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Amanda Stevenson

PhD Candidate M.A., The University of Texas at Austin

PRC Graduate Student Trainee
Amanda Stevenson


Amanda Stevenson applies methods from sociology, demography, and computer science to investigate reproductive health.  She uses computational methods to study social responses to reproductive health policies, and demographic methods to study the impacts of these policies.  She translates her results into policy-relevant findings for non-academic audiences.  For example, she led the development of an app to disseminate local estimates of the impact of Texas 2012 family planning cuts for the Texas Policy Evaluation Project.

Her dissertation uses Twitter responses to Texas' abortion 2013 restrictions to examine the microsociological processes that gave rise to a massive online conversation about abortion in Texas.  The first paper of her dissertation was published October 2014 in the journal Contraception.  It uses Twitter data to document the spatial distribution of supporters of Wendy Davis' filibuster of Texas' omnibus abortion restriction bill. 

The second paper will be presented at the International Conference on Web and Social Media.  It uses computational methods to describe the relationship between social movement participation and individuals' own emotions and exposure to others' emotions.

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