over
8172c. per-, perə-IE   to sell, impart
8182d. per-IE   to bear (a child)
8182e. per-IE   to dare, risk, try; peril, danger
818-193. per-, per-g-IE  org-to hit, kill
819perd-IE  pezd-to fart, break wind (loudly)
819-201. perg- pole, stem, trunk
8202. perg-IE   fear; to frighten
8201. perk-, prek- to fill up
8202. perk- : pr̥k- coals, glowing ash
8201. perk̑- breast, rib cage
820-212. perk̑-, prek̑-IE  2. (s)p(h)er-spotted, speckled
8213. perk̑-, pr̥k̑-IE  pork̑o-sto open, dig out, rip up; furrow
821-224. perk̑-, prek̑-, pr̥k̑-IE   to request, ask/pray for
822-23perku-sIE   oak
823pers- to spray, sprinkle, drizzle; dust, ashes
823persnā, persnī̆-, persno-IE   heel
823perth- pole, stick
823-241. pē̆s-IE  2. pēs-to blow
8242. pēs-, nasalized pēns-1. pē̆s-dust, sand
8243. pes-, pesosIE   penis
824-251. pet-, pet-, petə-IE  pando-sto stretch out (esp. arms)
825-262. pet-, petə- : ptē-, ptō-, Hellenic ptā-IE   to fall, tumble down
8271. peu-, peu̯ə- : pū̆-IE   to sift, clean, purge, purify
8272. peu-IE   to repute, explore, understand
8273. peu-1. pū̆-foam, froth
827pēu- : pəu- : pū̆-IE  3. pū̆-to hit; sharp
828peuk̑-, and peug̑-IE   to pink, stab, stick
828peu̯ə-2. pū̆-to rot, stink
828peu̯ōr, pū̆r, genitive pu-n-és, locative puu̯éniIE   fire
829pezd-IE  pīzdā-to break wind (softly)
829pətḗ(r), genitive pətr-ésIE  appafather
830pid-IE   to bear, give birth?
830pik(h)o- knot, lump
830pi-lo-IE   hair, pile, pilus
830pi-n-1. (s)p(h)ē̆i-piece of wood
830pī̆p(p)-IE   to peep, squeak
831pīzdā-IE  2. bhes-vulva
831plab-IE   to babble, prattle, etc.
831-321. plā-k- : plə-k-, ple-k- : plō̆-k-, plei-k-, and pelə-g- : plā-g- : plə-g-IE  2. plāk-flat, wide, broad; spread out
832-332. plāk-, plāg-, also plēk-, plēg-IE  plā̆t-to hit, beat, fling
833-34plā̆t-, plā̆d-, plē̆t-, plō̆t-, plət-IE  pləi-flat, wide, broad; spread out
834plē-, plə-IE  plēk̑-to cut, split off
834plēi-, pləi-, plī- bald, bare, naked
834-35plek̑-IE  2. pek̑-to ply, pleach, plait, weave
835plēk̑-, plək̑-, and plēik̑-, plīk̑-IE  phel-to flay, peel, rip, tear off
835-37pleu-IE  pl(e)u-mon-to flee, fly, run; flow, swim
837pleuk-IE   floc, hair, feather
837-38pl(e)u-mon-, pleu-ti̯o-IE  1. pel-lung
838pleus-IE   to pluck, deplume, pull out; plucked hair/feathers
838pləi-, pləu-pelə-to broaden, show off
838plouto-, pluto- (wooden object)
838-39pneu-IE   to pant, breathe
839pn̥ksti-IE  pā̆k̑-fist
8391. pō(i)- : pəi-? : pī-IE   to graze, pasture
839-402. pō(i)- : pī-, and (from pō-), po-IE   to bib, drink
840-41polo- : pōlo-IE   big, fat, thick, swollen
841pork̑o-sIE  3. perk̑-porker, pig(let)
841-42posIE  apo-about, around; by, beside; in front of
842po-ti against, opposite, toward
842poti-sIE   host, husband, lord, master, owner
842-43pōu- : pəu- : pū̆-IE   few, small, little; young (of animals)
843pougo-, or pougho- pure, clear
843-44prā-IE   to bend
844prāi-, prəi-, prī-, pri-IE   to like, feel friendly/well-disposed
845preg-IE   greedy, covetous; willful, violent
845prep-IE   to catch sight of
845pret-, prō̆t-IE   to understand
845-46preu-IE   to hop, jump
846preus-IE   to burn, freeze
846prīs- to granulate, reduce to small pieces
846prō̆-2a. per-to pass over/beyond
846prōk̑to- : prək̑to-IE   rump, backside
846pr̥so- leek, onion, garlic
846-47pster-, pstereu-IE   to sneeze
847ptel(e)i̯āIE   (type of tree, e.g. poplar/popple)
847-481. pū̆-, peu-, pou-, also phu-IE  phu-to blow (up)
848-492. pū̆- : peu̯ə-IE  peu̯ə-to rot, stink
8493. pū̆-pēu-to hit; sharp
8491. pū̆k-, peuk-IE   thick-haired
8492. puk̑- to enclose, press together
850pu-lo-IE   (stiff) hair
850pū-ro-IE   grain, kernel
851phel-1. (s)p(h)el-to cut, split, tear off; board
851pher-1. sp(h)er-to rush, act rashly, push away, etc.
851phō̆l-IE   to fall
851phu-2. b(e)u-to blow (up)
852rabh-, or rebh- : rebh-IE  labh-to rage, be furious
852rāp-, rēp-IE   rape (plant), turnip
852rā̆s-IE   to cry, (re)sound
8531. rē-, rə-, extended rē-dh-1. rēi-to count, compute
8532. rē̆-, extended rē-dh-ardi-separate
8533. rē-1. erə-to row; oar
8534. rē-2. erə-to rest, be still
8535. rē- dark
8536. rē-3. rei-to cry
8531. rebh-rei̯ə-to move, hurry about
8532. rebh-IE   to roof, thatch
853red-, rod-ered-to flow
8531. rēd-IE   to excite, cheer up, be joyful
8542. rēd- : rōd- : rəd-IE   to gnaw, scrape, scratch
8541. reg-, and sreg-?IE   to dye
8542. reg-IE   to see
854-571. reg̑-IE  reig̑-to regulate, make just/right; king, reign
8572. reg̑-, rek̑-, rek-?IE   damp; rain
857regos-IE  ē̆reb(h)-darkness
857-591. rei-IE  reig-to cut, reap, rive, tear, scratch
8592. rei-, roi-IE   spotted, speckled, brightly variegated
859-603. rei-, rē(i)-IE  reibh-to cry, scream, bellow, etc.
