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Publication Information

General Linguistics

N.B. As far as we can determine, General Linguistics is no longer being published. Volume 44 was in press ca. 2006, but never appeared. Individuals have contacted the Linguistics Research Center seeking information, but we have no news to offer as our repeated attempts to contact the publisher failed to elicit a response. We sadly conclude that the journal is defunct.

General Linguistics was a refereed international linguistics journal that focused on early (Indo-European) languages and language change, including the origin of language in the historical as well as biological sense. Articles were data-oriented, including general theoretical approaches to comparative, diachronic, and typological evidence. The majority of the articles were in English; others were in German or French with an English summary.

Online indices to past issues of the journal, along with their tables of contents, are maintained on this website. Correspondence and requests for other information about the journal should be addressed to the Director of Pegasus Press: