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Abigail Aiken

PRC Graduate Student Trainee MD, MPH, Harvard University

PRC Graduate Student Trainee, Ph.D. Candidate; recipient NIH Individual Predoctoral Fellowship 2014-16
Abigail Aiken



Originally from Northern Ireland, Abigail Aiken is a medical doctor with an interest in demography and reproductive health. Her research focuses on unintended pregnancy and contraceptive failure. Current projects include understanding incongruence in pregnancy intentions and feelings among contraceptive users at the U.S.-Mexico border; investigating the factors underlying discrepancy between contraceptive desires and use in the context of current Texas family planning policy; and examining contraceptive decision-making in the postpartum period.  

Ms. Aiken's current research is based upon work supported by the NICHD Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award under Grant No. F31 HD079182.


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