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Indo-European Resources Elsewhere

Offsite web links can be extraordinarily useful, as they eliminate the need to maintain vast quantities of information on the local server. Yet offsite web links can also be extraordinarily frustrating, as remote websites and pages on them often move or are eliminated without notice; from one day to the next, any number of remote links may become dead. Dead links are of course undesirable, but finding them in a website like ours, with thousands of pages, can be well-nigh impossible without serious attention to organization.

Accordingly we have concentrated almost all offsite links on this one web page, organized by category, so that they may be found and tested with greater ease. Other web pages on our site, rather than pointing directly to offsite material, generally point to sections in this page where relevant links to remote sites may be found. Links on this page will be tested from time to time to ensure that they are alive and well; of course, readers are always welcome to point out suspected dead links by sending e-mail comments using the link at the bottom of this or any other page in our site.

N.B. By definition, offsite links include any/all pages not on University of Texas at Austin web servers. Also, offsite pages open in a new browser window so that you may easily browse both areas without getting lost. (Links on Linguistics Research Center pages allow exploration of the LRC website and connect to the encompassing College of Liberal Arts and University of Texas at Austin for other materials.)

One project inside our Indo-European Documentation Center used to be the maintenance of publication lists, and occasionally "home pages," for individual Indo-European scholars; but as these listings grew to unwieldy size and/or too often became outdated without notice, we reluctantly relinquished this task. Instead we link, below, to home (for example "CV") or publication pages for Indo-European Scholars when we know the URLs -- or, alternately, to Wikipedia biographical entries when we find them. IE scholars wishing their web pages to be included below should use the "Send comments" link at the bottom of any LRC web page, and supply in the message all relevant information. Ideally, a scholar's home page should be written in a widely understood language.

By no means are all the sites below dedicated to Indo-European; however, all have at least some content relevant to Indo-European languages and culture.



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