8604. rei- : rēi-IE   thing, possession
8605. rei-reid-to support
8601. rēi- : rī-2. ar-to count, arrange
8602. rēi-, rōi-3. ar-nut
860reibh-1. reu-(onomatopoeic: to resound?)
860reid-reik-to support, lean against
861reidh-IE   to ride, go (in vehicle)
861-62reig-, or reig̑-IE  roi-no-to rig, tie, bind
862reig̑-, rēig̑-IE  1. reg̑-to reach, stretch out
862rei̯ə-, rī-2. reu-to flow, move
862reik-1. rek-to stretch oneself; pole
862rei-r(ēi)-IE   (onomatopoeic: to quake, tremble)
863rēito-, rēiti- joint, shoulder (of animals)
8631. rek-IE  rem-to project, tower up; pole
8632. rē̆k-IE   to reck, reckon, arrange, prepare
863rek̑-, reg̑- to bind
864rek̑þh-ŕ̥k̑þo-sto harm, injure
864rem-, remə-IE  5. rei-to rest; to support
864-65remb-, romb-, romb- to hack, hoe
865rendh-IE   to rend, rip, tear to pieces
865rent- thing?
865rep-IE   to grab, rip out, ravish
8651. rēp-, rep-?IE   to creep, crawl
8662. rēp-, rəp-IE   pole, stake, beam, rafter
866rēs-, rōs-2. ere-s-to flow
866ret(h)-IE   to run, roll, rotate
866rēt-, rōt-, rət-IE   pole, rood; stem, stick, trunk
867-681. reu-, rēu-, rū̆-IE  6. rē-(onomatopoeic: to roar, rout, round, etc.)
868-712. reu-, reu̯ə- : rū̆-IE  3. reu-to open, tear out, dig/rip up, etc.
8713. reu-, reu-s-3. er-to hasten
8714. reu-1. ereu-to search
871-72reu-b-, and reu-g-IE   to belch, eruct, retch, vomit
872-73reudh-IE   red
873reugh-m(e)n-IE   ream, cream?
873reus- elm (tree)
873reu-smen-IE   to chew, ruminate; throat, rumen
873-74reuto-, routo-, rut- stomach, intestines (of an animal)
874reu̯ə- : rū-IE   to ream, open; wide, roomy
874rezg-IE   to plait, weave, wind
874roi-no-1. rei-hill, road
874ruk(k)-, rouk(k)-IE   yarn; fabric
875r̥ksā2. lek-fetlock; tether
875ŕ̥k̑þo-sIE  rek̑þh-bear (animal)
876sā-, sə-IE  sāno-senough, satiate, sufficient
876-77sāg-IE   to seek, track, trail
877sāi-IE   pain, illness; sore
878saip-IE   fence, stall, enclosure
878sak-IE   to sacrifice, sanctify, make a treaty
878-791. sal-IE  2. sal-sal, salt; brackish water
8792. sal-IE  1. sal-gray, dirty, sallow
879-80sā̆lo- wavy
880sāno-sIE  sā-ti-sane, healthy?
880sap-, sab-IE   to taste, savvy, perceive
880sasi̯o- (type of grain)
880-81saus-, sus-IE   sere, dry
881-82sā́u̯el-, sāu̯ol-, suu̯él-, su̯el-, sūl-IE  2. su̯el-Sol, sun
882-84se-IE  seni-self, one's own
884-87sed-IE  ē̆s-to sit, set, settle
8871. seg-1. sē(i)-to sow (seed)
887-882. seg-, nasalized seng-IE   to attach, tack on
888-89seg̑h-, seg̑hi-, seg̑hu-IE   to possess, hold fast, persevere, overcome; victory
889sei-, soi-IE  seik-to drip, be damp
8891. sē(i)-IE  2. sē(i)-to sift
889-912. sē(i)- : səi- : sī-, sē- : sə-, and sei- : si-IE  3. sēk-to sow, dispatch, disseminate, let fall
891-923. sē(i)-, səi- : sī-, and sei- : si-IE  si̯ē[u]-ro-to bind, strap, tie
892sē[i]dh- : sī̆dh-, and sədh- to aim at, strive for
893sē̆ik-, sī̆k-IE   to grip, reach for
893-94seik-IE  seip-to spill, pour out
894seip-, seib-IE  sei-to sift, pour out
894-951. sek- to run off, dry out (re: water)
895-962. sē̆k-IE  (s)k(h)ed-to cut, section, dissect
8963. sēk-IE  1. seg-to abate; lazy, quiet
896-971. sek-IE  2. sek-to segue, follow
897-982. sek-IE  1. sek-to see, notice; show, say, speak
8981. sel-IE   salon, dwelling place
898-992. sel-, su̯el-IE  4. su̯el-sill, beam, board
8993. sel-IE   to grab, seize, take
8994. sel-IE   to jump, leap, spring, exult
9005. sel- to creep, crawl
9006. sel-, selə- : slā-IE  solo-lucky, favorable; luck
900-1selg̑-IE   to pour out, set free, send/throw away
901selk-IE  8. u̯el-to pull, drag; sulcus, furrow
901selos-IE   sea, lake, swamp
901selp-IE   salve, fat, butter
901-21. sem- to draw, pour, scoop
902-52. sem-IE   one, some, together
9053. sem-IE   summer
905-6sēmi-IE   half, semi-
906sen-, sene-, sen(e)u-, senə-IE  sneubh-to prepare, work on
906sendhro-IE   clotted, coagulated; fluid, melted, etc.
