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Early Indo-European Texts

Ancient Sanskrit

Karen Thomson and Jonathan Slocum

This page contains a text in Ancient Sanskrit with a modern English translation. This particular text and its translation are extracted from a lesson in the Early Indo-European Online series, where one may find detailed information about this text (see the Table of Contents page for Ancient Sanskrit Online in EIEOL), and general information about the Ancient Sanskrit language and its speakers' culture.

Rigveda X, 37, 5-10

vvasya h prsito rksasi vratm
helayann uccrasi svadh nu
yd ady tv srya upabrvmahai
tm no dev nu mamsrata krtum

tm no dyvprthiv tn no pa
ndrah rnvantu marto hvam vcah
m ne bhma sriyasya samdri
bhadrm jvanto jaranm amahi

vivh tv sumnasah sucksasah
prajvanto anamv ngasah
udyntam tv mitramaho div-dive
jiyg jvh prti payema sriya

mhi jytir bbhratam tv vicaksana
bhsvantam cksuse-caksuse myah
rhantam brhath pjasas pri
vaym jvh prti payema sriya

ysya te vv bhvanni ketn
pr crate n ca vinte aktbhih
angstvna harikea sriya
hnhn no vsyas-vasyasd ihi

m no bhava cksas m no hn
m bhnn m him m ghrnna
yth m dhva chm sad duron
tt sriya drvinam dhehi citrm


Since you, sent forth, protect the holy law of all,
And, not invidious, rise according to your own powers;
When we address you today, O sun,
May the gods commend that wisdom of ours.
That call of ours may Heaven and Earth and the waters, hear,
Indra and the storm gods hear that speech;
Let us not be in want in the sight of the sun,
May we, living, reach a happy old age.
Always with good minds, with good sight
Rich in progeny, free from sickness and from guilt,
May we behold you rising day after day,
Living a long time, O many-friended sun.
Bringing great light, O far-seeing one
With brightness, a joy to every eye,
Rising all around from out the lofty radiance,
May we, living, look upon you, O sun.
With whose appearance all living things set out,
And come to rest with your twilight rays;
With innocence, O gold-tressed sun,
Rise up for us every day with better and better light.
Bless us with sight, bless with daylight,
Bless us with brightness, with frost and with warmth;
That there may be blessing on the way, or at home,
Grant that radiant provision, O sun.