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Welcome to the LRC

The Linguistics Research Center (LRC), founded in 1961 at the University of Texas, is an organized research unit in the College of Liberal Arts. For more information about the LRC, including our staff & associates, publications, current projects, a brief history mentioning past projects, and contact information including our office address and phone number, see: About the LRC.

This site contains thousands of web pages, most of them devoted to ancient Indo-European languages and cultures. (For novices, all Indo-European languages are descended from a common ancestral tongue called Proto-Indo-European, spoken about 5,000 years ago before the invention of writing. This language as such died out, leaving ten or more dialects that eventually evolved into the many Indo-European languages of recorded history and the present, for example Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, Russian, and English. For notes on the emergence in the late 18th century of the field of study that led to these and other discoveries, see: What is Historical Linguistics?) This site is organized more or less as our projects are organized:

Links running beneath the banner of this and every other page on the LRC website lead to information About the LRC, to extensive content developed by the major projects currently pursued at the Center, and to a SiteMap that presents a 3-level outline of our website. Other links at the bottom of every page lead to the websites of the University of Texas at Austin and its College of Liberal Arts.