906seng-IE   to sink, sag, fall
906-7sengh-IE  k̑ens-to sing
907seni-, senu-, seni-, sn̥-ter-IE  su-for oneself; sundry, separate
907senk-IE   to singe, burn, dry
907-8sen(o)-IE   old, senile, senior
908sent-IE   to send, go, choose direction; to sense
909sep-IE   to honor, care for, concern oneself with
909septm̥IE   seven
909-101. ser-IE  sr-edh-to flow, stream
9102. ser-IE   to serve, guard, protect, shelter
910-113. ser-, sor-IE   red
9114. ser-IE   to insert, line up, put/bind together
911-125. ser-, extended serp-IE   sickle
912serk-IE   to fence; hedge, plaited work
912serp-IE   to creep, crawl
912-131. seu-, seə- : sū-IE  sū-ro-sop, soup, juice, liquid
913-142. seu-, seu̯ə-, sū̆-IE  sū̆-sto bear (a child); son
9143. seu- : su-, seu̯ə- : sū-seu̯i̯o-to bend, turn
914-154. seu-, seu-t-IE   to seethe, boil
915seug-IE   sad, sick, grievous, afflicted
915seu̯ə-, sū- to leave behind?
915seu̯i̯o-su̯ē̆(i)-(to the) left
915si̯ē[u]-ro- : si̯ə-ur(i̯o)-si̯ū-brother-in-law
915-16si̯ū-, sīu̯-IE  soi-to-to sew
916skabh-, skambh-IE   to support
916-17(s)kāi-IE  sk̑āi-bright, shining
917(s)k(h)ai-, (s)k(h)ai-d-, (s)k(h)ai-t-IE   to cuff, kick
917-18sk̑āi-, sk̑əi- : sk̑ī-IE  4. kāi-d-to shine/shimmer dully; shadow
918(s)kamb-, and (s)kemb-IE  kamb-to bend, curve, hump
918(s)kand-, (s)kend-kand-to glow; bright
918-19(s)k(h)ed-, (s)k(h)e-n-d-IE  skē̆i-to crush, shatter, split to pieces
919sk̑ed- to cover
919-22skē̆i-IE  1. (s)kel-to cut, skive, exscind, separate
922skē̆i-bh-, nasalized ski-m-bh- to limp; slanting
922-23(s)kek-, skeg-IE   to jump, spring, move quickly; shake
923-271. (s)kel-IE  (s)ken-(d-)to cut, halve
9272. (s)kel-IE  9. kel-to owe, be guilty
9273. (s)kel-IE  10. kel-to parch, dessicate, dry out
9284. (s)kel-, extended klā-, klō-IE  11. kel-to bend; crooked
9285. (s)kel-, (s)kel-2. gal-to call, resound
929(s)k̑el- to jump, spring
929skhel- to stumble
929(s)k̑em-IE  2. k̑em-deformed, disabled, mutilated; hornless
929-30(s)ken-(d-)IE  6. skēu(-t)-to skin, flay, split off
930skendh-IE   to dive, plunge
930(s)keng-IE   to hobble; lame, slanted
9301. (s)kep- to hide, cover
930-332. (s)kē̆p-, (s)kō̆p-, and (s)kā̆p-, (s)kē̆b(h)-, skob(h)-, and skā̆b(h)-IE   to cut, shave, split with sharp tool
9331. (s)ker- to shrink, dry out, wrinkle up; dry, thin
933-352. (s)ker-, skerə- : skrē-IE  7. ker-to jump
935-383. (s)ker-IE   to bend, curve, turn
938-474. (s)ker-, (s)kerə-, (s)krē-IE  (s)ker-dh-to cut, shear, score, scribe
9475. (s)ker-1. ker-(onomatopoeic: hoarse sound)
947(s)ker-1. ker-to do, make
947-48sk̑er-(d-)IE   to defecate; dung, excrement
948-49(s)kerb(h)-, (s)kreb(h)-, nasalized (s)kremb-IE   to curve, turn
949(s)ker-dh-, (s)kor-dh-(s)kert-s-small, pitiful, miserable
949-50(s)kert-s-2. ker-across, straight along
950skēt- : skət-IE   to jump, spring
950skēth-, skəth-IE   to scold, scathe, injure, damage
950-511. (s)keu- to perform, carry out
951-532. (s)keu-, (s)keu̯ə : (s)kū-IE   to hide, wrap, cover
9533. skē̆u-, ksē̆u- to sneeze
9544. (s)keu-1. keu-to notice, observe, pay attention to
9545. skē̆u-sk̑ē̆u-to push, shoot, throw
9546. skēu(-t)-IE  1. kal-to cut, scratch, separate
954-55sk̑ē̆u-IE  skeub-to push, shoot, throw
955skeub-, skeubh-, skeug-IE  2. (s)keud-to shove, move, shoot, throw
9551. skeud-keuəd-to grumble, protest; unwilling
955-562. (s)keud-IE  5. skē̆u-to shoot, throw
956(s)keup-, skeub(h)-IE   sheaf, bunch, flock, etc.
