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Early Indo-European Texts


Scott L. Harvey and Jonathan Slocum

This page contains a text in Avestan with a modern English translation. This particular text and its translation are extracted from a lesson in the Early Indo-European Online series, where one may find detailed information about this text (see the Table of Contents page for Old Iranian Online in EIEOL), and general information about the Avestan language and its speakers' culture.

Young Avestan: Yasna 10 -- excerpt from Hymn to Haoma

2 frataremcit t havanem vaca upa-staomi huxratv y sush haneurvayeiti uparemcit t havanem vaca upa-staomi huxratv yahmi nighne narsh aojanha 3 staomi maghemca vremca y-t kehrpem vaxshayat barshnush paiti gairinm staomi garay berezant yathra haoma urrudhusha 4 staomi zm perethvm pathanm verezyanxvm xvparm barethrm t haoma ashum staomi zem yathra raodhahe hubaoidhish aurv carnem uta mazd huruthma haoma raose gara paiti 5 varedhayanuha mana vaca vspsca paiti varshajsh vspsca paiti frasparegh vspsca paiti fravxsh 6 haom uxshyeiti stavan ath n y dim staoiti verethrajstar bavaiti nitemacit haoma hitish nitemacit haoma stitish nitemacit haoma xvareitish hazanraghnyi asti davanm 7 nasyeiti hathra frkeresta ahmat hac nmnt hitish yathra bdha upzaiti yathra bdha upstaoiti haomahe bashazyehe cithrem bashazem 8 vspe z any maidhynh ashma hacinte xrvm-drv at h y haomahe madh asha hacaite 10 aurvantem thw dmidhtem bagh tatashat xvp aurvantem thw dmidhtem bagh nidathat xvp haraithy paiti barezay 11 at thw athra spenta fradaxshta meregha vzxvanca vbaren 12 at xva paurvatxva pouru-saredh vraodhahe haom gaoma zairi-gaon -t bashaza irrathare vanghush manangh


2 I praise with speech, O you who are filled with inspiration, your lower pressing stone, which presses together the forces of life. I praise with speech, O you who are filled with inspiration, your upper pressing stone, with which I, a man, pound forcefully.
3 I praise both the cloud and the rain by which you acquire bodily form, causing [your] growth around the peaks of mountains. I praise the high mountains where, O Haoma, [you are infused] with growth.
4 Far and wide I praise the earth -- broad, vast, fertile -- [that is] your noble womb, O Haoma. I praise the earth's mountain where, O swift [intoxicant?], you grow fragrant. And [thus] may you grow upon that mountain, O Haoma, [bringing] the increase of wisdom...
5 Through my words may you grow in every root, every sprout, and every branch.
6 When praised, Haoma grows, so we who would praise Him become more victorious fighters. Even the lightest touch, O Haoma, even the faintest praise, O Haoma, even the smallest sip, O Haoma, is [carried out] for the sake of deaths by the thousands of daevas.
7 By means of the prepared [stalk], corruption disappears forever from the house wherein one would always bear up, wherein one would always extol, the manifest healing property of restorative Haoma.
8 For all other intoxicants bring on the madness of a bloody club, but that intoxication which belongs to Haoma brings about the Truth...
10 Inspired, the god created you, a swift steed given to creation. Inspired, the god set you down on high Haraiti, a swift steed given to creation.
11 Then the tutelary birds there carried you off in every direction...
12 And there on those mountains you, the milky, yellow-haired Haoma, are spread out. Your invigorating juices overflow for those of good mind.