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Tetyana Pudrovska

Faculty Research Associate Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Madison

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Tetyana Pudrovska
" "We need to address gender discrimination and prejudice against women leaders to reduce the psychosocial costs of job authority for women.” "



Tetyana's current project explores how higher-status occupations and leadership affect women’s and men’s health. She is launching a multi-site and multi-method collection of longitudinal survey data, biomarkers, daily stress diary data, and in-depth interviews to understand how the psychological and physical health costs and rewards of job authority differ between men and women. Students interested in working on the "Women in Leadership: Linking Stress, Health, and Equality" (WILLSHE) Project ( are encouraged to e-mail Tetyana. She also works with the Center for Women and Gender Studies to re-establish the Gender and Health research cluster (


Population Health Disparities, Gender and Health, Work and Health, Biopsychosocial Stress, Biodemography, Aging
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