956-57(s)keut-, (s)keudh- to shrink, shrivel up
957sk̑lēk-, sk̑lək-sresk-to spray, sprinkle; wet
957skordho- pan, vessel; potsherd
957skot-IE   shade, shadow, darkness
957-58(s)kū̆t-IE  ku̯ēt-to shake, shudder
958(s)kalo-sIE  kalo-s(type of large fish, e.g. whale)
958sku̯erb(h)- to pierce, stick (of thorns)
958sk(h)u̯oi̯-, sk(h)u̯i(i̯)- thorn, needle
958(s)lā̆g-IE  lā̆gh-to grab, latch, seize
959slak-IE   to hit, hammer
959(s)leb-, (s)lob-, (s)lep-, (s)lop-lē̆b-lip; to hang down slackly
959-60(s)lēg- : (s)ləg-, and (s)leg-IE   weak, feeble, languid
960slēg- to oppress, maltreat, mishandle
960(s)leib-sleub(h)-to slip; slimy
960-61(s)leidh-IE  3. lei-to slide; slippery
961(s)leig- to hack, hit
961-62slenk-, sleng-IE   to turn, wind; creep, slink
962-63(s)leu-IE   slack, feeble, loosely hanging
963-64sleub(h)-IE  (s)leug̑-to slide, slip
964(s)leug-, (s)leuk-IE  lauk(o)-to swallow
964(s)leug̑-, (s)leuk̑-IE  (s)leib-to slide, slip
964-65(s)leup-, (s)leub(h)-IE   to hang slackly
965(s)lī- : sləi-, or slōi-, slī-u̯o-IE   livid, bluish
965slougo-, slougā- (fem.)IE   help, service
965-66(s)lr̥g-, and sler-sler-(onomatopoeic: to swallow)
966sme, smā̆IE   really, truly (emphatic particle)
966-67smē-, smeī-, sm-ei-IE  3. smēi-to rub, smear
967smeg(h)-IE   to smack, taste
967-681. (s)mei-, smeu-IE  smeu-to smile
9682. smēi- : sməi- : smī̆-IE   to carve, work with sharp tool
9683. smēi-, smeid-, smēig-, smēik-smē-to rub, smear
968smeit-, smit-IE   to throw
968smek- beard, chin
9691. smel-IE   to smolder, burn slowly
9692. smel-IE  6. mel-gray
969-70(s)mer-IE   to mourn, remember, think of, care for
970smerd-, smord-IE  4. mer-to stink
970-71smeru-IE   fat, grease, smear
971smeu-1. (s)mei-to laugh, smile
971(s)meukh-, (s)meug-, (s)meugh-IE   to smoke; smoke
971smog- heavy, burdensome
971-72snā-, snə-(t-), snāu-, sn-eu-, sn-et-IE  sneu-to flow, swim; damp
972-73(s)nadh- to cut, slice
973(s)nē-, and (s)nēi-IE  snēp-to spin, twist threads together
973-74(s)nēbh-ri-, (s)nōbh-ri- thin, narrow
974sneig-IE   to crawl, snake
974sneigh-IE   to snow; snow
974sneit-IE   to cut
974-75snēp-, snōp-, snəp-2. (s)ner-to gather in sheaves/bundles; twist into rope
9751. (s)ner-, (s)nur-IE   to snarl, growl
975-772. (s)ner-IE  snēu-to turn, wind, etc.
977(s)nerb-IE   to cut?
977sneu-2. enebh-to flow, swim; damp
977snēu- : snū-, and snĕu-IE  1. ned-to turn, bind, attach; band, sinew
977-78sneubh-IE  snusósto woo, marry
9781. sneud(h)-IE  2. sneudh-to drowse, slumber; drowsy, sleepy
9782. sneudh-IE  1. sneud(h)-fog, mist
978snusósIE  sen-daughter-in-law
978-79so(s), IE  1. to-(nom. sg. demonstrative stem: he, she)
979soi-to-3. sē(i)-magic
979-80solo-, sol(e)u̯o-IE  6. sel-whole, well-kept, salubrious
980sō[u]rā : sōrā calf (of leg)
980spako- point; small drop
980sp(h)ē-, sp(h)ə-(dh-)IE  2. sp(h)eilong flat piece of wood
981speg̑-, or spō̆g̑-IE  spek̑-to watch sharply, be attentive
981-821. (s)p(h)ē̆i- : (s)p(h)ī̆-IE  pi-n-sharp/pointed stick: spile, spit, etc.
9822. sp(h)ei : sp(h)ī̆, and sp(h)ē : sp(h)ə-IE  3. sp(h)ē(i)-to pull, drag
983-843. sp(h)ē(i)-, spī-, and sphē- : sphə-IE  1. (s)pen(-d)-to fatten, prosper, succeed, etc.
984spek̑-IE  speg̑-to watch, inspect, spy on
985(s)pel-IE   to speak aloud, tell with emphasis
985-871. (s)p(h)el-IE  (s)p(h)elg-to cut, split, spall, tear off; board
9872. (s)p(h)el-IE   to shine, glitter
987(s)p(h)elg-(s)plei-to split, splinter
987sp(h)elg̑h(en), spleng̑h-, splē̆g̑h-IE   milt; spleen
9881. (s)pen(-d)-IE  (s)p(h)eu-d-to pull, spin
9892. *(s)pen-, (s)pon-, (s)pondho- wooden pail
989spend-IE   to offer a libation
989sp(h)e(n)d- to shake, quiver
989-90sp(h)eng-IE   to shine, glitter
990speno-, stē̆no-, p(ə)stē̆no- teat, breast, nipple
990-911. (s)per-IE   pole, spar, rafter
9912. sper(-g)-IE   (type of bird, esp. sparrow)
991-923. sper-IE   to turn, wind
9924. (s)p(h)er-, (s)p(h)erəg- to rip, tear; rag, snippet
992-931. sp(h)er-, sp(h)erə-IE  sp(h)erd(h)-to rush, push away, act rashly, etc.
993-952. (s)p(h)er-, sprei-, spreu-IE  sprei-to sow, strew, spread, scatter, sprinkle
9953. sp(h)er- balls of goat/sheep excrement
995-96sp(h)erd(h)-, (s)p(h)red(h)-, nasalized sp(h)rend(h)-IE  *(s)p(h)ereg-to rush, sprint, spring; running
996-98*(s)p(h)ereg-, (s)p(h)erəg-, (s)p(h)rēg-, nasalized spreng-IE  sperg̑h-to rush, hurry; strew, sprinkle, disperse
998sperg̑h-, spreg̑h-, nasalized spreng̑h-IE  pher-to rush, hurry, spring, jump
998-99(s)p(h)eu-d-pā̆n-to press, hurry
999(s)pī̆ko-IE   woodpecker (or other large bird)
999(s)pingo-IE   finch, sparrow
999-1000(s)p(h)i̯ēu- : (s)pi̯ū-, (s)pīu̯-IE   to spit, spew, sputter
1000(s)plei-IE  plē-to cut, split
1000(s)pleig̑h- to splay (legs)
1001(s)poimno-IE   foam, spume, spray
1001sprei-, spreu-sp(h)reig-to sow, strew, scatter
1001sp(h)reig-1. per-to teem, abound, overflow
1001srak-to- sharp-edged
1001srebh-, sr̥bh-, and serbh-IE  su̯erbh-to sip, slurp, swallow
1001-2sr-edh-, sr-et-IE  sreu-to boil, spout, whirl
1002(s)reigh- to creep, climb, clamber
1002srenk-IE   to snore
1002srēno- body part (e.g. hip, loins)
1002sresk-klep-to drip, drizzle
1003sreu-IE  1. ser-to stream, flow
1004sreup- dirty, scabby
1004srīg-, srīgos-IE   cold, frost
1004srō̆mo- lame
1004-10stā- : stə-IE  stāk-to stand
1010stag-IE   to drip, drizzle, trickle
1010(s)tāi-IE  stāi-to steal, do secretly
1010-11stāi-, stī̆-, sti̯-ā-IE  stē̆ib(h)-to condense, press together; stiff; stone
1011stāk-, stek-IE  steb(h)-to place, stand
1011-13steb(h)-, and stēb(h)- : stəbh-, nasalized stemb(h)-, step-, also stēp-?, nasalized stemp-, nominal stəbho-s, stemb(h)ro-s, stomb(h)o-sIE  stā-stump, post, pillar; to support, etc.
