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Early Indo-European Texts


Virginija Vasiliauskiene and Jonathan Slocum

This page contains a text in Lithuanian with a modern English translation. This particular text and its translation are extracted from a lesson in the Early Indo-European Online series, where one may find detailed information about this text (see the Table of Contents page for Baltic Online in EIEOL), and general information about the Lithuanian language and its speakers' culture.

The Fate of the Simoniai from the Village of Aukstujai, by Ieva Simonaityte

Siandien jau niekam nebereikia t bksto sargbos. Siandien j plysiotos senos n tm, kd lietviai, ci pasislepe, sudytu svo strelems i netmusamus presus, kuriu pulkai, nesuskaitomi kaip zizdrai prie juros, pola bajru pli. Taip, kitads ci tikrs pilies buta. Bt, mziams slenkant, ir griuvancioji pils lko b prasmes. Ir venas sumans Simoniu prteviu pastte cionai tvrtus su, svo vaikms ir vaiku vaikms nams, kurius aplinkiniai burai rumais prmine. Viss nereikalngas kampotas senas ansai prtevis nugrive.

Tk bkstas pasilko, nrs j taip jau nebereikejo. Bt bkstas ir siandien dr nezno, kd js nebereikalngas. Js dr, mandng, nesupranta dabarties. Js dr vis tebegyvena atsiminmais ir kazi k lg lukia. N lisves kokis. Js visi yr uzmirses, kd paskutne kadise bvusi kruvin kov baigesi lietviu nenudai, ir siandien jie gyvena svetimj ponystej. Ties, js daug kro gaisru mtes, daug kro sauksmu girdejes, ir t js neuzmirses. Todel js visad dr pasirenges atmsti kazkki presa, nrinti uzplti Letuva.

Juokngas ts senis bkstas. Js ne pts nebezno, kd tie plysiai, kur kitads lietviu saudykles ksojo, siandien nt labai padideje. Todel js kartais atrdo lg bedantis senelis. Vejai svilpia ir ubauja pr anus plysis, gadydami venas kta. tai girdisi lg kd senis sveplitu.


Today nobody needs the protection of that tower any more. Today its fissured walls are not there for Lithuanians, who, hidden here, could shoot their arrows at unstoppable enemies whose regiments, countless as the grains of sand at the seashore, attack the boyars' castle. Yes, at one time there was surely a real castle here. But in the course of centuries even the crumbling castle remained without meaning. And one clever person from among Simonis' ancestors built for himself, his children and his children's children a solid house, which the neighboring peasants called a palace. This ancestor destroyed all the unnecessary awkward walls.
Only the tower remained, although that was also unnecessary. But the tower even today doesn't realize that it is no longer necessary. It seems that it still doesn't understand the present. It is still living with its memories and seems to be waiting for something. Not some kind of freedom. It has completely forgotten that the last bloody battle ended to the disadvantage of the Lithuanians and now they live in a foreign country. True, it has seen many conflagrations of war, has heard the clamor of war and has not forgotten this. Therefore it is always prepared to repulse whatever enemy wants to attack Lithuania.
That senile old man tower is comical. It doesn't know itself that those fissures where Lithuanian guns once stuck out have become much bigger today. Therefore it sometimes looks like a toothless old man. Chasing each other the winds whistle and howl through these fissures. But it sounds like a lisping old man.