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Word Order Indices

Indo-European Typology Project

N.B. This page is defunct, and all other pages in the Word Order document index area are likewise defunct. These pages may be removed from the LRC website without notice.

Over the last thirty years major studies have been published on the typology of Indo-European languages and their development, such as analyses of word order, grammatical systems, and so forth. This site presents on-line indices for these studies, allowing one to search lists of subjects and authors, thus contributing to the availability of these texts.

Each index offers selected bibliographies, presenting lists of subjects and authors, which are electronically linked to full bibliographical references. Each full bibliographical reference has a list of keywords, which are electronically linked to other references as well. The two topics that currently are being implemented in the indices are "Language Systems" and "Word Order." Studies in the category of "Language Systems" discuss nominative, ergative and active characteristics in (early) Indo-European, but also several other languages. Our "Language Systems" indices focus on those studies, however, that analyze residues of an earlier non-nominative stage of Indo-European.

Since this work is incomplete, other references on the topics of Language Systems and Word Order may be included in the future. Scholars are invited to send in articles that comply with the topics in question, preferably with suggestions for a list of keywords.

This project was started with the help of a modest grant from the University of Texas at Austin and was subsequently funded by a grant from the Salus Mundi Foundation.

Word Order Indices
Language Systems Indices
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