1013-141. (s)teg-IE  tāg-to deck, thatch, cover; house, roof
10142. (s)teg-IE  stegh-stake, pole, beam
1014-15stegh-, nasalized stengh-IE  2. (s)teg-stick, stalk, stang, etc.
1015(s)tei-IE  tei-sharp, pointed; spike, style, stylus
1015-16stē̆ib(h)-, stī̆b(h)-, stē̆ip-, stī̆p-IE  steu̯ə-stick, pole, stake; stiff
1016-17(s)teig-IE  teig-to stick, prick; sharp
1017-18steigh-IE   to climb, ascend; stride, march
1018(s)teig-IE  teig-arm, shoulder; thigh, hip
1018(s)teigh- to endure, wait patiently
10181. (s)tel-4. tel-to urinate, let flow
1018-192. stel-, stelə-IE  3. stel-to dilate, broaden, stretch out; broad
1019-203. stel-IE  2. stel-to put, place
1021stem- to push, thrust; stumble, stutter
10211. (s)ten-IE  2. ten-to drone, groan, thunder, etc.
1021-222. sten-IE   to narrow, hem in
1022-271. (s)ter-, (s)terə- : (s)trē-IE  6. ster-stark, stiff, solid, rigid, etc.
1027-282. stē̆r-IE   star
10283. ster-IE   to rob, steal
1028-294. ster-, also sterə- : strē-, strei-, streu-IE   line, streak, strip, stripe
1029-315. ster-, sterə- : strē-, steru- : streu-IE   to strew, scatter, spread out
10316. ster-IE  7. (s)ter-n-barren, sterile, unfruitful
10317. (s)ter-n-IE  2. streig-thorn, prickly stalk
1031-328. (s)ter-IE   dung, stercory, dirty water; to rot, befoul
1032sterg-, sterk-IE   to care for, pay careful attention to
1032-341. (s)teu-IE  1. teu-to hit, push, thrust
10352. steu-IE   to praise (aloud)
1035steu̯ə-(s)tāi-to coagulate, become dense/thick
1035stilp-, stilb-IE   to shine; to look, show
1035stomen-IE   mouth, stoma
1036storos, stornos, str̥nos?IE   starling, songbird
10361. streig-IE   to halt, pause, falter, be(come) stuck
10362. streig-IE  strenk-taut, stiff, strict; to twist; rope
10363. (s)treig-, streid(h)-IE  treig-to hiss
1036-37strenk-, streng-IE  7. ter-tight, cramped; cord, string
1037(s)trep-, (s)treb-IE  3. trep-to cry, make wild noises
1037stru- gray-haired, old (man)
1037-38su-, sū-su̯e-lo-good, well
1038-39sū̆-s, suu̯-ósIE  2. sūs-pig, sow, swine
1039sū-ro-, sou-ro-IE  1. seu-sour, bitter, salty; cheese
10391. sūs- to whistle (of wind)
10392. sūs-2. seu-parent, creator, producer
1039-40su̯ād-IE   sweet; to enjoy something
1040su̯ard- to laugh
1040-41su̯ei-, su̯i-IE   to pipe, whistle, sibilate
1041-42su̯ē̆(i)-IE  su̯eng-to bend, turn, swing, swivel
10421. su̯eid-IE  su̯ēid-to shine, glisten
10432. su̯eid-IE   to sweat, perspire; sweat
1043su̯ēid-1. su̯eid-milk
1043su̯ek- to smell (good)
1043-44su̯ekrū́- husband's mother
1044su̯ek̑s, sek̑s, ksek̑s, ksu̯ek̑s, u̯ek̑s : uk̑sIE   six
1044s(u̯)eko-sIE   sap, pitch, resin
10451. su̯el(-k)-IE   to eat, drink, swill, swallow
10452. su̯el-IE  su̯elplo-sto burn, smolder, swelter
10463. su̯el-, su̯ol-, sul-IE   sole of foot; ground
10464. su̯el-2. sel-beam, board
1046su̯e-lo-, su̯elii̯o(n)-se-brother-in-law
1046su̯elplo-sIE  sā́u̯el-sulphur
1046su̯em-IE   to swim, move
1046-47su̯en-IE   to sound, resound
1047(s)u̯endh-su̯ī-to dwindle, disappear
1047-48su̯eng-, su̯enk- : su̯eg-, su̯ek-IE  u̯eib-to bend, swing, swag
1048su̯enk-, sunk-IE   heavy; pregnant
1048su̯ento-, sunto-IE   sound, active, healthy, vigorous
1048-491. su̯ep-, sup-IE   to sleep
10492. su̯ep-, sup-, su̯eb-IE   to throw
10491. su̯er-, also ser-?IE  2. su̯er-to speak, swear, answer
1049-502. su̯er-IE  1. su̯er-to buzz, hiss
10503. su̯er- stake
10504. su̯er-IE   to cut, prick, pierce
10505. su̯er-1. u̯er-heavy
1050-51su̯erbh-, also su̯er-?IE  srebh-to turn, sweep, swerve
1051su̯ergh-IE   to be ill; to sorrow, care for
1051su̯esor-IE   sister
1052su̯ī-IE  2. u̯endh-to fade, dwindle, become silent
1052su̯omb(h)o-sIE   porous, spongy, swampy
1052su̯ordo-sIE   black, swarthy; dark/dirty color
1053-54tā-, tə-, tāi-, təi-, tī̆-; [tāu-], təu-, tū̆-IE   to thaw, melt, decay, dissipate
1054tād- to act purposefully
1054-55tag-, or teg- : tog- : teg-IE  2. tong-to grip, seize, touch
1055tāg-IE  teg-to tidy up
1055tak-, takē(i)-IE   to be tacit, silent
