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Early Indo-European Texts


Virginija Vasiliauskiene and Jonathan Slocum

This page contains a text in Lithuanian with a modern English translation. This particular text and its translation are extracted from a lesson in the Early Indo-European Online series, where one may find detailed information about this text (see the Table of Contents page for Baltic Online in EIEOL), and general information about the Lithuanian language and its speakers' culture.

Uncles and Aunts, by Vaizgantas (Juozas Tumas)

Nu pt klno, lgi tk j isvdo, Mykolikas j imt emes i sav, artino su Sevrija, rdamas erdve, ir kai priejo visi art, nebenulido svo akiu, tk didelem didelem, pilnm bekrscio dziaugsmo ir pasigerejimo, ziurejo staciai ji i akels.

Nusjuoke Mykolikas, sustdamas grezes; n bals, tk kazin kaip svo vduriu. Ir daugiau nebgrieze. Km begries, kd dabar j krutneje, visam jam bvo toki mzika, kuris js ngi isreiks menk svo grieztuveli...

Sedejo abdu ir nieko daugiau nebekalbejo. Jem bvo gera. Taip gera, kaip plnu zedu prazdusiems zolnams. Jie tarpsta, kvepia, lapeliai kecias i sals, s sunkmo lepsta. Jie grzina peva, trukia i sav bet kuri gvio aks. Ir ne venas vabzdys neaplenkia ju nepabucives, ant ju nepasilsejes. Tk venas nedrelis zmogs tuj sekia j - nusiraskti ir, pavarcius pavarcius, numsti, kd b laiko nuvstu, jau zmirstas.

K jie galejo venas antrm pasisakti? Kd mli venas antra, kd jemdviem gera draugej? Jk tai ir b zdziu isku. Dr pilniau. Zdziai arb n vska tepasko, arb per daug pasko ir atvesna vdu. Zdziai - gras: issisnypscia ir nebkecia vidaus.

Abdu sedinciu staig pamte s raisto issinerusi ju sventvakariu bendra, del kuri jemdviem siaipjau bvo nei silta, nei slta. Pasrgejo ir pagreitinta j zingsni, n tki sabasni kaip kitoms pilsio dienoms. Pasrgeje zingsniojant tiesiai i judu, pajto siandie kitaip busiant, nelukiama ilisiant i t ra, kuri tk ka bvo susidre ptys su, su vienem, kuri pavyd bvo, kd kit kvepotu; ilis ir sudrums uzkereta ju miles srti.


From that very hill, as soon as he caught sight of her, he took her into himself, he brought Severija near to himself, eagerly devouring the space and when she got very near, he no longer lowered his gaze, but with great eyes full of limitless joy and pleasure looked her straight in the eyes.
Stopping his playing Mykoliukas laughed, not with his voice, but somehow or other with his insides. And played no more. Why would he play, when now in his breast, in all of him, there was such music, which he could never express with his insignificant little instrument.
They both sat and said nothing more. It was nice for both of them. It was just as nice as for blossoming greenery in full bloom. They grow luxuriantly, they smell good, the leaves spread out to the sides, grow limp from heaviness. They adorn the meadow and attract to themselves the eyes of any living thing. And not a single insect passes them by without kissing (them) and without resting on them. Only the human being (dishonorable as he is known to be) reaches for it immediately - to tear it off for himself and having turned it over, to throw it away so that it would fade before its time, already forgotten.
What could they say to each other? That they love each other, that they like being together? But that is clear without words. Or even more. Words either don't say everything or they say too much and make the insides cold. Words are steam. They make a noise, but they don't reach the insides.
While both of them were sitting there, they saw arising from the marsh a participant in the holiday evenings someone about whom both were indifferent. They watched his accelerated pace, which was not so festive and unhurried as on other days of rest. Watching him walking directly to them, they felt that today would be different, unexpectedly forcing its way into that atmosphere which they had just created for themselves only, the two of them alone, of which they were jealous, that other people might breathe it. It will force its way in and disturb the charmed dimension of their love.