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Debra Umberson, Director 305 E. 23rd Street, Stop G1800 78712-1699 • 512-471-5514


PC Workstations and Windows Servers

The Computing Services Core of the Population Research Center (PRC) provides Faculty Research Associates with accounts on a Windows Active Directory network and access to software, population data, as well as technical and statistical assistance. The multiple Windows fileservers have a minimum of 16 gigabytes of memory each, offers 10+ terabytes of RAID-6 disk storage, and connects over 350 workstations. The PRC provides a statistics compute server that offers PRC faculty access to a powerful and secure system for complex statistical analysis. The PRC network has redundant uninterruptible power supplies and a high capacity LTO5 tape library backup system. This equipment and two shared multi-function laser printers are interconnected via category 5e cabling with 1Gb switches. The network is connected to the UT campus broadband and Internet via a fiber optic cable connection and is protected by a firewall appliance. Workstations with no network access are provided for projects with highly restricted data requirements.

Backup systems

Computing and Information Services is committed to a data backup schedule that best serves our users. Data is backed up nightly and maintained on a retention schedule that follows the guidelines of The University Records Retention Schedule.

Printing Resources

Network accessible printers are conveniently located in space occupied by the PRC. In addition, several of the faculty and staff have printers connected locally to their desktop systems.

If you need computer assistance, please email

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