1055tāl-IE   to grow, turn green; plant, young sprout
10561. tap- to dip
10562. tap-IE   to press down/together
1056tata-, and similarly tē̆ta-IE   daddy (nursery word)
1056-57taus- calm, still, silent, peaceful
1057teg-1. (s)teg-to cover
1057tēg-, təg- to burn
1057tegu-IE   thick, fat
1057tei-(s)tei-sharp, pointed; spike
1057teig-(s)teig-to prick, stick; sharp
1057teig-(s)teig-arm, shoulder; thigh, hip
10571. tek-IE   to bear, produce
1057-582. tek-IE   to reach, stretch out (hand) for
10583. tek-IE   to plait, weave
1058-59tek̑þ-IE   to plait
1059-60tek-IE   to flow, run
1060-611. tel-, telə-, tlē(i)-, tlā-IE   to bear, carry; weigh, lift up
10612. tel-, telə-, telu-IE   flat (board, ground)
1061-623. tel- to be calm/still
10624. tel-1. (s)tel-to urinate, let flow
1062teleg̑h-telek-to hit
1062telek-IE  teleg̑h-to hit, push
1062telp- to have room; spacious
1062-631. tem-, tend-IE  tend-to cut
10632. tem- stunned, confused
1063-64tem(ə)-IE   dark
1064-65temp-IE  1. ten-to span, stretch, extend
1065-661. ten-, tend-IE  tengh-to span, stretch, extend
10672. ten-1. (s)ten-to drone, groan, thunder, etc.
1067tend-1. tem-to cut
1067tenəgos, tenəgos ground (under water)
10671. teng-IE   to dunk, soak, wet
10672. teng-1. tong-to feel, think
1067tengh-1. tenk-to span, extend; pull, stretch
10671. tenk-IE  2. tenk-to span, extend; pull, stretch
10682. tenk-IE  tens-to clot, thicken, contract; tight, solid
1068-69tens-IE  temp-to span, stretch, extend
1069tenu-s, tenu-sIE   thin
1069-70tep-IE   to be warm, tepid
10701. ter-trem-to quiver, tremble
1070-712. ter-, teru-IE   weak, feeble, tender, fragile
1071-743. ter-, terə-, and teri-, trēi-, trī-, also teru- : treu-IE  6. ter-to bore, drill, rub, thresh
1074-754. ter-, terə- : tr̥̄-, trā-, teru-IE  5. ter-to cross, get over, etc.
1075-765. ter-IE  tet(e)r-through, over, etc.
10766. ter-3. ter-(boring/gnawing insect)
10767. ter-, terə-, terbh-, terd-, terg-, terp-treg-stiff, rigid, solid, etc.
1076terd-, tred- to bore, drill through
1076-77terg- to warn, threaten; fright, horror
1077terk-, trek-, tork-, trok-IE  trāgh-to torque, turn
1077-78terp-, trep-IE   to enjoy, satisfy oneself
1078-79ters-IE   to toast, dry; thirst
1079tet(e)r-tor-(onomatopoeic: to quack)
10791. teu-, teud-, teug-, teuk-, teup-tu̯en-to hit, push, thrust
1079-802. teu-IE   to notice, observe, listen to
1080-85tēu-, təu-, teu̯ə-, tu̯ō-, tū̆-IE  teuk-to swell, intumesce
1085teuk-tēu-germ, seed, sprout, offspring
1085teup-IE   to crouch down, conceal oneself
1085teus- to empty
1085teu̯ə-, tu̯ā- to sift
1086ti-ti-, (ti)til- (onomatopoeic: chirping of small bird)
1086ti̯eg- to retreat, step back in fear; shy
1086-871. to-, tā-, ti̯o-IE  so(s)that, him (neut. or non-nom. demonstrative stem)
10882. to-ati(prefix)
1088tolk-IE   to speak
10881. tong-, *teng-IE  2. teng-to think, feel
10882. tong-tag-to touch, grip, seize
1088top-IE   to reach, stay; place
1088-89tor-, toro-sIE  trozdos-loud, distinct, audible
1089trāgh-, trō̆gh-, and trē̆gh-IE  trek-to drag, train, pull, move
1090trē̆b-, trōb-, treb-, or trəb-, tr̥b-IE   building, dwelling
1090treg-1. (s)ter-to make an effort, use all one's strength; battle, force; solid
1090-92trei-IE   three, trio
1092treig-3. (s)treig-to hiss
1092treisti-, or trīsti- sulky, moody, stubborn
1092trek-IE  dherāgh-to pull, run
1092-93trem-, trems-IE  1. trep-to shake, tremble; to stomp, trample
10931. trenk-IE  2. trenk-to throng, push, press together
10942. trenk-1. trenk-to wash, bathe, cleanse
10941. trep-IE  tres-to trip, tread, trample
10942. trep-IE   to bow the head, turn away in shame
10953. trep-, treb-(s)trep-to cry, make wild noises
1095tres-, ters-, *teres-IE  1. ter-to quiver, tremble
1095trē̆u- to prosper
1095-96tr-eu-d-IE  trū̆des-to thrust, push, press, squash
1096trii̯əto-, trīto- sea; wet, watery
1096tris- vine; stem, stalk
1096trozdos- : tr̥zdos-IE  4. ter-thrush, blackbird
1096-97trū̆des-tr-eu-d-scratchy; leprosy?
