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Shannon M. Greene

Faculty Research Associate Ph.D., Texas Tech University

Research Associate



Dr. Greene's work focuses on family processes. In an article published in the Journal of Divorce and Remarriage (2004), Greene and Ed Anderson used existing literature on divorce to develop a theoretical model of relevant transitions within the repartnering process that may exert influence on child adjustment and family process. This paper is an important addition to a sparse empirical and theoretical literature on nonmarital romantic relationship transitions that may affect children in the period preceding parental divorce (e.g., parent beginning to date, having romantic partner spend the night, becoming engaged, and fertility decisions within the new relationship).

Greene has published invited reviews of relevant literature on divorce and child adjustment that have appeared in three leading resources for the fields of clinical psychology, school psychology, and general psychotherapy. They are: Handbook of Clinical Psychology, Volume II: Children and Adolescents (in press, edited by M. Hersen and A.M. Gross); Children’s Needs III: Understanding and Addressing the Developmental Needs of Children (2006, edited by G. Bear and K. Minke); and Normal Family Processes(2003, edited by F. Walsh).


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