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Seed Funds


PRC faculty may request research funds at two levels:

  • Level 1 funding ($500-$5000) will support either individual research project development or the creation of networking groups and research teams.  Funding could be used to pay for meetings, graduate assistant time, consultant time and travel, and travel related to the formation and on-going activity of the networking group.  These funds are intended to jump start research projects of all types. To apply for funds, simply send a brief statement of the project’s major goals or aims and a short budget outlining key expenditures to the PRC director, Mark Hayward.  There are no set deadlines, although funding is contingent on available funds.
  • Level 2 funding ($5,000-$12,000) will support development of multi-investigator interdisciplinary research projects with specific research questions, a well-conceived theoretical basis, an identified team of collaborators, and the potential to gain external funding. Level II funding can be used to pay for graduate student time, travel, speakers, consultants, or hourly support of activities. To apply for funds, please complete a brief application form and send the form electronically to Mary De La Garza.  There are no set deadlines, although funding is contingent on available funds.  The primary criteria for funding are scientific excellence and the potential to gain external funding. 

    Application for Level 2 Funding
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