1097truk̑-tu̯erk̑-to cut
1097trus- reed
1097tu, tutuIE   (onomatopoeic: chirping of bird)
1097-98tū̆IE   thou, you
1098tū-lo- slow, lazy, sluggish; boring
10981. tu̯ā̆k-, tuk- to bind, close up, pull together
10982. tu̯ak-IE   to bathe
1099tu̯akos skin
10991. tu̯ē̆i- to hack, hew, cut down, hit sharply
10992. tu̯ei-, extended tu̯ei-s-IE   to shake, excite, move back and forth, shimmer
1099tu̯en-1. (s)teu-to hit, push, thrust
1099-1100tu̯eng̑h-IE   to twinge, oppress, constrain, close in
1100-11. tu̯er- : tur-, and tu̯r̥-IE   to twirl, turn
11012. tu̯er- : tur-, tu̯erə-IE   to grab, hold
1102tu̯erk̑-IE  truk̑-to cut
1102tu̯ī̆bh- hollow
1102tu̯ō[u]- : tu̯əu- : tū-l- pipe, tube
11031. u- (onomatopoeic: owl's hoot, etc.)
11032. u-5. u̯e-ooh! (interjection of pain)
1103ub- to drag, press down
1103-4ū̆d-IE  ghe-out, away, up(wards)
1104-5udero-, u̯ēdero-IE   belly, uterus
1105ul-IE  albhi-(onomatopoeic: to howl, ululate)
1105-6upér, upériIE  upoover, above
1106-7upo, up, eup, (e)up-s-IE  upérunder, (from) below, etc.
11081. u̯ā-, u̯ō-, u̯ə-2. u̯en-to hit, wound
1108u̯en-IE   to hit, wound
1108-92. u̯ā-IE   (to pull) apart
1109u̯āb-IE  1. u̯ap-to call, cry, weep, lament
1109u̯adh-IE   pledge
1109u̯ādh-, u̯ədh-IE   to go, wade, stride, march
11101. u̯ā̆g-IE   sheath, cover, hollow lid
11102. u̯ā̆g-u̯ā̆gh-to cry, shriek
1110u̯ā̆gh-, suā̆gh-IE  2. u̯ā̆g-to cry, shriek, sough
1110-11u̯aiIE   woe; wolf
1111u̯ā̆i-, u̯ī-IE   weak, miserable
1111u̯ā̆kāIE   cow
1111-12u̯al-, u̯al-d(h)-IE   to prevail, be strong
1112u̯ank̑- beam
11121. u̯ap-2. u̯ap-to chatter
1112-132. u̯ap-, ū̆p-IE  u̯āb-to call, cry
1113u̯āsto-s1. eu-to lack; empty
11131. u̯āt-, better u̯ōt-IE   wood, vatic, mentally animated
11132. u̯ā̆t-IE  u̯əg-to bend, curve
1113-14u̯azdh-, better u̯ozdh- long, wide
11141. u̯ē̆-, u̯ei-IE  3. ne-we two (dual), we (plural)
11142. u̯e-, u̯edh-1. u̯ebh-to weave
11143. u̯ē-, u̯ə-IE  u̯ēp-to blow
11144. u̯e-, u̯o-, u̯es-3. au-from, away, downward
11145. u̯e-, u̯o-4. au-other; that (one)
11141. u̯ebh-IE  5. au̯-to plait, weave, waver, move back and forth
1114-152. u̯ebh-u̯obhsāto roam, swarm, wander
1115u̯ed-2. u̯edh-to lead
11151. u̯edh-IE   to hit, push
1115-162. u̯edh-, before nasals u̯ed-IE  u̯ed-to lead
1116-173. u̯edh-1. u̯endh-to tie, bind, attach
1117u̯eg-IE  u̯okso-to bind, weave
1117-18u̯eg̑-IE  au̯eg-fresh, strong
1118u̯eg- : ū̆g-, uks-IE   damp, moist; to wet, sprinkle, irrigate; ox
1118-20u̯eg̑h-IE   to move, drive, carry, convey
1120u̯əg- : u̯āg-1. u̯ei-bent, curved
1120-221. u̯ei-, u̯ei̯ə- : u̯ī̆-IE  1. u̯eid-to bend, turn, wind
11232. u̯ei-, u̯ei̯ə- : u̯ī̆-IE  3. u̯eis-to wizen, wither
1123-243. u̯ei-, u̯eiə- : u̯ī-IE  u̯ī̆ro-sto wish, pursue, go for, reach towards; strong, violent
1124u̯eib-u̯eip-to sway, turn
11241. u̯eid-4. u̯eik-to bend, turn
1125-272. u̯(e)id-IE   to vide, see, wit, know
1127-28u̯eidh-, u̯idh-IE  1. u̯ī̆-to divide, separate; widow
11281. u̯eik-IE   to choose, filter, sort out
1128-292. u̯eik-IE   force, energy (in battle, victory, etc.)
