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Elaine Hernandez

Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., University of Minnesota

NICHD Postdoctoral Fellow
Elaine Hernandez


Elaine Hernandez is a postdoctoral fellow at the Population Research Center, funded by an F32 NICHD Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award. She received her degrees in public health (MPH) and sociology (PhD) from the University of Minnesota.

Her broad research interests fall in the areas of sociology of health and illness, social demography, social relationships, life course, and mental health. Her research addresses the structural forces that contribute to social inequalities in health. Why is the association between socioeconomic status and health so enduring? How are social inequalities in health reproduced at the population-level? What role do social relationships play in influencing the way people decide to behave differently depending on their socioeconomic position? At the PRC, she is working with Robert Hummer, Debra Umberson and Mark Hayward to study the impact of new health events and social relationships on the formation of social inequalities in health by race and ethnicity.

Dr. Hernandez's current research is based upon work supported by Grant No. F32 HD070595.

In the fall of 2014, she will begin her position as an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Indiana University.


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