11293. u̯eik-IE   to happen, become equal, come together
1130-314. u̯eik-, u̯eig-, extended form of u̯ei-IE  2. u̯eis-to bend, curve; exchange, pass around
1131u̯eik̑-, u̯ik̑-, u̯oik̑o-IE   house, village, settlement
1131-32u̯eip-, u̯eib-IE  3. seu-to turn, whip, sway, vibrate
11331. u̯eis-IE   to grow, sprout
1133-342. u̯eis-u̯ek-to bend, turn
11343. u̯eis-IE  2. u̯ei-to flow (away); ooze, virus, poison
1134-35u̯ek-, u̯e-n-k-u̯ək-to bend
1135u̯ək- : *u̯āk-IE  u̯e-n-g-bent
1135u̯ek̑-IE   to want, wish
1135-36u̯ek-IE   to voice, speak, evoke
1136u̯ek-ti-IE   whit, thing
1136-371. u̯el-IE   to see
1137-382. u̯el-, u̯lei-, u̯lē(i)-IE  5. u̯el-to will, want, wish, choose
11383. u̯el-IE  7. u̯el-to crowd, press, push
1139-404. u̯el-, u̯elə-IE   wool, hair; grass, wold, forest
11405. u̯el-, u̯elə-2. u̯el-to deceive
11406. u̯el- warm
1140-447. u̯el-, u̯elə-, u̯lē-IE  3. u̯el-to turn, wind; round, voluble
1144-458. u̯el-IE  1. u̯elk-to steal; to wound, tear, avulse
11451. u̯elk-selk-to pull, drag
1145-462. u̯elk-, u̯elg-IE   wet, damp
1146u̯em-, u̯emə-IE   to spit, spew, wamble, vomit
1146-471. u̯en-, u̯enə-IE   to love, venerate, strive/wish for
11472. u̯en-1. u̯ā-to hit, wound
11481. u̯endh-IE  3. u̯edh-to turn, wind, wend
11482. u̯endh-(s)u̯endh-to wane, disappear
11483. u̯endh- hair, beard
1148-49u̯e-n-g-IE  u̯e-n-gh-bent
1149u̯e-n-gh-IE  u̯e-n-k-bent
1149u̯e-n-k-2. u̯ā̆t-bent
11491. *u̯ep- : u̯ō̆p- : up-ab-water
11492. u̯ep- to strew, throw out
1149-50u̯ēp- : u̯əp-10. au̯(e)-to blow; to soar
1150-511. u̯er-, also su̯er-IE  3. u̯er-to bind, attach; strive
1151-522. u̯er-IE   highland, raised place; high, top
11523. u̯er-IE  5. u̯er-to bend, turn, wrap
11523a. u̯er-, u̯r̥mi-s, u̯r̥mo-sIE   worm
11533b. u̯er-, u̯er-b-, and u̯er-bh-IE   to bend, turn, warp
1153-543c. u̯er-, u̯(e)r-ed-IE   to sway, bend down
11543d. u̯er-, u̯er-g-IE  3e. u̯er-to turn, wrench
1154-553e. u̯er-, u̯er-g̑h-IE  3f. u̯er-to turn, press, wring, strangle
11553f. u̯er-, u̯er-k-IE  u̯er-g-to bend, turn, wind
11563g. u̯er-, u̯er-p-, u̯r-ep-IE   to turn, wind
1156-583h. u̯er-, u̯er-t-IE   to turn, wind, invert
1158-603i. u̯er-, u̯r-ei-IE   to clench the teeth; wroth, confused
11604. u̯er-IE   to find, take
1160-625. u̯er-IE  1. u̯erg̑-to shut, close, cover; guard, warn, save
1162-636. u̯er-IE  u̯rek-to speak, talk formally
1163-647. u̯er-IE   to root, open, tear up
11648. u̯er-IE   to notice, observe, attend, be aware
11659. u̯er- : eru-sIE   wide, broad
116510. u̯er-9. au̯(e)-to flow; wet; water, river, etc.
1165-6611. u̯er-, u̯erə-IE   to show friendship; true, very, veracious, trustworthy
116612. u̯er-IE   to burn
116613. u̯er-IE   squirrel, weasel, etc.
1167u̯(e)rād-, erəd-, u̯rəd-IE   root, branch, twig
1167u̯erdh-, u̯redh-IE   to grow; high
11681. u̯erg̑-, u̯reg̑-IE  u̯ōro-to (en)close, shut off; pen
1168-692. u̯erg̑-, u̯reg̑-IE   to do, work, be effective
11693. u̯erg̑-, u̯org̑-IE   to abound, be very strong; to swarm, swell
1169u̯er-g-, u̯er-g̑h-, u̯er-k-3d. u̯er-to bend, turn
1169u̯er-(e)nāIE   alder, poplar
1169-70u̯ers-IE   to drag along the ground
1170eren-IE   lamb, ram, sheep
1170-711. u̯es-IE  2. au-to live, stay overnight
11712. u̯es-IE  u̯ē̆su-to feast
1171-723. u̯es-IE   to ooze, dampen; wet
11724. u̯es- to stick, stab, pierce
1172-735. u̯es-IE   to dress, clothe, wear
11736. u̯ē̆s-1. i̯u-you (plural)
11737. u̯es- to turn, wind, wrap
11738. u̯es-IE   to buy, sell, exchange
1173u̯es-no- price
11739. u̯es-u̯es-r̥to shine
1173-74u̯esperos, u̯ekerosIE   vesper, evening
1174u̯es-r̥IE  au̯es-spring
1174-75u̯ē̆su-IE  2. u̯es-good
1175u̯et-IE   year
1175-761. u̯ī̆-IE  2. dhē-apart, separate from, in two; both
11762. u̯ī̆-, u̯oi- (onomatopoeic root)
1177u̯idhu-IE   tree, wood
1177u̯ī-k̑m̥t-īIE  dek̑m̥twenty
1177u̯ī̆ks- mistletoe, tree with sticky(?) sap
1177u̯ing̑-, and u̯eig̑-, u̯ig̑-?ang̑h-elm (tree)
1177-78u̯ī̆ro-sIE  3. u̯ei-man, warrior
1178u̯i̯eth-, u̯ith- to shake
1178u̯lek-, u̯l̥k- to light, shine; fiery
1178-79u̯l̥kosIE   wolf, lobo
1179u̯l̥p-, lup-IE   (carnivorous animal, esp. fox, wolf, etc.)
1179u̯obhsāIE  2. u̯ebh-wasp
1179-80u̯oghni-s, u̯oghnes-IE   plowshare
1180u̯okso-IE  u̯eg-wax
1180u̯ōro-IE  5. su̯er-madness; dizziness, weariness
1180u̯ortoko-IE   quail
11801. u̯rā̆g̑h- : u̯rəg̑h- spike, thorn
11812. u̯rāg̑h- : u̯rəg̑h- to hit, push
1181u̯reg-, and u̯erg-?IE   to drag, push, drive, thrust
1181-82u̯rēg̑-, u̯rōg̑-, u̯rəg̑-IE   to break
1182u̯rek-6. u̯er-to speak, talk formally
1182u̯reik-, u̯ereik- heather
1182u̯ren- to splash, sprinkle
1183u̯reth- : u̯roth-, or u̯rath- to support
1183u̯rughi̯o-IE  rughi̯o-rye